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  1. This would be very helpful. An Arranger track display for the Staff View wouldn't hurt either. In the meantime, have you tried the Inline PRV?
  2. At the top of the app under "Project" the first selection is "Audio Files". I don't know if that will help anymore than what you are already doing.
  3. Base 57

    Staff View

    To deselect with the select tool in Staff View, click and drag anywhere off of the staff.
  4. To stop the other lanes from following the slip edit, hold the Shift key. Once the split point has been decoupled from the other lanes you can move it without the modifier.
  5. Base 57

    Midi tracks go flat.

    This is the likely suspect. I have had 2 different keyboards that the pitch wheel crapped out causing the problem you are having.
  6. Oh okay. You can't. That is a long-standing feature request.
  7. Use Process/Fit Improvisation for this. Whenever I need to create a tempo map for rubato or syncopated parts that Melodyne doesn't analyze correctly I tap the beat out on a microphone and run Fit Improvisation. The reference track that you tap out must be 1/4 notes and run the length of the piece. Set Measure/Beat at Now works very well but can be tedious when the tempo is changing constantly. When using SM/B@N there is no need to record another track. Use the metronome instead.
  8. That is the Loop Construction View. The Scrub Tool is for Track View. Hit J and then drag across the clip in track 12.
  9. That is correct. I don't remember if it is included with CbB or is left over from SPlat but I use BlueVerb for this.
  10. While participating in this thread last month I created a test project that I wanted to work on some more today. When I opened it the mono inserts were all broken. I opened the Insert UI's and the inputs and outputs had reverted to "None". I had saved a few presets so I loaded them one at a time. All of the mono presets had reverted to "none" in the input and output fields. The stereo presets all loaded properly. So until this is repaired there should at least be a big red label warning (Lark's Vomit) For Stereo Use Only Now I remember why I had stopped using External Inserts altogether.
  11. For me, I also like having the old-style tools in the Staff View windows. However, that should be in its own feature request thread. The Tool menu is easily called up in all of those Views with the "t" key. One key press and the tool menu pops up under the mouse cursor. Or learn the corresponding hot keys for each tool (F5-F10) and switching tools is even quicker and easier. I understand how moving from Pro Audio 9 to CbB can be confusing. All of the old functionality is still there plus a whole lot more. The learning curve however, is steep. Now back to the OP. I love your idea. +1
  12. Base 57

    bad wav playback

    This post should be at the very top of the main Forum page and it should also be page one of the user guide PDF.
  13. I bought into Cakewalk when it came on a 3.5 inch floppy disk and I loaded it onto a Huge 40mb hard drive. But I've been using the current lanes for so long I could not remember how layers worked. So I opened SONAR 8 (which seems to run very well on this W10 machine) and reminded myself of the difference between lanes and layers. @Keni, you can now consider me a convert to your cause. The way layers are displayed in SONAR 8 should definitely be an option in CbB. I know less than nothing about writing code so maybe it's not something that can be done easily. If that is the case it would be nice if the bakers would just say so. You have been complaining about this for a long time and the silence from their end has been deafening.
  14. I can't duplicate this. However, I do find it annoying that Zoom expands all of the lanes in a track.
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