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  1. Forever and ever-ever and ever-ever.
  2. I think this has more to do with Asia going green on its environment. That Gretchen girl was on fire in that world conference with world leaders that was held in November. Or, it could be that people weren't buying it as much anymore so they were losing on profits - who knows. Everyone is going digital these days anyhow. e-books are not bad.
  3. Well, exactly as it reads above. Why it keeps happening is a mystery. You insert a track close that protect a day later it echoes through another. I've had it happened many times. Trust me it is not user error. It just happens.
  4. Well, it clearly mentioned the interested of its social and media attractions from bandlab the online product that its users are exposing in their tiktok videos, etc. So the interests in the investment is on the that product only, which also happened to be the name of the company way before cakewalk was in the picture.
  5. Hahaha! Cakewalks poltergeist tired of sleeping? Some times certain days a gremlin or two will show their faces and disappear the next day again. I suspect all these reports of a "line" theme issue? I dont know. I sometimes experience this with the Aim assist, but a quick double tap on the "X" button solve the issue, or most of the time a plackback. This black line you're experiencing - its a first for me.
  6. Yet, theres no mention of Cakewalk. That is why they are two different products. Bandlab should not be confused with Cakewalk.
  7. My suggestion too. Why CbB keeps doing this is a mystery.
  8. Will.

    Bouncing problem

    It's not a "Workaround" in Cakewalk. That's by design.
  9. Try some of the advice given here too. https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/ryzen-master-causes-pc-to-lag.3707475/
  10. 🙆🏽‍♂️ Read the updated reply above in here.
  11. 🤦🏽‍♂️ This only seem to be an issue with babyface users. The Digiface and Fireface guys don't have this issue. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/32242-laggy-ui-in-asio-mode/&do=findComment&comment=262686
  12. Will.

    laggy UI in ASIO mode

    This has been discussed at length in other threads.
  13. Well, It hard to say in your case. It depends on what you think a "ghost clip" is. You get routing issues where the same melody of lets say "track 10" plays through track 6 all of a sudden. I've heard users claiming that to be a "ghost clip." Others do editing on a midi clip where the clip gets automatically cut as you draw in notes and calling these layers of clips "ghost clips." There's automation too - a rogue node that wasn't deleted. They call these those too. If understanding correctly what you are describing above in the OP - I'd say yes, the daw is supposed to do that. Example you can't have a snap of a WHOLE NOTE and expect to drag the clip on ticks when the snap is on. It will jump by a whole note, 1/2 on half note, 1/4 on quarter notes - call it steps. It takes the length of the "snap to" in jumps. Should it be that a clip has been cropped - well, that's literally just what that means. All that information at the beginning or end you've removed by cropping that clip. You have to bounce, "commit, or render in place," (depending on what language the DAW use) to remove the information you do not need. Example: let's say you have a string that is a 100cm long and you fold ot in half - you not going to have a string that 50cm long just because you fold it. It will still be 100cm of string just folded (cropped) in half. You will have to cut it with a scissor to get it permanently on a 50cm length of string. I will demonstrate this in a video as soon as i'm done with clients projects. Why it won't move etc. I'm currently working on the Mac system in Logic.
  14. My wife had Covid in Feb. We've done 2 home test each, over a period of 4 days including a lab test. All the home tests showed negative - with her lab test positive and my lab test negative. Don't know how covid works. When I had it last year - she tested negative. With her testing positive in February - i was the one that escaped the punishment this time. Don't know should or shouldn't we trust the home kit.
  15. Lol. 🤣 On a serious note: Those boxes goes together with your snap settings and your issue. Read their titles and with what you're experiencing. You can also read the documentation if you do not believe me. If your snap is on let's say a 64th note and you change to a 16th note - every time you do a snap of on a 16th it will retain the length of the 64th snap. I've experienced this before. Since my clips are always selected in preferences > snap settings its snaps correctly everytime even if i change my snap notes constantly and readjust them. You can also do this for automation and others.
  16. You need to sign in to your CbB account to do a refresh on your activation. Do this from the DAW. Locate the sign in link under the HELP tab inside the DAW and enter your details. It should do the refresh by itself - should it not for some reason - click on refresh activation after you have signed in. You should be good then.
  17. SSD aren't all that you know. They are great no doubt, but they burn out quick 3/5 years? (They are like those pesky mobile memory cards we used to have.) Hack! I've got an HDD that's running on 10years now in my test machine. I'm running my second SSD in my Main machine and I only have it 5/6years. i7 6th gen 32GB ram. I'm just saying here that it might system related. Like you've said, you had something running in the background.
  18. I get this from time-to-time on my test machine and laptop, but never experienced it on the main system (it's offline.) I only connect when there are updates available, both for windows and CbB. The other two are constantly connected. So, i think it's safe to assume that theres a disk reading that's busy to refresh itself. It can also be because your "antivirus" are doing a quick scan before releasing the project for playback. It can also be a plugin, or your hard disk trying to locate the stored files. Then there's those background apps that are running at the same time. Its somewhere in the line of these things. Nothing to be worried about. It's not DAW related.
  19. I was just about to say. I have never come across a feedback from my midi controller | nor | drum machine - with a bunch of other long explanation, but then David said it in a smaller paragraph. "Just turn your echo input off." Like bdickens said: It is by design.
  20. No wonder you're crying all over the forum.
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