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  1. Yeah, listened again "the day after" and you were right, just replaced the mix with a new one with a louder Elton. Added like 6 dB to his track. You were right. Tweaking a 10 minute long mix is compulsory , isn't it? I never upload "MIX1" but with this one I was over exited, and just went online with my first try. Not good. I'll probably keep tweaking the beast when I have time. Love dd
  2. Thanks for listening and for you opinion. You mean the reason might be that I used a HPF or you suggest I should use a HPF on bass and guitar? I did use a slow HPF on the guitar, I recorded close miked and there are like 30 tracks total, i must create some room on the low end. TBS I did not use a filter on the basses, you hear it full range. Ok, Elton was an issue. His voice as all the vocals I've got from SW are very wet on reverb and delay. Really lot of fx on those stems. I did many different tries with volume envelopes to make it as loud as possible without being annoying. When it was too loud you could hear the rev and delay a lot and it was really annoying, he is not really singing, just dropping words so it made no sense to have him upfront like a singer. But I hear you cause I know I hesitated on that point. I will surely re think that passage now that you say you can't understand some words. Off course I did understand, I listened to that track solo and dozens of times mixing it, 3dB up, 3dB down etc..... Thanks a lot cheers dd
  3. Hi After two "confinement months" full of collaboration and working remotely on other people's tracks, this came as an unexpected one: Yesterday and today I worked on my remix of **Steven Wilson**'s latest track **PERSONAL SHOPPER** from his upcoming album THE FUTURE BITES https://soundcloud.com/daniel-diaz/personal-shopper-by-steven-wilson-2020-remix-by-daniel-diaz Fully done on CbB of course I got the masters from SW (18 tracks), the original recording performed by Steven Wilson and his band, Elton John guests on spoken vocals. I used 13 of those tracks and added: 3x bowed upright basses 1x Pizzicato upright bass 1x Electric bass guitar (disco section, Drake Custom) 1x Drums (brushed) and some programming 1x Matrix 12 synth 3x acoustic guitars (Martin J15) 1x solo cello performed by my friend Damien J . Jarry Original track here: [open.spotify.com/album/6YhimvvGtlk2je6ZPwNeHU](https://gate.sc?url=https%3A%2F%2Fopen.spotify.com%2Falbum%2F6YhimvvGtlk2je6ZPwNeHU&token=4307a8-1-1591305719743) My track is as long as the original (followed the structure all the way), so for those with patience and for fans of SW's work, check it out, comments and critics are most welcome. This is an unusual paradigm for me. Cheers dd
  4. @Noel BorthwickNice idea, man everything I do is 100% Cakewalk really, let me post an suggest the last thing I did, instrumental experimental, acoustic tracks and some oft synths: Instruments played: Ronrocos (2) Charango Acoustic Guitar Acoustic and electric drums Electric bass Caxixis Cymbals Rhodes electric piano (Waves E88) Wurlitzer (two different; Waves E200 and Arturia V1) Some Kontakt freebies: Aurorror, DrumCircle Lite and Free Fall Several Waves plugins fro metering and Master bus (see pic), Two oldies as bus/send reverb: Lexicon Hall reverb and the good old Perfect Space... No other FX really. photo by joshua earle
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