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  1. We are blessed for all you do in this forum, Happy Birthday Larry! and many, many happy returns of the Day!
  2. Wishing Happy Holidays to y'all, and a prosperous 2023 full of interesting new plugin releases at amazing deal prices!
  3. Ends January 3rd, I'm tempted to wait and see if there are interesting January freebies
  4. If you purchase a Visual Studio Subscription (https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/subscriptions/#software-and-downloads?cat=visual-studio-enterprise-subscription-with-github-enterprise) you can get multiple license keys for development/test purpose, for Windows, Office, etc. (it's not exactly the Microsoft version of an "All Bundle" but it has some resemblances) The words in the license agreement don't allow for resale and don't allow for purposes other than developing/testing applications, but these dev/test keys work the same as a normal key. There are sites that ignore the written license agreement and make money from un-bundling and re-selling the keys. For anyone at risk of an audit (typically large- or medium-size companies, and smaller companies being acquired by a larger one) it can be a really bad idea getting these "dev/test keys" and using them for production purposes. For individual consumers the risk of an audit is lower (but not zero, and Microsoft has the capability for blocking ranges of keys, although I haven't heard it being applied to dev/test keys, only to stolen keys). Please note that I am not accusing stacksocial, maybe these are legitimate licenses, I'm just explaining how there is a "gray market" of sites that sell cheap license keys that work fine when you use them.
  5. I did get the PA All 2022 bundle for $224, recommended Getting a few of the "big bundles" definitely makes it easier keeping GAS under control (although I won't claim it can get fully cured) I'll keep you both in mind for future $75 vouchers that become available.
  6. Also at dontcrack, discounted if you do a custom bundle (buy multiple products in a single purchase, get 5~20% off each product) https://store.dontcrack.com/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=174&products_id=4261 http://store.dontcrack.com/specials.php
  7. @Niky Serrano are you still interested in a $75? If no new plugins are released between now and Saturday you can have mine
  8. iLok dongles don't generally get much "love" but, when it came to moving to a new machine I found it quite helpful not having to de-activate so that I could re-activate. Of course, in terms of licensing, moving Hornet plugins to the new machine was the best 😄
  9. Reverb: Waves Manny Marroquin Reverb Track Compressor: Waves Puigchild Bus Compressor: Sonible Smart:Comp Precision EQ: DDMF IIEQ Pro (or Hornet Total EQ or SSL X-EQ 2, I'm still deciding) Character EQ: Something from PA, I haven't settled on one yet Delay: Acustica Lemon (vocal) Audiority Echoes T7E (guitar) Chorus: Arturia Chorus Dimension-D Pitch Shifter: Celemony Melodyne Basic Filter: Waves Meta Filter Glitcher/Stutterer: Melda MRhythmizer Limiter: Nugen ISL Stereo Imager: Fieldler Audio Stage Amp sim: Native Instruments Guitar Rig Vocoder: Arturia Vocoder V (I recently got the Xils vocoders, which probably will replace Arturia, but not yet) Saturation: Waves Aphex Vintage Exciter Restoration: iZotope Rx Clipper: IK Multimedia T Racks Clipper == Bonus Round == Utility: iZotope Neutron All-in-one Mastering: iZotope Ozone I tend to think about my mix differently from "basic controls", e.g., I rarely reach for a clipper, a chorus, a basic filter, or even an amp sim. I generally use instrument-focused multi-effects instead, so I'm expanding the list Multieffect General: Eventide H3000 Factory (or PSP N2O) Multieffect Guitar: Waves CLA Guitars Multieffect Bass: Unfiltered Audio Bass Mint Multieffect Vocals: iZotope Nectar Drum Transient control: Elysia nvelope + Eventide SplitEq == Extra == Monitoring/checking: Mastering the Mix Levels
  10. If you'll be reselling the licenses you don't use and the prices will be a good deal, don't forget to add in your signatures the links to your buy/sell listings.
  11. Music creation bundle from Producer Loops The full bundle includes 52 Sample Packs with 16,000+ WAV samples, 3,000+ MIDI files, and 350+ presets for Spire & Serum. $25 for the full bundle, $1 for the small bundle (which includes the $5 coupon for Producer Loops). There is an intermediate bundle as well, with variable price https://www.humblebundle.com/software/music-creators-spectacular-holiday-special-software
  12. Stupid Deal of the Hour Line 6 POD Studio UX2 with POD Farm $89.99 https://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/line-6-pod-studio-ux2-with-pod-farm/250004000000000 (note: these deals used to last until the end of the day, but it looks like not anymore, deal is now dead)
  13. Is it expiration 1 year after cancelling or 1 year always?
  14. Seems to work initially but not to the end. Also, it is unclear if the books are downloadable or it is online reading only. Jan 29 is the last day you can access the books for free. This may be more like an extended trial than a true freebie. The page is up: But then after filling out the form I get an error because the browser cannot connect to routledgecms.ap.corplan.net
  15. Note that if/when you log in, the prices may go up (e.g., the intro price for Modwave shows 159.95 for me) because the Korg website shows final price, sales tax included (which I think is helpful, but it is unusual from a US perspective)
  16. if interested in Harmonics Pro, get the free one first if you don't already have it, because that will bump your discount to 50% If also interested in possibly getting an extra 10% discount, this is what happened to me 1-I went to the Hornet website and logged in 2-I added a couple of plugins to my cart 3-I didn't purchase at the time and left the website 4-I received an email with a button for recovering my shopping cart, with a coupon for an additional 10% discount (automatically applied when clicking the button), valid for 48h The login part is needed because otherwise they wouldn't have an email to send the coupon to, but I have no idea if there are other conditions that the coupon depends on (e.g., maybe they checked what other plugins I have purchased in the past?) Anyway, I got Harmonics Pro and JammingRock for 10.92€. Now I just need to learn how to play Reggae so that I can make good use of it.
  17. Thank you! The serial numbers that they send for the application itself work well, although the vouchers for in-app content are pre-expired 😭
  18. Yay!!! Soundpool vouchers come to me!!! Right now there are about 20 collections still on sale (the "black weeks" promo hasn't ended yet) for slightly under $20 for the commercial license version. Through the lower tier bundle you can get these collections for $1 (original retail price $79), a wonderful deal if you are interested in soundpools. For those interested in Sound Fx, the Technical and Human collections from the Studio Box Mark II series end up at $4 (original retail price $99) See the soundpool collections showing up as less than $10 in this page (most of the prices shown will actually be doubled once you select the commercial license) https://producerplanet.com/us/audio/loops-samples-250/?label[]=magix&sort=price_desc&salesOnly=true As a reminder, Humble fraud prevention alerts will get triggered if you buy many copies in a very short period of time (good for someone whose cc number is stolen, but pretty annoying for people like me who wants to buy many). If planning on buying multiples of the $1 bundles you probably want to spread your purchases over several weeks and payment methods. And, if someone wants the other items in the bundle but doesn't care about the soundpool vouchers, feel free to DM me and I'll be happy to buy codes for $1 (the lower-tier price)
  19. https://www.fanatical.com/en/pick-and-mix/q-up-arts-world-class-royalty-free-sounds-build-your-own-bundle Build your own bundle 1 for $1.99 5 for $6.99 all 16 for $12.99
  20. Thank you very much for the info! I did get to the upgrades page but I only have the ISLv1 to ISL2 for $99 🙁 (I don't have any of the other Modern Mastering Bundle products, and right now the upgrade is more expensive than a straight purchase of the ISLst and ISL2 bundle for $75). Oh well, I cannot complain. I already got a few good upgrades this year!
  21. $22.04 at everyplugin https://everyplugin.com/bb-tubes.html or $22.49 minus 0.67 deluxe bucks at audiodeluxe https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plugins/waves-bb-tubes
  22. My own list this year was short but with some large bundles Custom Bundle: Xils Analog String machines, PolyKB III & II, KaoX, Xils Analog Vocoders bundle, Bfd3, Earmaster Pro 7, $268 (dontcrack) Plugin Alliance PA ALL BUNDLE 2022 $224 (Pluginalliance) Izotope everything bundle upg from RX Adv $169.15 (JRRShop) Eventide Anthology XII upgrade $130.13 (eventide) SSL Native Guitarstrip $35.98 and 1.79 Deluxe Bucks (Audiodeluxe) Many soundpools (producerplanet) Very tempting but I didn't get: Cherry Audio Synth Stack 3 Sonnox Claro MTM mixroom Wavesfactory Cassette Kilohearts Ultimate upgrade Fluid chords Beast D-Lay Softube Parallels 4ms pingable envelope generator Mixed in key Pilot Magix Bundle (MMM Premium+CoreFx)
  23. Now that all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have been revealed and hopefully most of us have had a chance to add more plugins and tools to our arsenals, it's time to enjoy looking at what we got. What were the deals that you decided were worth your hard-earned money? Were there some that you wanted but resisted? (voluntary restraint, out of budget, fear of significant other's reaction, etc). Anything else that you'd like to share about this deals season
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