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  1. Yep i couldnt find an hdmi port I need one to use as a monitor , Well i do have an M audio its old though maybe ten years , i now hace bought a Behringer UMC204HD interface with midi ,cheers paul
  2. I´m thinking of buying this computer any comments would be greatly apprieciated Pau l Bush https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07P7NMFFH/ref=cm_sw_r_fm_apa_i_rDVwDbKZDD8XW?fbclid=IwAR3MhpJVdICeOrkDO3LCsvePa2I_blD6anzoWMHI8VmZ3Dms6u2DrFYYPiE
  3. I´d like to thank you all for the suport thus far , Ifeel i can now go the whole way and invest in a new computer this is one I´ve stumbled across https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07P7NMFFH/ref=cm_sw_r_fm_apa_i_rDVwDbKZDD8XW?fbclid=IwAR3MhpJVdICeOrkDO3LCsvePa2I_blD6anzoWMHI8VmZ3Dms6u2DrFYYPiE any comments would be welcome cheer´s paul bush
  4. Thanks for the info Mettelus , I´m really just a guitare based musician with added keybord chords (thats all i can manage) so I´d be using a midi drum track and the rest would be bass, vocals, keys and a few strings , maybe a bit of brass Ive never used more than 12 tracks on any of my songs , usually just 8 or 9 so a huge production is not my thing , but you never know https://metapop.com/paul-bush
  5. Thanks Jonesy, thats the sort of advice I can relate to , I´m not looking to invest too much money, for me it`s just a hobby I try not to take it too seriously although , I do get caught up in it and drive myself mad , cheer`s PDB
  6. hi well upuntill now Ive been playing almost everything live except for toontracks drums to be honset all my stuff is just demo quality like getting a song down cocept sound make a demo cd, usb and then go to a proper studio and record again so I´m nt expecting much have a listen to my metapop page and you`ll see what i mean https://metapop.com/paul-bush thanks for your time and advice CP regards paul DB
  7. THANKS ! CP once again you guys are really friendly , I´m using a ten year old laptop at the monment just to get the hang of things ..routine etc it seems this bamdlab doesnt need such a high powered set up , so I wont be having to overide the natinanl grid to get enough processing power . thanks once again paul d b
  8. Thanks for the encouragement , I´ll need a lot of tht in thefuture cheeers
  9. Hi chaps, Well as the titel say`s I have no idea , Ive been recording many years on analogue taep and tthen with Samplitude and now I want to start with and lab with all the bells and whistles it has, so i´m starting from scratch really Ive an audio interface and a lap top etc midi keybord guitares etc and Ive used drum loops so I´m not completely off track , my quetsion is can anyone (and its an impossible question) give me a guide of what type computer speicher , grafic/soundcard would get me started in the right direction at a budget but with reasonable sound and speed I shall be buying a new computer just for my music projects here is my https://metapop.com/paul-bush just to give you and idea of my music tatse thanks in advance any comments chers Paul DB EDDIES MASTER TSHIRT .MP3
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