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  1. If you’ve got R4, is there any reason whatsoever to get R2?
  2. Now if they were to only put the Melodyne Studio 4 -5 update on sale……Grrrrr
  3. Bottom line here is, ike Bandlab occasionally, it’s much easier to just download the update directly from the website and avoid updating from the Portal program itself.
  4. LAGinz

    PSP Xenon

    I really like Xenon, sound wise . The only caveat I have is that it’s GUI is too small and hard to read on my 15” laptop. I’ve been hoping that PSP would be adding a resizing function, but alas....
  5. So this is interesting. The migration successfully picked up one of the kits for me that was part of BFD Lite!!...the XFL kit.
  6. Yeah, tried it, but didn’t work. In certain of its earlier versions it recognized full BFD packs even if it wasn’t supposed to. I have the full BFD, but always found Eco pretty useful on my laptop. I’ve always loved the sounds of BFD, in general . The genius of Toontrack, OTOH, is that they’ve made their system absolutely seamless. Hoping InMusic is able to finally do that for BFD 3.
  7. I wonder if Eco will be able to read the new versions of the expansion packs. Hmm...I suspect not, but who knows.
  8. Updated or not, S-Gear still my No.1.
  9. I didn’t get the envelope icon either. I posted on the BFD Forum thread dealing with the issue, stating that I couldn’t PM. Drew then sent me an email, which I was able to respond to and get my new serial.
  10. How'd you get the replacement? I've so far had unproductive conversations with Support. Just posted on Drew's BF Forum thread, but couldn't send a PM for some reason.
  11. Was told today they are aware of the issue with the Zildjian stuff and there will be a “new content” update that will somehow fix it. No ETA.
  12. I actually talked to a real human being at InMusic this morning about the problems I was having migrating my Zildjian Digital Vault stuff. She took down all the data and said they would try to fix it for me. I guess we'll see.
  13. Just did the same:) ^^^
  14. My Zildjian Digital Vault stuff not showing up. After “migration” it’s not showing up as a licensed product, despite making sure its in a content path. I tried registering the serial as a new product, but it came back as an “invalid” serial. Any ideas? I really kind of miss these cymbals.
  15. Yeah, for those who don’t have True Iron....just get it:)
  16. Does anyone know if the main content material of BFD3 (not just the program and dls )has been updated as part of this?
  17. Ok, this is clearly a case of me trying to post before being fully caffeinated.🤪 I’ve already got BFD3! and have now figured out how to get the free expansion pack. Hopefully by the time the second cup of Java has been disposed of, I’ll figure out how to update BFD3:)
  18. Not working for me at all. After migrating, couldn’t find any cart. Couldn’t find Eco deal. And when I start anew and click on the Inmusic site, the BFD button does not even work!!! although the other brands do. Grrrr.....
  19. Yeah, these are the previously issued ones. No new Mesa presets to be found😖
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