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  1. Try out @Colin Nicholls 's FLAT WHITE theme in the "UI Themes" sub-forum. It has colorful clip backgrounds. It's my go to theme for daylight hours.
  2. Ripple Edit is not a workaround. It is the solution to the problem you are having. Just be sure to turn it back off after the edit.
  3. The way that I approach this is to first do a comp edit. Then flatten that comp. Next duplicate the track and in the duplicated track delete all of the lanes except for the flattened comp. Then in the original track delete the flattened comp lane. Then select the original track so that all of the clips are highlighted and hit the letter k which will toggle the mute state of all of the clips. Now all of the clips that were in the original comp are muted. Right click on the parent track and select "delete muted clips". Then you can create a second comp without worrying about using duplicate clips. Repeat the above steps as necessary to create as many comp edits as you wish.
  4. This does work. But try editing the clip. That is when the real fun begins. The phrasing of this is more diplomatic than I would have been but I agree and use the Notes panel as well.
  5. This would be very helpful. An Arranger track display for the Staff View wouldn't hurt either. In the meantime, have you tried the Inline PRV?
  6. At the top of the app under "Project" the first selection is "Audio Files". I don't know if that will help anymore than what you are already doing.
  7. Base 57

    Staff View

    To deselect with the select tool in Staff View, click and drag anywhere off of the staff.
  8. To stop the other lanes from following the slip edit, hold the Shift key. Once the split point has been decoupled from the other lanes you can move it without the modifier.
  9. Base 57

    Midi tracks go flat.

    This is the likely suspect. I have had 2 different keyboards that the pitch wheel crapped out causing the problem you are having.
  10. Oh okay. You can't. That is a long-standing feature request.
  11. Use Process/Fit Improvisation for this. Whenever I need to create a tempo map for rubato or syncopated parts that Melodyne doesn't analyze correctly I tap the beat out on a microphone and run Fit Improvisation. The reference track that you tap out must be 1/4 notes and run the length of the piece. Set Measure/Beat at Now works very well but can be tedious when the tempo is changing constantly. When using SM/B@N there is no need to record another track. Use the metronome instead.
  12. That is the Loop Construction View. The Scrub Tool is for Track View. Hit J and then drag across the clip in track 12.
  13. That is correct. I don't remember if it is included with CbB or is left over from SPlat but I use BlueVerb for this.
  14. While participating in this thread last month I created a test project that I wanted to work on some more today. When I opened it the mono inserts were all broken. I opened the Insert UI's and the inputs and outputs had reverted to "None". I had saved a few presets so I loaded them one at a time. All of the mono presets had reverted to "none" in the input and output fields. The stereo presets all loaded properly. So until this is repaired there should at least be a big red label warning (Lark's Vomit) For Stereo Use Only Now I remember why I had stopped using External Inserts altogether.
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