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  1. Bounce the Clips not the Track. Bouncing the track may change the Interleave which could result in the 3db increase.
  2. Track Templates are available in the Browser. This already exists.
  3. Amicably synonymous sobriquet. Sorry couldn't help overhearing. 😶 My beer is getting warm... I should probably go.
  4. Look into "Groove Quantize". Cntrl-C to copy the reference clip. Then select the clip you want to follow it and use Process-Groove Quantize. The clip you copied will be on the clipboard as the default Groove File.
  5. It is very unlikely that the tempo actually changed. What changed was your perception of the tempo. The tempo seemed correct during practice, but in a performance environment your perception of the tempo was that it was too slow. Changing the buffer size will not affect tempo. Cakewalk will not allow a sample rate change if there is audio in the project. If there is no audio, then changing the sample rate will not affect the tempo.
  6. Be sure that Input Echo is turned on for each instrument track.
  7. I knew that. I believe John, Byron and Glenn knew that too. It just seemed like the OP was not grasping the concept and needed a more direct answer.
  8. There are no rest icons in the PRV. Blank spaces are rests.
  9. Clips with a musical timebase will play in the Matrix at the project tempo.
  10. That is a different cat. These guys keep closing the box and then reopening it because someone told them that a cat in a box can be alive or dead.
  11. I agree. Between Cakewalk for DOS and SPlat lifetime, I bought at least a dozen top tier versions of Cakewalk software. The cost was waaay over $1000. I believe that I got every penny of my money's worth. My only gripe is this big tease.
  12. That keyboard will not play back audio from the computer unless you are using the Bluetooth adapter. The USB computer port is MIDI only. That port is class compliant and should work without any added drivers. So count me as another vote for watching John's tutorial.
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