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  1. I'm right there with you. I want that choir!!! Quite honestly, if the other libraries were a bit better, it would make the decision a bit easier. But $99 for that choir? Seems like a good deal.
  2. Does anyone recall what VSTBuzz had the Mars choir for? I thought it was sometime this past year.
  3. I have $100, there, but can never figure out how to actually use it.
  4. I have on interest in the subscription, but I do have HO Gold. Wonder how much the upgrade will be....
  5. Code BF2020QXL7XDDK brings the price of the complete bundle down to $19 May be the best $19 you spend all season.
  6. +1 - SFM + XO is a great combination
  7. husker

    Sample Logic BF Sale

    I see that Audio Plugin Deals has their Cinematic Guitars Bundle at $199. Would this perhaps go lower?
  8. husker

    Sample Logic BF Sale

    Really bummed - I went into this season with really only one "want" - Cinematic Guitars. Pretty disappointed in this "sale" - as the bundle "sale price" ($699) is what it normally is. Guess I'll keep my money.
  9. GOTHLOY20 doesn't seem to work. Edit: The code is GOTHLOYA20
  10. husker

    Dronar Titles

    I see that Dronar is also having a BF sale. I purchased Live Strings earlier this year, and I really like it. Does anyone have a suggestion for a next Dronar title?
  11. Doesn't Presonus usually have a 50% off around the holidays?
  12. I can confirm this bug is fixed! Synthmaster may not be the greatest sounding synth out there, but one can certainly argue it is the greatest value out there!
  13. Does this finally fix the stupid "The following preset bank file is saved with with a higher version" error they introduced in the last version?
  14. Great advice Larry. Thank you for all that you do.
  15. So, should one surmise that all of these would be included in an Anthology XII?
  16. I read through the VI thread - kind of crappy communication by 8Dio.
  17. Yeah, I checked, the threshold is definitely $598.
  18. Ok, I found mine from Nov. 17th... 65% Off 8Dio products + Insolidus Choir as Gift with Purchase Was the subject. Wish the choir was free after the coupon code. 598 seems like a higher threshold than last year.
  19. Matthew, what was the subject of that email you received? I should have received one, but don't recall seeing it.
  20. Yes.... Grandmaster Flash...... Basically the same thing right?
  21. Love that album. The best version of YES.
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