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  1. I'm hoping for a 50% price cut on their H9000.
  2. Looks like no subscription - so that is some good news.
  3. I have Komplete 12 Ultimate CE, and the preorder for Komplete 13 Ultimate CE is $500!! I paid less than that to move from K11U to K12UCE. No thank you.
  4. It's up on the Native Instruments site now. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/catalog/komplete/
  5. Well, I bit the bullet. I'm a sucker for those cheesy 80's sounds...
  6. Is that special JRRshop code still working?
  7. Fair question. I don't have many concerns about credit card information or data breaches, but I do have concerns about their infrastructure. If you are an ECommerce vendor, having a running website and good recent backups is IT 101. JRRShop struggles with these basic functions. With so many other resellers, I think I will choose to not use JRRShop in the future.
  8. husker

    Xchange Collections

    I assume they'll do the same to me...
  9. I know this - as an IT guy, I've seen enough red flags for me to avoid JRRShop now.
  10. I'm on V7, and I'm not seeing any updates either.
  11. @Zo Can you post a link to your video please?
  12. It was me who spoke (not actually spoke, I wouldn't dare actually speak to the King. This was over PM) to him. He just said he is taking a few weeks holiday/vacation, and wouldn't be posting much. All is good.
  13. I actually thought about it, but my discretion got the better of me. I actually thought about it, but my discretion got the better of me.
  14. Run Native Access to Update....
  15. All of the above is correct. I have two licenses, a Pro on a dongle, and an Elements on the "Soft E Licenser." I never really have any issues upgrading my Pro on the dongle, but I always have a devil of a time with "soft E Licenser." It is very confusing, and I do computers for a living. It really shouldn't be that difficult.
  16. No, you have to purchase a 10.5 license to run 10.5. A 10.5 license is good for 10.5, 10, 9.5, 9, etc. You only need the one license.
  17. Its the same process for any upgrade - .5 or otherwise. It defaults to a separate install. A license is a license - if you have Pro license for 10.5, you can run 10.5, 10., 9.5, 9, etc. Whatever you want.
  18. I talked to him the other day. He's just taking a bit of holiday.
  19. This is the way Cubase has always been. You have always been able to run multiple versions alongside of each other. You have the choice. It is not a separate license.
  20. husker

    Xchange Collections

    Probably. But it doesn't excuse them from totally blowing off their customers. No responses to their published support email, no responses to their support ticket system on their website either. There was an entire thread on Gearslutz about how bad Loop Loft is.
  21. husker

    Xchange Collections

    You won't get the Loop Loft collection. They don't honor that anymore, and will not respond to support queries.... anywhere.
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