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  1. Yeah your right there jack, but I think Ive got to start from the begining the drums are so way out , it all started well then i changed the drum patterns in EZdrums and it all went downhill from there on in , its only now that its really sticking out and slapping me in the face , as far as quantizing the guitars goes all instruments other than the drums and keys are analogue , so i think its back to the drawing board and find the correct drum patterns and re record cheers for your comments ...
  2. Really great piece of work , super guitar tones and composition kept the listener totally engaged right till the end . super video ! cheers
  3. Hi chaps ,heres a demo of my new song just before i do the mixdown so any input would be helpfull cheers.... I´ll post it on souncloud as soon as it been mixed BACK IN THE SADLE MP3 demo.mp3
  4. Paul Bush

    Bad To Be YOURS!

    THis is really not my bag man , and then the vocals started , reminds me of something /someone but kept me enthralled till the end cheers
  5. Paul Bush

    Isla de Vieques

    Lovely guitar tones and just sublime very nice cheers
  6. Paul Bush

    Walk A Mile

    I concure with all the above , cant add anything more except !! just so good .cheers
  7. Paul Bush


    Always look forward to your songs they seem to remind of ``the kinks´´ lyrics are always suprising super song cheers
  8. well just an update really .... I now have re - boot the system so that i can change from youtube to cakewalk oh happy days
  9. I dont think i said i was bored , I think the point i was making is that i miss not having a band to bounce idea´s off
  10. Hi Martin I have exactly the same problem , and Ive given up I even sent my audio interface back to Thomann to get it checked out , they found no fault and sent it back without charge ( fantastic company) since Ive re installed it it doesnt have to be re-bootedand works pefecty ... but I´m not holding my breath because when I switch from you tude to cake walk there is a clumpfft and it then works , you have my sympathy maybe try re installing the driver or an upgraded driver .. I wish you luck ....
  11. Hi guys , so here`s the thing way back when I was 18-19 ( forty years ago) I was in a band and i was the only person writing the songs ( i started writing songs at the age of twelve ..not good) left the band and stopped for many years and started playing again comercially about 20 years ago and since finding bandlab Ive found a creative stream and started writing again its so much fun, but doing everything on my own is sometimes well...... lonely, I think back to the days when I´d turn up at the rehersal room with a riff or an idea, show the riff / chord sequence or the complete song to the band they would then run with it and I´d write the lyrics on the hoof stopping them here and there adding changes etc not having to worry about bass lines, drums or guitar solo it was so much fun and the melodies and text came from no where and never seemed contrived,..... quickly scribbling on a piece of paper before i forgot what I just sung , so here i sit an a saturday evening with a bottle of red wine penning my next song looking aroud in my lovely little home studio before the song id written I´m already conemplating the bass line and Oh god the drum programming and i think wouldnt it be great to be in a band........just a thought ........ oh well back to the wine have a nice saturday ...cheers
  12. This is special very special just loved it great guitar work and composition .
  13. Absolutly nothing wrong with this marvelous song perfect in every way , vocals are just sublime thanks for making us all envious , cheers
  14. Thanks whoisp ,yeah that was the thing that attracted me to this unit was the midi conection , its a great unit and does what it says on the box , I may have installed it incorectly athough it worked perfectly for a while and then if I wanted to look on one screen for a tutorial and the other cakewalk the sound fell out and then more often even when cakewalk wasnt turned on , if i mixed a wave or mp3 from cakewalk to the libary i couldnt open the file unless i rebooted the whole system .. theres something wrong some where , I´ll carry on with it untill it explodes and then buy another one ..cheers
  15. Hi Steve the great thing about this forum is that I feel the members generally want to encourage and support each other and thats a rare thing nowdays with all the mobbing, hate posts on the net, so thanks for sharing , its always good to play out of ones comfort zone. cheers P
  16. Look this isnt really my thang , but i liked it and didnt turn it off, I liked the flute , and stayed with it till the end, for the first attempt you done really good job. well done cheers
  17. Great guitar tones and playing ,
  18. Good track although i found the intro way to long ,the suspense was killing me, all in all I´d condense the whole song down a tick some really great sounds in there cheers
  19. Paul Bush

    I Like You

    Yeah Douglas, I liked this one although if I may it was screaming out for vocal harmonies here and there other than that geat song cheers.
  20. Oh yeah really liked this , singer has it al,l so much emotion comes across, nylon string great, super production cheers
  21. Paul Bush


    Great vocals , and super tone, thanksfor sharing cheers
  22. Thanks chaps , i sent it back to thomann and they said there´s no faulty components , i sort of guessed that anyway , its possible I´ll have to pay the postage and thats fine, I dont mind spending a couple of hundred euros to get the right unit to fit my means the largest project untill now only has only had 16-18 tracks using sub busses for effects etc so no movie produtions can aynone recomend a good 150-200 euro interface ? cheers P.... I was looking at the 404 as an upgrade
  23. Hi chaps , I bought this audio interface over two years ago after almost after two- three months it was imposible switch between cakewalk and youtube channel without having to re-boot there were constant ``audio fall outs ´´ and it would function properly once again for months and then the same problems would re-surface, I was never really sure if it was the interface or my computer so I continude to use in the hope it would either explode ar stop altogether so that i cpuld send it back and get a replacement unit (three year waranty) .......so has anyone used one of these ? are they happy , or had simular problems , I´m now thinkng of buying a new interface any recomendations would help .... I`m not recording huge productions 12 - 14 tracks I mix to busses and i keep the effects to the minimum and sometimes even freeze tracks any comments help would be appriciated chers Paul B....
  24. It meanders along nicely ....good tune like the guitar a lot cheers
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