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  1. Has anybody found a quick summary of what's new/changed compared to the previous version?
  2. RX PPS 7.5 includes the new Nectar 4 Advanced (compared to Nectar 3 in RX PPS7) $99 at Plugin Boutique, with £3.96 Virtual Cash back https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/39-FX-Bundle/11168-RX-Post-Production-Suite-7-5-Upgrade-from-RX-Post-Production-Suite-7 Note that if you already got the latest iZotope MPS, it already includes Nectar 4 and you can probably skip this
  3. Even lower with coupon: vst10off And don't forget to add the free WA Vocal Splitter
  4. I jumped onto the deal earlier today, and without reading the fine print (and before helpful folks here read it, noticed important bits and posted about them). I started from an "All plugins" bundle (and I don't remember which version of MPS was included but it was certainly earlier than August 2023). After requesting and receiving the codes, I entered the MPS one into the iZotope Installation manager and the GuitarRig one into NI Access. Both were accepted ok. Guitar Rig did take a few minutes before showing up as available to install (it felt like 10 minutes approx, but I was multitasking and not counting, the number may be off). A MPS6 license was deposited in my iLok (there was an option to license the machine instead, but I chose iLok) Overall I was pretty happy with how it worked (and many thanks to the developers of iZotope Installation Manager and Native Access for making installations easy!) Now I have a small amount of uncertainty... Will the licenses be revoked? I hope not
  5. MRhythmizer is a fun plugin for $22 XO Packs are $23 (discounted, but there are better sales if you wait) On the cheaper end, Soundiron Kazoo is $5.40 but, I have it and even at that price I would NOT recommend it...
  6. I did log in (otherwise I wouldn't be getting the "upgrade from any paid product"). I have TSMax 2. I tried to find out what is supposed to qualify for a Maxgrade but the links (where it says "click here) just take you in circles and not to the page with the info. From memory I think that a maxgrade is TS4->TS4Max but I may be wrong
  7. Actually, if you get past the tongue-in-cheek part, this article also includes links to other articles on "not BS" that I found it quite interesting (10 Plugins That Have Become Legends, 5 Plugins Which Just Make Mixes Better, and We Name Our 10 Audio Plugins Of The Decade)
  8. $199 is only the upgrade from 4. For me, upgrade from earlier TSMax, it is the "upgrade from any paid product", $299 Considering what I already have, even with jam points is is not that attractive a deal. I'll wait for another time
  9. They are quite different, SA has more breadth and VV has more depth. VV is a collection of instruments, each focused on sample-based emulation of specific synths and with a UI specific to each instrument. SA however has a selection of samples and a common UI for manipulating al of them, and this version also lets you "morph" between 2 sources. SA is based on a larger collection of synths but VV has a large number of samples from each original synth. In summary - Yes, it may make total sense having both, depending on what features you are interested in
  10. A very interesting feature in infinistrip is that it matches the settings when switching between different variations of the same type of module (e.g., switching compressors, even if one model uses FET, the other is opto, etc). I don't remember MixBox doing that
  11. @cclarry What is currently on your PA wishlist?
  12. If you have Pro Tools Inner Circle you can get a nice deal for eXplorer-8: * Use the Inner Circle coupon and register Predator-3 PL if you haven't done it yet * Go to your Rob Papen account page, Free Deals, and claim RP-AMOD and Prisma This will qualify you for the eXplorer-8 upgrade from 3 RP products $111 (or $74 from 4 products, if you have purchased some other RP product)
  13. Even less ($96) here https://joannecooper.co.za/band-in-a-box (with free ebook and video course)
  14. If you missed Bapu's, here is another chance - $75 code is available via DM
  15. Wow, I tried the "WP - PRE-Verb Return Cleaner 1" preset in the parallel reverb channel of one of my projects, just before the reverb. It did add a subtle brilliance that did sound pretty nice. I like it when plugin presets give me new ideas I hadn't thought of!
  16. Zoom H1n Portable Handy Recorder Kit with Windscreen, AC Adapter, USB Cable & Case (Black) $79.99 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1745149-REG/zoom_zoom_portable_handy_recorder.html
  17. Homegrown Sounds Kontakt Collection (LTD Edition) for $69.99 https://hgsounds.com/product/kontakt-collection/ All 16 Kontakt products released by Homegrown Sounds up to 2019, a collection of 110 Instruments. There are Synthesizers, Sequencing Systems and MIDI Generators included. Most of the Instruments are advanced, more akin to VST/AU plugins. Add a few more instruments focused on Wavetable synths & Euclidean Rhythms with the Serenity Collection for $19.99 https://hgsounds.com/product/serenity-group-buy/
  18. Sound banks by Nori Ubukata (in the base AX73) and Dr Mix (free), plus a few additional free and paid sound banks from other designers. Interesting! (although I'll wait a day or two to see if it shows up at Audiodeluxe or Everyplugin with an even better price)
  19. Note that even if you already have the bundle, Abbey Road Studio 3 is not in the bundle but it is currently on sale. For me, the Nx plugins (AR Studio 3 and the others) are quite a bit of fun, although it's harder to justify the "investment"
  20. btw, for people who were waiting on a better deal showing up during the month, and missed the ADSR birthday sale. It looks like the bundles are still available even though the countdown is down to 0. E.g., today I got Hexcel+5 Expansions for $25 (instead of Hexcel without expansions for that same price) https://www.adsrsounds.com/birthday-sale-2023/
  21. Yes, I have purchased more than a dozen plugins there, and sold Forever29 codes as well. All were positive experiences. I find it easier than the KVR B&S forum because you don't need all that dialog of "is it still available? What info do you need from me? Where do I send the money? Are the Paypal G&S fees included or do I need to find out how much they are and add them to the asking price?" Sure, some people use it for scalping (they find out where it is on sale and then sell it higher, but below retail) or for reselling freebies that they are not interested in, but that is not a bad thing. E.g, recently I got ImpOscar2 for $25 and I could see from the instructions that it was a freebie offered to customers of Adam Audio. I had no idea how to get that freebie or maybe it was free with the purchase of some hardware but it doesn't matter, in the end I am happy to get ImpOscar2 at a good price
  22. Don't forget the "bundle discount" https://store.dontcrack.com/specials.php If you have other plugins to buy now and they're available at dontcrack, that extra 20% off can help get some sweet deals
  23. Prior art applies to patents (protected innovation). It does not matter for copyright (protected expression) or trademark (protected branding) But yes, I don't think anybody would try to patent their voice (unless they are the Bene Gesserit...)
  24. Creepy? sure. Copyrightable? very questionable. I would argue that no, it doesn't meet the requirements of a copyrightable "work" (of course, I wouldn't be shocked if politicians succumb to lobbying pressures and further erode the public domain beyond what the Constitution says) Trademarkable? Possibly, but the requirements for maintaining a trademark/registered trademark need to be met (e.g., making an investment in creating a brand out of it)
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