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  1. Sorry for the OT but a couple of months ago I bought a new Standard 60's LP ( built in Dec 2020). It is far and away the best guitar I've ever played. So I have to agree. New is better.
  2. Recordings all lining up properly here. Thanks Noel. Fine Job as always. This, however, I can partially confirm. Anything in the project notes pane in a Cakewalk project will upload to the notes pane in Bandlab. Bandlab project notes don't seem to be downloading to CbB anywhere. Not even the Lyrics View here. Please don't lose any sleep over that.
  3. I have been experimenting with this. I was wrong. I got used to doing this my own way for years and maybe this has to do with the new Tempo Track but for me, Set Measure/Beat at Now is working as you expect it to. I'm using version 2021.04 build 147. I put exactly three minutes of pink noise in a track in an otherwise empty project. Then I set Measure 100 at the 3 minute mark. Then I randomly set measures in between 1 and 100 at different places. No matter how many changes I put in measure 100 remained at the 3 minute mark.
  4. If I am reading your OP correctly you are using "Set Measure /Beat at Now" to make your tempo map. In Cakewalk you cannot use that tool to work backwards. Any tempo change you make in the middle of a project is going to move measure lines downstream. "Set Measure Beat at Now" is very accurate if you patiently work from the start to the end. "Fit Improvisation" can be quicker but be sure to line your midi notes up accurately first. "Audio Snap" is too fiddly. Use that to line audio clips up with a grid; not to line the grid up to the audio.
  5. Use "Set Measure/Beat at now" which is in the "Project" menu. If your music is syncopated at all, doing this manually is going to get better results. Keep in mind that CbB doesn't have negative measures so if your downbeat is not at the very beginning of the project you should mark the first downbeat as measure 2 (or 3 or 4 ...).
  6. I copied the following from the 2021.04 release notes. Maybe this could be the problem. "Optimizations High resolution plug-in automation improvements Plug-in automation envelopes were previously being decimated at a uniform 50 msec interval. The automation rendering process has been redesigned to render at a much higher resolution of (default = 5 msec) and also make automation sample accurate (for VST3). For VST2 (or VST3 plug-ins that do not support sample accurate automation) the rendering will be buffer accurate. These improvements allows for much tighter sync when automating plug-in parameters synced to rhythm even at higher latencies. The higher resolution rendering also makes automating filter sweeps audibly smoother and without aliasing artifacts. The decimation interval can be changed via the audio configuration property AutomationDecimationMsec (2-30) in preferences."
  7. Yep. Same here. If punch is set one sample past zero it lines up perfectly. But Punch from zero is late. FWIW this would never affect me. I always start recording at measure two or later. .... Is this a bad place to whine about not having negative measures? ...
  8. Base 57

    about 'tempo track'.

    Go to Preferences-File- Initialization File. In the "Option" box add the following line. TempoImportErrorThreshold In the 'Value" box enter the number 0. Hit Set - OK. That will load old projects without changing the Tempo Map. You should also look at the TempoMapDecimationResolution. This defaults to 1/16th note. This is all discussed in the 2021.04 Feedback Thread. As for tempo mapping fermatas .. Do it however sounds right to you.
  9. The Tempo Map Decimation Resolution. I can't decide whether to put that on the band name list or in the project startup affirmations list.
  10. Working correctly here. I tried every combination I could think of. Amazing work Noel. Thank you.
  11. Regarding the (experimental) Win10DPIAwareness setting. The only problem I have seen so far is in the PC Concrete Limiter. The numerical db display at the top of the meters is screwed up. Everything else I've tried looks good.
  12. I have a saved project named "Manual Offset Test" (of all things). It has one track with a recorded click that is routed out through the board and into another track with record enabled. So all I have to do is load the project and hit the record button. After I have everything lined up I delete the clips from the second track and save the project so it is ready for the next time. Impressed hardly covers it. I am amazed. I would believe Jesse that Noel is an AI-Hybrid but a machine would not care that much.
  13. If you use loop is it still off?
  14. Same here. I still have not calculated the offset on punch alone but it looks like it could be about 1 buffer.
  15. Sample accurate again with regular recording. The offset is different now. It used to be 92. Now it is 67. But the Punch is early. I have not calculated the offset yet. Gotta go attend to the grill
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