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  1. Posting in all caps is equal to screaming. More people are likely to block you than help. But here goes. If you use Cntrl+Alt+V (Paste Special) to paste you will be offered several options. Paste into existing clips, paste as new clips and paste as linked clips are among them. I believe new linked clips are what you are looking for. Paste special settings are then retained for normal paste operations.
  2. The answer is yes. However you can't group all of the controls in your selected tracks into a single group (Well you can but the results will not be what you are expecting). Select the tracks you want to group then Cntrl+Right Click a control (like the fader or pan knob). Group is one of the options in the context menu. Group management in Cakewalk can be very flexible and powerful. For more information RTFM (again and again and...). * I think we are all misunderstanding what you want. *** @paulogot it Maybe you want to create a Bus? Then route multiple tracks to that bus? In Cakewalk the term Groups refers to control groups or clip groups.
  3. Wrong offset. At the top of that page under synchronization there is a MIDI Timing offset. It is under the Full Chase Lock (which must be selected). Just be aware that the offset is applied to midi out ports also. So if you have any hardware synths you can end up chasing your tail. I eventually reset the offset to 0.00 and went back to using nudge.
  4. LoopBe. Not a VST. But it is free. Just be careful not to create feedback.
  5. This part works for me. Make sure that all tracks, aux tracks and busses you want as part of your template are selected before you save it. However the hardware out is not recalled properly. Whether the track or the bus is routed to a hardware out it always loads routed to output 1.
  6. This is at least one of your problems. Any audio or midi devices you use in a project need to be connected and turned on when you start Cakewalk. Be sure to use the same port every time.
  7. Just to clarify, This is a problem with Track Templates. For me Project Templates are working as expected. The OP in this thread is using WASAPI but I have same issue with ASIO. As for the problems @chris.r is having. I read those threads and understood it to be a problem with Project Templates. I do have a question about that but will post it in one of those threads later.
  8. I can duplicate this. External insert routing is not saved at all*. Buss is routed to the first hardware output regardless of which output was originally assigned *The external insert is shown in the FX Bin but send and return routing are set to "none".
  9. In the screenshot it is the Event Inspector that incorrectly identifies the note as Eb1. The Staff View is displaying the note properly. I can replicate this. Apparently the PRV doesn't respect the Key Signature. With Key sig set to E (4 sharps) the PRV names D# as Eb. It is the PRV that is incorrect not the Staff View.
  10. That is correct. The only controller I use is TDaw for the rare occasion that I need a remote transport control. I have keyboards with assignable knobs and sliders but life is too short. By the time I remember which knob does what I can have made the adjustment with the trackball.
  11. Arpeggiator parameters are still selectable in the automation lanes of midi tracks but not instrument tracks. They seem to be working as expected on my system however it is something I rarely use. YMMV.
  12. The most simple answer is flexibility. 1. Yes you can ignore the synth rack altogether. For a long time the only way to insert an instrument into a project was to put it in the FX rack of an audio track. Some people still prefer to do it that way. However the Synth Rack allows you to insert an instrument with multiple input (midi) tracks and/or multiple output (audio) tracks. If you wish to do so you can insert an instrument without creating any tracks at all. Once an instrument is loaded into the rack the output of any midi track can be routed to it and the input of any audio track can be routed to it. So... 2. Theoretically an instrument can have any number of tracks associated with it. Typically you will want an audio track for each output and a midi track for each voice you want to control. Tracks may contain data you would not want to delete when deleting a synth. 3. An instrument track can be created by selecting a single midi track and the single audio track whose input is routed to the desired instrument. Right click one of the two tracks. "Make Instrument Track" is one of the options. 4. There is a drop down arrow to the right of the Synth Rack label. The replace synth option is in that drop down. This is just scratching the surface of a very deep subject.
  13. Today I've been recording a bass guitar through adjacent mono inputs (1+2, 3+4, etc.) to two mono tracks. I can't duplicate the OP's problem. However this... confuses me. I have an Orion 32+. CbB displays all of it's inputs as Left, Right or Stereo just as OP described here. There is not another setting as far as I know. Select a stereo input to record to record a stereo track. Select a mono input to record a mono track. That's it. I wish I could be more helpful but I have no idea why you are getting that distortion. All I can do is confirm that it works properly for me.
  14. Unless he boosted the resulting clips to at least -3, I doubt pan laws are the issue. I could be wrong.
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