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  1. If you have a controller connected, perhaps the pitch wheel in it is going bad. I have had that problem with 2 different keyboards. Simple to rule out. Just disconnect the controller(s).
  2. Yes. Keeping in mind the subject of this thread. My interface has 64 outputs and I have used multiple external inserts many times.
  3. I am actually happy with the way recording currently works. I am only trying to find a way for Erik and others to get the behavior that they wish for also. If Auto-Punch is enabled in Sound on Sound mode, there are no splits, previous takes are muted (if that option is selected in Preferences), and you can start and stop recording anywhere within the punch region. So as far as I am concerned this is at least a viable workaround for the OP.
  4. So, as long as the last take is the longest one there are no splits to heal if recording in Comp Mode. And, there are no splits when recording in Sound on Sound mode but previous takes are not muted automatically. What about having an option to automatically mute previous takes in SOS?
  5. Hold down the Cntrl key when changing a grouped control that you don't want the rest of the group to follow.
  6. You can use "Offset Mode" to increase (or decrease) the actual level when the fader is at the 50% position. But use this with caution. Much like Ripple Edit, Offset Mode can create problems if you forget to turn it off.
  7. Those are unused in CbB so you could custom bind that in Cakewalk.
  8. Yep, I member now. Those are Windows defaults if I am not mistaken. [After review I believe I am mistaken] I changed to the above sometime after I realized that custom key bindings were possible.; for no other reason than that I could.
  9. I don't know if "Select through end" has a default key binding. But it can be custom bound to anything you want. I have selection range bound to the bracket keys. "From Now" and "Through Now" are bound to the open bracket and close bracket keys. And "From Start" and "Through End" are bound to Cntrl+ open bracket and Cntrl+ close bracket keys.
  10. It is called "Revert". Right click the control and you can revert to the previous setting.
  11. For your specific example, you should use Quick Groups for that. Select the tracks you wish to solo, then hold the Cntrl key while clicking one of the Solo buttons. That will Solo all of the selected tracks. All track controls will respond to Quick Groups. However, there have been several threads lately complaining of unexpected scroll wheel behavior. Try clicking in the area you want to scroll before scrolling. FWIW I have not noticed a difference in the way Cakewalk responds to scrolling in the Track View compared to Sonar Platinum; but I switched the day CbB became available and have not looked back. Perhaps I have just forgotten how it used to work.
  12. I can't duplicate this. Track Templates and Project Templates are saving correctly here.
  13. Thanks John, That's the next addition to the Band Name List.
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