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  1. What I'm seeing is a little different. After delete the selection From and Through both change to the Now time.
  2. Just ran into this one myself. May need to post in the 2019-11 thread to make sure @Noel Borthwick sees it.
  3. Note that the "Comp" icon must be showing to heal clips. If the "Move" icon is showing Cntrl-clicking will unselect the clip. The smart tool shows the "comp" icon on the bottom half of clips.
  4. I have an older midiSport 4x 4 running on Windows 10 1903. I learned the hard way that it absolutely does not like being plugged into different USB ports. If you look in the registry it is likely that there are dozens of references to the same MIDI ports. You will probably need to delete the driver and clean out the registry. Then reload it and make sure it always stays on the same USB port. At least that is what I had to do when I first built this computer several years ago.
  5. Setting the follow option to Auto stretch was something I've been missing all along. Thank you for that. You fixed me.
  6. Just press the s key. That will split a highlighted clip at the now time without the dialog box.
  7. Happens here too. 19.9 hotfix. I replied to a thread in Feedback Loop regardingt this. But this is the appropriate place.
  8. Happening here too. Except mine is stuck on fast fade in.
  9. Instead of alternating between 3/4 and 4/4, you can make that section 7/4.
  10. I'm not sure if this will help but here goes. I have several hardware Midi devices connected through a Midisport 4x4. I use a freeware utility called MidiTrix which allows any Midi input to be matrixed to any output including virtual ports such as LoopBe and rtpMidi. This allows me to control any of my devices from any other without regard to DAW settings.
  11. I have seen this also. Click on the clip and the waveform will draw. At least it does for me
  12. Guys, OP wants some sort of Stop Marker before the end of the project. I think if one were to experiment with some kind of midi loopback (whether a physical cable or virtual like LoopBe) it may be possible to place a stop command into a midi track. I'm too lazy to do the experiment myself
  13. Seriously? You want to trade a biannual log in for a pop-up every time you open CbB?
  14. Have you tried the new filter for the Smart Tool? Unselect "Comp" in the Smart Tool drop-down. Then you can edit take lanes much the same way as you could back when they were called "Layers". The short answer to your question is; yes. However when lanes are open track edits must be made on one (or more) of the lanes, not the track itself.
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