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  1. Okay we'll work with your here. We all have different systems, with different experiences and different fixes. So we'll combine heads. Try running in 44100/24bit and lets check if that fixes what I am think of quick. It might be a long shot though. Then make sure that you only have the Asio driver selected in Windows own audio pane in settings. Next make sure that in set to 44/24bit in windows in inside the DAW. Should this work with these setting - you can move back to 48/24bit and bumb one more up to 48/32bits
  2. Yep. We are all still waiting for the upcoming release. Try bypassing all your different compressors in the project and see if if renders without any issues. But for the "last used path" issue on the export window - it has been mentioned that it's been fixed in the next release.
  3. It sounds like a latency issue. Try setting it to 256 or 512 under preferences. 256 should be just fine though - assuming gargling noise means pops and clicks.
  4. You've really made me look deep into this, by just starring at my screen for a minute. This is a lot of windows within other windows. 🙆🏽‍♂️ Never noticed it that way and now it is bothering me. It kind of looks unattractive. What would be nice (but probably will cost a redesign of the interface) would just be to hide the docks under the window borders. Example: The two flyout arrows of the browser panel, can be built-in next to the ripple edit on/off tab - there's space for it. So it can just be moved underneath the scrolling border window? Same goes for the Multidock and the Inspector view, but its probably a whole redesign of the Track view as i've mentioned above. 13 years in and all of a sudden it looks bulky to me now. 🤣
  5. Have you tried going in to preferences > snap setting and tick all the relevant boxes in there? Set your snap "To" and not "By."
  6. This depends on your state and country. It might be expensive in your state and country - sure! It can also be cheaper in another. Both cable and cellular data are pretty cheap in my country all networks and even fibre. $1 for 5GB cellular data a month? Thats cheap. That is why I brought this up - it might be affordable in @marled country too.
  7. It was said we might get it for free in the near future.
  8. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/39773-folders-within-folders-out-of-control/&do=findComment&comment=317924
  9. Will.


    I don't think to this will happen. It means a plugin would have to be created for this use. It is a great request and has been requested before, but there was a lot of debate around this on the "Why's and Not's." I think there was an answer of - its up to the hardware presets to offer these functions. Certain requests come with a lot of politics.
  10. +1 for this. Workaround for now: Open a new project - undock all the windows you don't want attached in your workflow and workspace. Go up to the FILE tab > Save As. In those two drop down menus on the new popup window locate "Templates" and save as default template or overide one existing one by replacing it. I've created one years back and named it "New Empty" and made it my default template. Everytime I open CbB it open on this one. Export it to USB pen drive or your External hard drive for a next time you redo your system or upgrade. I used it this way on a 19inch Monitor screen. I still do on a main system with a 24inch screen. There are certain things you grow into and floating windows was one for me. You just need to learn your shortcuts for the windows you constantly use. The letter "i" open the inspector. Letter B the browser. Alt 9 the Synth rack if i'm not mistaken.
  11. 😅 Yes. There's always modules you don't really need or that you never use. Try removing those and keep a clean look for all your needs.
  12. Or - you can just buy a USB simcard modem/dongle? You can find it anywhere - they're like $5-15 and purchase a 10/20/40/50/100GB (what you can afford) internet data just for your CbB updates every (2nd) month.
  13. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Sometimes I just wonder. You are aware that this is false on larger resolution screens, right? Larger resolution - more space, more real estate for extra modules on the right. Smaller screen resolution less space and "aligning" things your way. FWIW: Every DAW where the user can customize the control panel/transport bar (depending what its called there) won't work as your request. Only those with a "fixed" Control panel/Transport Bar will adjust as requested.
  14. Just change your module sizes, by choosing, small, medium or large moldules.
  15. Apparently you can test a demo version when you sign up. I'm yet to get my "glutes" back home. Anyone willing to run a test (on their test machines) and share some results?
  16. Re-save (over rides) the "existing" project that was previously saved. I know how workspaces work and i'm familiar in all its advantages. It's mainly template based. You saved your workspaces with your templates, but it can also be customised based on you project workflow. Whats happening here is none of that. Hopefully i'm back home by monday. I'm back in the country, but i was booked for radio interviews this weekend.
  17. The real question to ask would be: Will it cost CbB any money? We're on a free DAW. I doubt that they will give this to any DAW or Plugin developers for free . . . ? Also - is it for both Windows and Mac? I've seem to have missed that in the interview.
  18. Exactly. What ever tweaks you do here re-save the existing project. So everytime you make tweaks to the project it only affects the projects. So one would think, when you open the project and do some tweaks to it re-save the previous project, it would not open the last Vsti with the project load, right?
  19. I do not use custom screensets (but) the default one. I have never ever went into that panel NOT ever. So I don't know what you're not getting. In order for you are describing to work - the user have to custom save a screenset with the template to work that way. In my case: I have always saved a project, even with a Vsti open (in case a crash) do some tweaks here and there - close the GUI and save the project, do a some more tweaks while unconsciously (muscle memory) saving the project. Never ever has it opened the last VSTi that was used with a project load.
  20. This is gona have to wait though. I'm catching a 14hour flight to Birmingham England in 2h30 hours. So i'm running through one of my double checks to make sure i had packed everything i need.
  21. Yep. Every single time. I can close the GUI and do 100 of saving after that with 1000's of editing on other clips and save it without any plugin open. If I close CbB and ipen it the next time BOOM the last instrument that was used opens with the project.
  22. Yes, theres nothing. But even if there was one, wouldn't I have to press it to open the GUI of the plugin? Just thinking.
  23. Nope! I dont use screensets. I have never touched lenses since i've started using Cakewalk Sonar X1 back in 2009.
  24. Never have I ever left a Plugin open saved the project and close the daw. As soon as i'm done with sound design in the Plugin - that's when i close it and start tightening up the midi notes in the PRV. It's a habbit of mine to tighten this up after I am completely happy with the sound design process. That instrument wont be opened again - that's a guarantee. Maybe a recent windows 10 update? I'm on the 21h2.
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