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  1. Hi @treesha As you have found Gain and Volume moves won't undo. But you can right click the control and select Revert. Hope that helps.
  2. Typically the Boss delay pedal goes before the amp. If you want to route a recorded track back through the pedal then you should use the reamper. But nothing is forcing you. If you are looking to track through the amp sim then loop back through the pedal while playing live, latency will be too much without a very fast computer and interface.
  3. Help-check for update is telling me I'm up to date with 2021.09 build 145 [ is the latest available update is what the toast actually says]. So something is wrong.
  4. I would like the export folder to be saved in the presets.
  5. Yay!!! No more unwanted updates.
  6. Read up on "proximity effect ". All directional microphones exhibit this behavior to some degree. The closer the source is to the mic, the more pronounced the low frequencies become. And it is exponential. A few inches of distance can make a big difference.
  7. The answer was 3. Just got power back after 20 days. We were very fortunate. Many neighbors and friends were not. Destruction and loss of life all the way up to the east coast. It's just horrifying. Hurricanes suck. Craig and Shane, my wife and I both got a laugh from your posts... The dog was not amused. He loves his momma. Now I'm gonna see if the EA installer finished downloading through the phone tether. I have power but no internet.
  8. can I fit into the Toyota along with my wife, one of the dogs (a 100 lb mutt) and our luggage ( the kids and the other two dogs are in another car)? I am about to find out. Being that there is only about 50 miles of swamp between my house (studio) and Grand Isle LA we have to leave now. I can't express how much I hate hurricanes.
  9. I was intrigued by the video in the OP and had an unused amazon gift card so I bought the 2 pack. The package arrived this morning and I've been playing with the roller capo for the last hour and I can report that it works just like in the video. So thanks for the link @Shane_B..
  10. They say third time is a charm. Yesterday after confirming the rollback worked, I re-loaded EA2 and then did a cold boot. It hung immediately so I rolled back again and went on with my day. Today I loaded EA2 again with the intent of capturing a dump with Task Manager but now it won't hang. I've run it for well over an hour with several projects and it is working as it is supposed to. So... 🤷‍♂️
  11. I am involved in a theatre production that runs through the 31st. Yesterday and today are the only days I've had off from that in several weeks. So yesterday I was glad I could roll back and continue working in the studio without much time lost. As it was a hang, not a crash there is no minidump. If time permits I will reinstall the EA later today and capture a dump from the Task Manager. Otherwise it will probably have to wait until next week. For instruments there are 3 Air synths (DB-33, MiniGrand and Hybrid), SD3 and Dexed. Of these only SD3 has associated clips (so far) in the project that was hanging. For FX there are several instances of Channel Tools, and also BluVerb, Breverb and BT Tempo Delay. All other FX are PC modules. W10 Pro 20H2. Interface is an Antelope Orion 32+ using the TB driver
  12. I am happy to report that the rollback installer in the OP works great. The EA2 doesn't work for me. Projects play for a minute or two and then hang. I rolled back to build 53 and all is normal.
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