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  1. I’m terribly sorry, @Nigel Mackay, but the RP-026 standard does cover Unicode usage in MIDI files for more than 20 years: More than that, I’ve seen pretty many MIDI files where lyrics or other string values were stored in UTF-8 encoding.
  2. According to Release Notes for Cakewalk 2020.09, “Cakewalk now uses UTF-8 encoding by default for all text strings, including track name, clips names, Lane descriptions, Arranger sections, Notes Browser, Lyrics view, etc.” This is good news, but it’s not true for MIDI files that Cakewalk creates. Whenever you try to save or export a project as MIDI file (in any of the suggested MIDI formats), all UTF-8 gets lost, and all non-ASCII characters turn to question marks. Does anybody know a way to save Cakewalk project as MIDI while preserving UTF-8 encoding of text strings?
  3. Thank you @Noel Borthwick for your attention to my issue. Unfortunately I’m not sure that I fully understand what an envelope is, and how edit filter works. I definitely didn’t set the edit filter to anything deliberately, for I didn’t know that this filter exists at all. But I might have pressed some special hotkey by accident without noticing. I had similar experience some time ago when I pressed some key accidentally, and a guitar fingerboard suddenly appeared at the bottom of the window. It took me considerable time and effort to figure out how to dismiss it. Since then, I try to be careful and not to press any keys at all when working in Cakewalk. Sometimes my hand might shake and hit a keyboard, though.
  4. Thank you HIBI, it worked for me! I pressed E twice, and the problem track got fixed, though I even don’t know what a FX bypass is and why does it affect copy and cut operations this way. (I don’t make music with Cakewalk, I only use it as a musical Notepad to write arrangements for a live band.)
  5. I was editing a CWP file that had been edited many times before, without any difficulties. But suddenly one MIDI track stopped to handle copy and cut: if I select notes on this track and try to copy or cut them, nothing happens. This problem occurs in the Staff View as well as in the Piano Roll, and it is the same regardless of I copy/cut with the main menu or with Ctrl C / Ctrl X. The problem affects only one track; the other tracks allow for copy and cut normally. I didn’t find any freezing effect or something like in the track’s properties. Here is a video demonstrating the issue: Attached to this post is the CWP file itself. Track 6 causes problems. How to fix this? nonstop_band.cwp
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