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  1. Thank you very much, I have figured it out.
  2. Feedback a small problem. Maybe a little bug, or I don't know how to use... When I press "Remove Automation Lane". But automation still working. Only I can't see that in automation lane, but I can see it in the track. I need to press "Automation Read = Off" or "Delete Node" to shut down automation. I feel "Remove Automation Lane" represent faulty. It just hide, not remove.
  3. I plan to study sound design by my self. Nuendo is too expensive for me to buy. But I don't know did CbB support Wwise, and I can't find any reply about CbB with Wwise. Who can help me answer? Thanks for all.
  4. Have you solve it? I also encountered this problem.
  5. Because I am still a student, the full version is very expensive for me. So I am going to wait until I really need to use it to activate the trial version.
  6. Thank you. And my main learning is arranger, not sound engineer. When I need it, I'll try it our buy new one.
  7. If trial period timeout. Which I should choose to buy? Buy a new one or upgrades?
  8. I download Melodyne from Bandlad for free. But when I use it told me that, I have to activate.
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