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    Izotope Sale at JRR

    I don’t see the Groove 3 pass as being part of this deal. But then again, I just woke up.
  2. I’m really stretching to find something useful to me that I don’t already have. Alpha compressor? Fuchs Wreck? Shadow Hills Green (even though I have red?)
  3. I too have played the guitar for decades. But in my maturity I realize there is some social and cultural value in others not having to constantly hear me say, “I can’t hear the guitar”.😁
  4. Had the privilege of seeing Tito Puente back in the day. A giant.
  5. I noticed I got two ilock authorizations for the bundle here , while I only got 1 each for the previous deals on SSL Saturator and Compressor. I wonder why. Why all these companies can’t just go to two machine based authorizations (like Soundtoys and recently Vocalign on the Ultra)is just beyond me.
  6. I held out until this morning! Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! Will make a perfect stablemate for my IK, Waves and PA versions.🤪
  7. Yeah, I think they are well aware of complaints about their sales practices. The various forums are full of complaints about them. They just don’t care.
  8. Have lived on both coasts, and agree that Midwest (eg Chicago) is friendlier....also agree that Olivia was hot. And for the trifecta....do we at least get a few extra Jam points for nabbing this freebie that we all already have?
  9. LAGinz

    Sad News about Neve

    Sometimes seems that way, when we see guys like Prine and Neve so affected. In reality though it is more like the grim equalizer, preying on potentially anyone, but in many cases the most physically vulnerable. Hopefully the carnage will end sooner rather than later.
  10. Anyone use these regularly? Does it bring anything unique to the table? I’ve got most of the other usual suspects, but was considering because, well....err....it’s a reverb!😆
  11. Haha! I don't remember the advanced version EVER going on sale for anything reasonable.
  12. LAGinz

    AAS Objeq Delay FREE

    Actually, don’t they ordinarily offer a free sound pack around this time of year?
  13. LAGinz

    PA Voucher Problem

    Oops! Had already used the voucher at the beginning January😆!. Got confused because PA sent me an email saying the voucher was about to expire.
  14. LAGinz

    PA Voucher Problem

    Yeah, they’ve now opened a support ticket for me. Assume they’ll make it right, even if they get back to me after 1/31.
  15. LAGinz

    PA Voucher Problem

    Nope. Double checked. Voucher says $99 min. Oh well...
  16. LAGinz

    PA Voucher Problem

    Has anyone been having a problem using vouchers lately. I’ve got a $75 one for this month, which I’ve been trying to use for the Unfiltered Audio Zip, listed at $99. Cart hasn’t been taking the code and PA has not responded to my inquiries.
  17. I suppose there’s no harm in re-installing the Player as well ... (other than having to delete the multiple duplicates that are ordinarily spread over your hard drive😀) EDIT: Actually, looking at my hard drive, it appears that the Chromophone 3 installer also installed a new AAS Player along with it.
  18. Yeah, I have 3, so I assume he was referring to a new install of 3.
  19. I emailed Eric about this and he said only the Chromophone packs had been updated and that if you had the full Chromophone you could just do a new install of it.
  20. I think I take a slightly different view here. I despise WUP as well. But I’m gonna keep my Abbey Road plug-ins because I think they sound pretty damn good and work just fine. Just not gonna WUP em.
  21. I guess it depends how you look at it. If you’d jump at the chance to get Carbon Electra for $5, why not buy something you won’t use for $5 to get Carbon Elektra for free?
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