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  1. great song , ! really well recorded and the instuments and vocals are all just so spot on great harmonies
  2. OOh yeesssss , just great guitar sounds great song , loved the backing vocals , rythum changes really took a good turn , really loved the right speaker guitar , so much in there very very clever cheers
  3. Hi Barry , this one slipped past me for some reason , From one singer (not in your class though ) to another this is just superb , the lower timbres of your voice reaches my soul and the rest lifts the light and is spot on , I personally would have kept the same sound all the way through as towards the end it became for my taste too busy , it just took away the spotlight from your beautiful voice , great guitar sounds I loved the simple gutar solo no more was needed thanks for sharing....... great song
  4. Hi Tom, I just listened to it on my phone and it was awfull at some points it sounded as if a drunk octupus had invaded the studio and had a bash at the drums with some cooking utensils , Its all about putting enough time into the recording, I love the writing and the playing bit , but I lack the patience to polish it off (and this sounded as if Id drunk litre of polish ) stripping it back and addding the tracks one by one to get some perspective is a good idea so I,ll definately give that a go ,the winter is slowly rearing its head here in Austria so i´ll have lots of time , thanks once again for taking the time to respond and giving some sound advice cheers P
  5. Hi David , and thanks for the encouraging comments , I dont like to pat myself on the back (never do) but I `m rather pleased with the vocals I think these are the best Ive recorded since being on this forum , once again its all down to practice, trial and error, and dumm luck cheers
  6. Thanks whoisp, it`s always the drums with me , I really struggle they start off well and for some reason after Ive added some fills they- I go astray cheers
  7. Hi chaps , well i posted this one a week ago only to find out it just wasnt up to par so here´s a new mixdown ,any comments appreiciated cheers P
  8. Paul Bush

    Hero (Original Song)

    I do love harmonies and these are top notch , great song ,really well put together so well recorded , great production , great vocals , great break
  9. Since Ive been on this forum , every track you have submitted has been excelent , so professional ,and with style cant say anymore than that
  10. After a long summer break , I´m back on the plot , so many great songs and this is one of them , the vocals really pop out but are not intrusive if that makes any sense cheers
  11. Paul Bush

    High Strung

    I wish i could get that guitar tone , just marvelous playing thanks
  12. Wow its all in there , super vocals , well everything really .great song great production
  13. Delay on the vocals was a good touch , good production , liked the hammond , cheers
  14. Paul Bush

    Rock Song

    Cant beat a bit of rock , cheers
  15. Yeah I like this one , really good melody, reminds in parts of something Eric Wolfeson (alan parsons) would write i played this one a few times cheers
  16. Yeah your right there jack, but I think Ive got to start from the begining the drums are so way out , it all started well then i changed the drum patterns in EZdrums and it all went downhill from there on in , its only now that its really sticking out and slapping me in the face , as far as quantizing the guitars goes all instruments other than the drums and keys are analogue , so i think its back to the drawing board and find the correct drum patterns and re record cheers for your comments ...
  17. Really great piece of work , super guitar tones and composition kept the listener totally engaged right till the end . super video ! cheers
  18. Hi chaps ,heres a demo of my new song just before i do the mixdown so any input would be helpfull cheers.... I´ll post it on souncloud as soon as it been mixed BACK IN THE SADLE MP3 demo.mp3
  19. Paul Bush

    Bad To Be YOURS!

    THis is really not my bag man , and then the vocals started , reminds me of something /someone but kept me enthralled till the end cheers
  20. Paul Bush

    Isla de Vieques

    Lovely guitar tones and just sublime very nice cheers
  21. Paul Bush

    Walk A Mile

    I concure with all the above , cant add anything more except !! just so good .cheers
  22. Paul Bush


    Always look forward to your songs they seem to remind of ``the kinks´´ lyrics are always suprising super song cheers
  23. well just an update really .... I now have re - boot the system so that i can change from youtube to cakewalk oh happy days
  24. I dont think i said i was bored , I think the point i was making is that i miss not having a band to bounce idea´s off
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