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    Yeah great song and well sung , and the background voices really added that something extra ..cheers p
  2. Paul Bush

    New Year Jazz

    Hi Tim , well this one stretched my musical mind a few times which is always a good thing so i had to go back a few times to re listsen...... nice one cheers P
  3. Paul Bush


    Gary just soo beauitful your voice was absolutely perfect and the live recording faultless and thats very difficult to pull off ,once again thanks for posting just great .....
  4. Yes Bjorn , lovely composition really clear and crisp recording ( if thats the technical jargon) cheers i liked it very much .
  5. Not much of an ambiant man myself but I listened to the end and was chilled out, pleasant trip super sounds ,
  6. Paul Bush

    Ocean Blvd.

    Hi this was lovely , i have a real problem with recording acoustic guitars , but you seem to have nailed it great sound nice composition .
  7. Hi Chaps thanks for all your comments , considering I wasnt going to persue this song any further it was only due to all the super response and encouragement from you guys that I started again almost from scratch and brought it thus far it seems i get to a point that i play the song and record the so many times over that i get ``rose tinted glasses´´ on the brain where i just cant see/hear the Wonky bits anymore (the strings bridge timing is out) ...so i´ll, as Mark rightly states i I should invest in some ..additional time consuming , boring , tedious timing editing, once again thanks you for being so generous in your compliments and comments .....as my teacher used to say ....good but can do better cheers P
  8. Paul Bush

    Set Me Free

    Hi Doug, I really liked the guitar tone and the harmonies did the trick
  9. Paul Bush

    Celtic Way

    I think all the sounds are a bit in yer face , that said its beautiful, it meanders on and on and as bjorn said it needs a recuring theme , but it still sounded great, lovely instuments ,
  10. Well thanks for all your comments , I put quite a few hour`s in and well added new vocals , bridge etc never imagined i´d get such a positive response to this one as i binned it almost as fast as i wrote it .... so thanks for the support.... Suburban Susan by paul bush She goes on every demonstration not just for the cause, it beats being alone, she straps herself to the mast, to hide her dubious past, While your new friends are stuck to the road … Well you’ve been telling lies about your family ties you don’t come from a broken home, Well she`s you’re a semi detached Aristocrat, dressing down for her gig on the road chorus Well they can Sing ***** by jaaa on an old guitar, untill the ugly girls red In the face , Well you can all lock all your arms, outside those factory farms. saving the human race. Well they can Sing ***** by jaaa on an old guitar, And strap yourselves onto the fence, well wave your banners high, next to the guy who reeks of pertuly oil and incense Well the kids left home now your all alone, And your man´s got much better things to do well you’ve re-read all your books , and now your fading looks are staring in the mirror at you .. If there’s just a slim chance, a whiff of romance, When loneliness gets to you, Well just fantasy, but it might just be the right thing to pull you on through, chorus Well they can Sing ***** by jaaa on an old guitar, and the pudgy girl still getting no breaks Well she´s coloured her hair , more times than cher And screamed slogan’s till she`s blue in the face Bridge She`s never been noticed for being a woman, first time she`s felt part of the ``in´´crowd, now she cries out loud.. …..solo…... Chorus Well they can Sing ***** by jaaa on an old guitar, And miss piggy is still up for grabs and all the feminists smiled with their adopted child And the vegans have eat all of the cake Well they can Sing ***** by jaaa on an old guitar In the hope of being on t.v Well they marched just a mile, with their self-righteous smiles Blowing whistles and tambourines Well they can Sing ***** by jaaa on an old guitar, We´ll meet up back at the bar Switch on the BBC is it you is it me? Just like daytime tv star
  11. Thanks Bjorn , I never know if the songs i write are good or not , I try and do something different sometimes it works sometimes not and i think ``Flint´´ was one of those where the message was more dominant than the song so i think i was pleased with that one......... doesnt happen very often cheers
  12. Great vocals , and i love the harmonies right up my street this one well worth completing
  13. Oh well! at first i thought ??? but i slowly fell in love with this song so much in there, bloody lots of everything, very very clever musicaly brilliant well bloody done I´m jealous cheers
  14. Paul Bush

    2 LIVE 4

    Sorry to hear of your loss ..you must be devastated , our baby cat died 2 months ago our hearts are still breaking , wish you well
  15. Paul Bush

    2 LIVE 4

    Hi whoisp , yes its well worth a bash loved the piano chord changes , run with it ; i wrote a song in the summer (2-3 days) I thought it wasnt up to much , went back to it last week and re-worked it , and Ive almost re recorded it all once again and it now sounds fine so one can never tel,l but that what you have so far sounded more than fine well worth staying with cheers P
  16. Paul Bush

    Winding Down

    Great production I´m envious of the sublime guitar playing , well the whole thing really
  17. Great guitar tones and of course playing just really great stuff
  18. Hi supareells cheers , well yes the ending is just me being silly It wont be on the final song , I thought it would cheer us all up after all the bad news going about . another one of those songs that slowly evolved 4 chords and some cheeky text thanks for commenting cheers P
  19. Hi chaps , I wrote this one back in the summer where in the UK demonstrator`s were glueing themselve to Tarmac, Trains, and other objects to save us all , Its a work in progress ..so all comments are welcome , Its a song about a housewife who goes on demonstrations to pep up her life( lovelife) to meet like minded people to hold hands and sing in harmony and in the process to save us all , and at the end of the day if she gets a ................ well then thats a bonus then its back home to surburbia and wait for the BBC news ..cheers
  20. Hi chaps , well i took onboard all the good tips and comments so thanks for all your input ,Its been renamed ``the only one´´ with a new cover to reflect the new and last mixdown , Ive left in one or two vocal idiosyncracies to keep it live and not midified (that rhymes) any comments would be welcomed cheers P
  21. I´m not a technical guy at all so i leave all that type of stuff to the others but I really like the riffs ,chord changes and the overall mood of the song I´m not sure where you want to go with this if your adding vocals or not but its pleasing and could be a backdrop for a film, tv thing, an Irish scene old town with windswept bogs ..I´m going on a bit but you get the gist
  22. Phew !! wow !! took my breath away ..
  23. Paul Bush


    I had a portastudio way back when really helped me with my songwriting shame i didnt have one earlyer when i didnt have anyone to play off great song bye the bye cheers
  24. Paul Bush


    Another great one Barry loved the guitar tone as usual cheers
  25. Paul Bush


    Hi David just had another listen to make sure i was right the first time i commented ..... Yep...just a briliant piece of music thanks for sharing
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