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  1. ^^Most important point made in this thread^^ I've not had trigger finger; but have had other issues with both hands. It is very possible that a specialist will suggest that you try therapy before surgery. I do know two different musicians who have had successful surgeries for trigger finger.
  2. If you use file versioning, try opening an older version of the project (File/Revert).
  3. There is an option in Preferences (Project/Record) to "Allow Arm Changes During Playback/Record". This is un-selected by default. When this option is selected you can arm or disarm any tracks record function "On the Fly".
  4. Base 57

    Audio dropout

    This could be a Plug-In that has not been authorized and so is in Demo Mode.
  5. Shot in the dark here but, did you check the Recycle Bin for the deleted Project file? Or did you empty it before realizing your mistake?
  6. This ^^^. Cntrl-S should be a habitual movement. Not only with Cakewalk but any program that your progress is important to you. Do not depend on Auto-Save. It is not the same thing as Save. Auto-Save creates a different file and does not clear the memory of recent changes to the main file. This is true for any App on any platform. If you lose unsaved work in a computer program, do not blame the app. It is your own fault. This happens to everyone at least once. If it happens more than twice...
  7. See, I was missing something. The project I checked this with had only audio tracks. If I had double clicked a MIDI track it would opened the PRV and I would not have posted. Good catch.
  8. Umm, maybe I'm missing something here. Double-click the clip to select the track. If track 1 is selected and you click a clip in track 2, track 1 remains the "Selected" track while track 2 becomes the "Current" track. But if you Double-Click a clip in track 2, then track 2 will become both "Selected" and "Current".
  9. Can't you use the "Audition" function (Shift+Space) for this? The loop will still be an 1/8 note long but only the selected clip/s will play, regardless of the length.
  10. Cakewalk has no control to raise or lower input volume. That can only be changed by the interface. However, if you are using Input Echo to monitor the track, anything in that tracks controls from the Pro Channel to the Fader can potentially raise the volume of the output. So, the question is, what is the level of the clip you have recorded?
  11. Did you bounce the clips after the slip edits?
  12. My Antelope Orion 32+ works with multiple apps at the same time. I have Cakewalk open and running along with DeXed and Iris both running standalone. It is ASIO only (when using the Thunderbolt port) and does not support Windows sounds.
  13. I just drag clips to the browser. No need for the export menu at all.
  14. Umm... Blinky lights? I can see a blinking Ripple Edit button being somewhat helpful. Anything other than that I would probably not use. To each their own.
  15. The following is taken directly from the Reference Guide. It clearly states that Comp mode will mute clips in previous takes. It says nothing about muting regions. "Comp record mode will record all takes as independent Take lanes. At the end of a recording pass, only the most recently recorded takes will be audible. This is achieved by automatically comping, isolating the clips in the recording and muting other clips in existing Take lanes. Splits are created in all lanes at the start and end record times. All clips within the recorded region are automatically "healed", removing any unnecessary splits from prior takes. All clips in Take lanes that are obscured by the latest record pass are muted. The comp splitting process follows the same logic as the Comping tool, and will mute all clips that are not part of the latest recording" The way it is currently working is not new. I got caught out by this years ago. I learned then how to use the Mute Tool. The problem is that if an old hand like Bassman can be confused by this, imagine how it must affect Noobs. Maybe calling this a bug is a misstatement. However, if muting the region is the expected behavior it should be reflected in the documentation.
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