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  1. Dropping in here. Looking for a controller my self for CbB. How is I-con platform performing (or other Qcon controllers for that matter)?
  2. Thanks for your reply. Probably be too confusing, and pading out each group is an easy solution. However, it would be really cool to say, press an option key and the bank scrolling to scroll through the different screensets instead of tracks, or selecting them individually by combining buttons on the controller.
  3. Hello guys. I’ve created a template with 70+ tracks neatly organised into folders. However it is a nightmare trying to mix this. What I want is a controller to assist me and I´m looking at the x-touch. I know I can scroll through 8 tracks at the time, but what I want to do is scrolling through groups of tracks. Eg. I have 5 vocal tracks, 4 Guitar tracks, 6 synth tracks and 5 percussion tracks. What will happen if I scroll through the tracks the controller will first pick up 5 vocal tracks and 3 guitar tracks, then 1 guitar track, 6 synth tracks and 1 percussion track.. and so forth. What I want is the option to select all my vocal tracks on my first page, then my guitars on the second page, then my synths on the third page... or a combination of tracks, drums and bass, or perhaps even a buss. I was thinking that this could be archived through some clever shortcuts by hiding different tracks, or by using screensets, but I’m not quite sure how this easily cold be set up by using a controller or be integrated in a workflow. Anyone have any tips, to this setup? edit: written on a iphone on a bus from Seville with autocorrect...
  4. Hello guys. I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to record automations using the Roland se-02 vst editor (ctrlr), Cakewalk and komplete kontrtol on a PC. I have followd the intstructions given in the se-02 vst editor and can controll every parameter using my mouse on the editor. What I just cant figure out is how to assign cc inputs fro komplete kontrol to the different parameters and record them. Anyone having experience with the Roland boutique vst have any experience with that or recomendations. Tried act, but just dont want to register the input... :( Thanks
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