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  1. Can anyone help me!! I started programing Top 40 midi files in the the late 80's. I have more than 2000 songs programmed. My problem started when a friend came over and started changing midi channels on my gear. He changed my drum machine mid Cannel to Ch 1. Gen Midi is set to 10. He changed channels on my keyboard also. When he left, I didn'trealized what he had done until 20 years and 2000 + songs later. MY SONGS WONT PLAY ON A GEN MIDI DEVICE NOW!!! Is there a bulk midi program, I can use to fix this? I need to be able to change all 2000 songs on Ch 1 to Ch 10. Change all 2000 songs on Ch 13 to Ch 1 and so on?? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Get 10% off Groove Monkee Drum Loops --- discount code: DFQ10 https://www.groovemonkee.com/
  3. I'm a new Cakewalk user. A few days ago I decided to test Arminator and I found out that whenever I played the project, the patch in the VSTi would reset. I've already tried setting the bank and the patch to none though track control manager but it's not working. It's really demotivating... Could anyone help? Usually I do my compositions in Musescore and then import the MIDI to Cakewalk.
  4. Hi: I'm a long time Cakewalk user. In the past I used to have a multi port MIDI interface (now obsolete) and connect all my synths there. Now I don't have that MIDI interface anymore and, as most modern synths have USB MIDI, I connect all my synths directly to the computer. The problem is that not always want to use all my synth, sometimes I just turn on a single one and Cakewalk just mess all MIDI port selection on the MIDI tracks. The MIDI data (notes, etc) is sent to the wrong synths. I have to set the MIDI port for every MIDI track every time. Even if I turn on all my synths, sometimes Cakewalk change the order of MIDI ports and again I have to set the MIDI port for every MIDI track. Same happens when sending MIDI clock to my drum machine, after opening a saved project the MIDI ports are in a different order and the MIDI clock is sent to a different port so my drum machine doesn't start. Also if I have set an instrument definition for a MIDI port, I lost that assignment... So, please make Cakewalk remember the MIDI port settings. If I have a MIDI track and the MIDI port output is set to a MIDI port named SynthX (all my MIDI ports have the name of the synth), next time I open the project that track should be assigned to the MIDI port SynthX, and if that MIDI port is not available (not connected), should be routed to a dummy MIDI port, not to other MIDI port, if I want to route that MIDI data to another MIDI port I will do it myself manually (letting Cakewalk choose a random MIDI port doesn't help). Thank you!
  5. hi guys do you know how to route/map/program 1 midi cc to multiple midi cc? is that even possible without external program? what I mean is let's say when I send midi cc 60 with value 127, it will trigger midi cc 60 with value 127 and midi cc 120 with value 0
  6. I recently installed Spectrasonics RMX and was trying it out. Since thenI am no longer able to select my keyboard controller as a MIDI input on instrument or MIDI tracks; the only available selection is "virtual controller". This is true even in previous projects and new projects alike where RMX is not engaged. Please advise if more info is required, thank you very much in advance.
  7. There seems to be a bug with the MIDI program change message in Bandlab. I have a MIDI .cwp file that works correctly with my old copy of SONAR 7 but it doesn't work with Bandlab. Both use the same default general midi .ins file. I checked the MIDI being sent to my external synth using MIDI-OX. Bandlab sends an extra PC message, C0 00. This causes the program change to be overridden and always changed to the first patch. SONAR sends the message correctly.
  8. When using many MIDI CC envelopes it can sometimes be difficult to tell them apart. It would be nice if custom names could be assigned to MIDI CC envelopes, see suggested screenshot #2. Thanks for a great product!
  9. Get 10% off Groove Monkee Drum Loops --- discount code: DFQ10 This discount also works when Groove Monkee is having a sale. Min purchase: $19.95 https://www.groovemonkee.com/
  10. Hi Cakewalk users, Would like to make one of these lamps : https://jakesmd.medium.com/how-to-make-a-wifi-recording-sign-for-your-home-studio-f672b03b75f9 But i can't find out how to configure cakewalk to send midi when record or play button is pressed....
  11. Greetings, I wonder if anyone can provide a solution to a problem regarding use of a non-splitable midi keyboard controller in Cakewalk. Is it possible to have the realtime midi input from the keyboard 'filtered' into dividing the keys into different channels - in effect imposing a split that would normally happen on the keyboard itself? Scenario ... Existing MIDI controller keyboard has no split functionality. Requirement ... Cakewalk receives the MIDI data on one channel but then 'splits' by changing the MIDI channels to 1 & 3 subject to where the notes fall from middle C - eg if below middle C then transpose the note's MIDI channel to 3, if above or equal to middle C then leave the MIDI channel alone. Please note, I am looking to do this to the data as it comes in from the keyboard, not edit the MIDI data after it has been recorded. As an alternative, is there an open source program that could intercept the MIDI stream and then process it? I'd prefer a solution that functions within the DAW though. Many thanks in advance for any assistance.
  12. Hi, Does anyone use an Arturia Controller with Cakewalk? I got the Keylab Essential 49 and would like to use the transport controls, and as many other physical buttons that I can. However it doesnt come pre-mapped for Cakewalk. I went to preferences and tried all 5 presets (Act Midi Controller, Cakewalk Generic and Mackie Control, XT and C4) and no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Similar to Audio Snap for audio tracks, is there away to change Project Tempo [from a] MIDI clip? If I record a MIDI sequence with it's own tempo [external time stamp] without first setting the Project Tempo to match, the MIDI data will be off beat with the Project. If I simply change the Project Tempo, the MIDI data will still be off beat. [Edited]
  14. another guy

    more ACT control

    Hello there, I'm building my own midi controller using arduino and I am trying to configure it with ACT. Everything works fine, I can map my knobs to parameters. My issue is that I have more than 16 knobs. How do I use the rest of my knobs?
  15. Hello there, I'm am building my own midi controller and I'm am trying to use act. Everything works fine, I can map my knobs to cells using midi learning. My issue revolves around "act learn mode". No matter wich vst and parameter I try it doesn't seem to learn. If I do all the nessecary steps and stop "act learning mode" there is no dialogue box or anything and it doesn't learn anything.
  16. when I record any midi track, all the other midi tracks that I recorded on different instruments prior to the current recording are recorded to the midi track as well. I tried messing with the record settings and changing the type of recording and also tried messing with the channels but didn't succeed. help will be appreciated, thanks btw sorry for the bad English😅 I recorded a video that I hope will explain the problem better. WhatsApp Video 2022-03-30 at 21.53.12.mp4
  17. Get 10% off Groove Monkee Drum Loops --- discount code: DFQ10 https://www.groovemonkee.com/ This discount also works when Groove Monkee is having a sale. Min purchase: $19.95
  18. When I add a new MIDI track the input is automatically set to "Omni". I have to change this each time to my preferred input. Is there a way to set a particular input as the default for new tracks? Thanks.
  19. To import midifiles to Ripchord they have to be midi type 0. I have successfully imported midi type 0 with up to 3 tracks in them. To see what type it is. - Open the mediabrowser and go to your midifiles. - Highlight a midifile and look at the bottom of the mediabrowser window. In its frame is some info about the file. With midifiles you will see the type and number of tracks in it. Most of your midifiles probably is of type 1 so you have to convert to type 0. The quickest and easiest must be this little converter i found. http://www.jososoft.dk/yamaha/software/midiformat/index.htm It install fine on win7 and 8. Probably also on win10 because it was updated this year. It's 32-bit but works fine and fast. I browsed to a folder with 40 midifiles type 1. Told it to put the converted file to the source folder and add a zero to the filename. The whole folder was done within a second. This is a page with free midi chord progressions you then could import to ripchord. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:MIDI_files_of_chord_progressions ADDED May28: Info from user Michael A.D. You are not limited to one keypress. So you might set up basic chords that one finger plays and upper extensions that another finger could play. RipChord is also great fun feeding into Chord Potion. PS. Did you know that someone collected all midifiles before Geocities was shut down? 51000 midifiles. https://archive.org/details/archiveteam-geocities-midi-collection-2009
  20. Hi. I have just got a behringer fcb1010 footswitch and i have no idea how to connect it to my laptop. The midi cable is recognized, is this the same thing? The midi cable also lights up to indicate an input from the footswitch but nothing is detected on cakewalk when i use the learn fuction. I have selected the midi cable as my input but their is no option for an output. I am very new to all of this, any help is appreciated.
  21. Get 10% off ALL Groove Monkee Drum Loops --- discount code: DFQ10 https://www.groovemonkee.com/ This discount also works when Groove Monkee is having a sale. Min purchase: $19.95
  22. I would love to send a MIDI track to multiple instruments (VST or external). I know you can duplicate a track easily enough but then you have an editing problem keeping them synchronized. I suspect this requires the concept of "patch points" or AUX tracks for MIDI - you'd create a new patch destination for your MIDI track, then select it as an input for two or more MIDI or Instrument tracks. I guess you'd need to prevent a MIDI track from both sending and receiving from the same PatchPoint/AUX track.
  23. Anyone know how I could download/dump my user presets from my old (90's era) Peavey bassfex using midi and cakewalk. There are a couple of old posts in other forums which suggest it was possible using cakewalk. Thanks
  24. Paul Sager

    Removing MIDI volume

    I record multiple MIDI tracks all set to channel 8, with various percussions sounds across the keyboard, when performed on the channel 8 track of my Montage. I then save the project as MIDI Format 0, then import it into the Montage, to which we perform live. Thus, the result is a single MIDI track on channel 8. The problem is, the resulting .mid file retains the initial volume of whichever track has the highest volume set. So when I start the song on the Montage, it always sets the volume on track 8 to that initial volume, regardless of how I try to set it directly in the Montage. (I can override once the song is started, but that is unacceptable) The Montage does not provide a way for me to directly edit the MIDI data. But there is some mechanism in Cakewalk whereby I can remove all volume data from the project. But it has been too many years, and I don't remember how to do that. So my question is, does anyone still know how to strip all MIDI volume data from the resulting midi file?
  25. Get 10% off ALL Groove Monkee Drum Loops --- discount code: DFQ10 https://www.groovemonkee.com/ And find more discounts at: http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/deals.asp
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