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  1. Yes. I think we all want this. The bakers would have made it happen already if it was easy.
  2. If I knew how to make good videos I would but... The method you show is awesome but it is even easier without the alt-shift and cntrl-drag mod keys. With the edit filter set to show clip gain just drag the cursor along the bottom of the clip to select a range then move the cursor above the envelope to change it to the envelope tool. Drag up or down within the selected range and nodes are created automatically. AND whenever the cursor is showing the envelope tool clicking between any two nodes will select that range for adjustment.
  3. Shift-Spacebar is the combo for play selection.
  4. My favorite part of this whole thread.
  5. Yeah that's the way I've been doing it. But it can be real fiddly if you need to edit later. To me this is the difference between a Group and a VCA. For example, I have two guitar tracks playing similar parts. I have the track pans and the track FX send pans in a custom group. Track 1 is panned hard left and it's echo send is panned hard right. Track 2 is opposite. Using the method you describe I can automate some cool synchronized pan movements. However it would be easier to edit the automation if it were in one track acting as the VCA.
  6. OK thanks. I guess linking automation to widget grouping will have to be a feature request. Merry Christmas
  7. I'm having a problem with this. Automation of a grouped control is not affecting the other controls in the group. It works great for manual adjustments. Is this by design or am I missing something?
  8. In the previous build, if you deleted a clip the selection range would be cleared (from and through would both be set to the Now time). This EA build fixes that. but now the selection range is being cleared by Undo. This is how I noticed it. I made a mistake while recording an audio clip. Hit cntrl-z and the selection range was cleared along with deleting the new clip. This is not deleting data. it is only clearing the selection range.
  9. Thank you. this works now. However, now undo (cntrl-z) clears the selection. Makes me think of the rhino in "The Gods Must be Crazy" running around stomping out fires.
  10. What I'm seeing is a little different. After delete the selection From and Through both change to the Now time.
  11. Just ran into this one myself. May need to post in the 2019-11 thread to make sure @Noel Borthwick sees it.
  12. Note that the "Comp" icon must be showing to heal clips. If the "Move" icon is showing Cntrl-clicking will unselect the clip. The smart tool shows the "comp" icon on the bottom half of clips.
  13. I have an older midiSport 4x 4 running on Windows 10 1903. I learned the hard way that it absolutely does not like being plugged into different USB ports. If you look in the registry it is likely that there are dozens of references to the same MIDI ports. You will probably need to delete the driver and clean out the registry. Then reload it and make sure it always stays on the same USB port. At least that is what I had to do when I first built this computer several years ago.
  14. Setting the follow option to Auto stretch was something I've been missing all along. Thank you for that. You fixed me.
  15. Just press the s key. That will split a highlighted clip at the now time without the dialog box.
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