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  1. @chris.r: I can not get the m-platform to work on the AZslow control surface protocol. It works very well on the VS-700 protocol (excluding the zoom functions). It works reasonably well on Mark's Mackie protocol, but, without the LCD function, I won't use it.
  2. I just had a play with your Mackie protocol, Mark, and, lo and behold, the zoom function works! However, the bank select function only works in reverse (you have to click back to go forward, and forward to go back), and, the LCD display only displays some of the channels and appears to be static (unchanging even when shifting channel banks). I need to be able to see the LCD display, of course, so the VS-700 protocol wins so far.
  3. Thanks for all your help, Mark. I dialled back the sensitivity of the faders a little and the shaking/vibrating issue was rectified. It's functioning really well now. I would like to try the Mackie MCU. The only thing I'm a bit bummed about is the zoom functions don't work via the jog wheel (something I was looking forward to introducing to my workflow); perhaps the Mackie MCU will incorporate this function? And, as mentioned, the VS=700 MCU won't respond when I try to open its properties (and crashes Cakewalk), so, definitely worth experimenting. Thanks so much for all your help: you've been super helpful.
  4. Ok: I've had some success. I managed to update the firmware (it wasn't a simple process: I'd given up on that earlier) and it has a 'Sonar' preset! Suddenly, Sonar is talking to the platform-m! I'm getting fader movements and transport control etc. There are some weird buzzing noises happening, and, I'm getting some strange erratic scrolling happening, and I'm still getting that error message re: VS-700 if I try to open up its properties in Sonar. But, I have hope that the control surface can work at least, so that's a relief.
  5. Oh dear, I think I've really screwed things up now. I tried installing the surface controller for the VS-700 from here - https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Download/HwDrivers/V-Studio 700 - which successfully got the VS-700 into the surface controller list, but, when I click on the properties of the controller, I get this error message - Warning: Unable to open MIDI ports to the VS-700R. Make sure that the VS-700R is connected and its MIDI ports are not in use by any other application - and then the program crashes with a fatal error! I've uninstalled the drivers and removed the DLL, yet, the VS-700 still shows up in the list - I can't get rid of it. This is extremely frustrating!
  6. Hi Mark, Yes: when running the command prompt, I got the message that the DLL was successfully registered. I also successfully unblocked the DLL. I'm running 64 bit editions of Sonar and Cakewalk by Bandlab on a Windows 64 bit machine. The control surface installer was a great find: was really excited, but, alas, it does not contain a VS700! Aaaaahhhhhh!!!
  7. Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Mark. I followed all your instructions, but, Cakewalk still can't see the VS700 (it's not coming up in the list). Any other suggestions?
  8. Thanks for that, Mark. The disable handshake worked, but, when I program in a parameter, the movement is super jerky. I may be doing it all wrong: I'm very much a beginner when it comes to MIDI protocol: I was really hoping for a plug and play solution. ICON actually have a pdf giving directions on how to get the platform-m working with Sonar (which is why I purchased the platform-m, presuming it would work), but, it says I need to connect to the VS-700 which is not available on Platinum or Cakewalk by Bandlab. Is there some way for me to get the VS-700 version? I'm hoping it would work if I could get my hands on it. Sonar.pdf
  9. Thanks for the quick reply Ms McLeod. I've tried using Mackie Control and it forever says, 'connecting'. And yes, I just want to use it for transport control, fader control, pan control, etc.
  10. Hey everybody, I'm trying to use Icon Platform-M with Sonar Platinum and having no luck. I just bought it and am thinking I've made a mistake doing this. I've tried using the ACT midi controller, but, when I try to learn specific functions, it's extremely buggy. I was hoping I could import an existing ACT data file and it would plug and play. Is this not possible? regards, Adam
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