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  1. I just installed new active pickups in an old Strat and thought to myself. "Maybe my next project should be a DIY midi patchbay."
  2. Clip gain envelopes. De-essers all suck (out desirable high frequencies from non sibilant portions of the clip).
  3. Steve Perry was the new singer. Journey made 3 albums before SP joined the band.
  4. This should not happen. I can click anywhere on the timeline (or any blank space in the project) and nothing is selected unless I drag the mouse while holding the button. The problem could be the mouse. Maybe you should try another one.
  5. In Preferences/Project/Record, under Auto-Punch, select "Extend Takes to Punch Out Time".
  6. I attended their most recent visit to the Dome. Beck was the opening act. Far and away the best concert sound I've ever heard. Both bands even sounded good in the bathrooms. It was unbelievable. I saw Pink Floyd on the Division Bell tour (also in the Dome) and that show is the only one I've ever heard that even comes close. Typically, the Superdome is the worst possible place for concert sound. With Pink Floyd I figured that all the echo in there just suited their sound. But U2 and Beck were magical. Back on topic... Since her passing, I've been listening to Christine Perfect songs on Spotify. She was really good. No wonder Fleetwood Mac wanted her in the band.
  7. ^^Most important point made in this thread^^ I've not had trigger finger; but have had other issues with both hands. It is very possible that a specialist will suggest that you try therapy before surgery. I do know two different musicians who have had successful surgeries for trigger finger.
  8. If you use file versioning, try opening an older version of the project (File/Revert).
  9. There is an option in Preferences (Project/Record) to "Allow Arm Changes During Playback/Record". This is un-selected by default. When this option is selected you can arm or disarm any tracks record function "On the Fly".
  10. Base 57

    Audio dropout

    This could be a Plug-In that has not been authorized and so is in Demo Mode.
  11. Shot in the dark here but, did you check the Recycle Bin for the deleted Project file? Or did you empty it before realizing your mistake?
  12. This ^^^. Cntrl-S should be a habitual movement. Not only with Cakewalk but any program that your progress is important to you. Do not depend on Auto-Save. It is not the same thing as Save. Auto-Save creates a different file and does not clear the memory of recent changes to the main file. This is true for any App on any platform. If you lose unsaved work in a computer program, do not blame the app. It is your own fault. This happens to everyone at least once. If it happens more than twice...
  13. See, I was missing something. The project I checked this with had only audio tracks. If I had double clicked a MIDI track it would opened the PRV and I would not have posted. Good catch.
  14. Umm, maybe I'm missing something here. Double-click the clip to select the track. If track 1 is selected and you click a clip in track 2, track 1 remains the "Selected" track while track 2 becomes the "Current" track. But if you Double-Click a clip in track 2, then track 2 will become both "Selected" and "Current".
  15. Can't you use the "Audition" function (Shift+Space) for this? The loop will still be an 1/8 note long but only the selected clip/s will play, regardless of the length.
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