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  1. A new project I'm working on has recently stopped recording. midi. I insert a soft synth track and then choose an East West instrument. I play my keyboard and the instrument plays. fine. However, when I try to record the part the midi does not record. I hear the keyboard as I'm playing but the midi information doesn't track on the screen. I do hear it playing, though. Audio records and works as it is supposed to. This problem is only happening on this particular project. The midi records fine if I start a new project. And my old midi projects work fine. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  2. Don't worry fellas, we still have Guitar Center
  3. I few months back I I was having trouble with Opus working in Sonar. I finally have it working. thanks to Michael from E.W. Here is the procedure that helped me. Update for Case 131265 - "Opus" Hey Tom, I'm not seeing we have any other e-mail from you since 2014. However, if the standalone version of Opus will not open, the plugin definitely won't either. Also, I do see you have some old blue iLok 1 keys, but you have nothing on them - Opus and the latest play are both incompatible with those so make sure you unplug those old blue keys if any are plugged in. Then please try the following: Main Application Data Removal 1. Open a file Explorer window and go to C:\Program Data\East West\ Note: Program data is a hidden folder by default so you may need to change your view settings to show hidden items You could delete the entire EastWest folder, or delete everything there but the QL Spaces/EW Spaces II folders (If you delete those as well you’ll just have to reinstall them also) Plugin Removal 2. Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 and remove the VST3 of Opus/Play.vst3 and the Opus.res file 3. Next, for the .AAX plugin, go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins\ And delete the .aax for both and .res file for Opus 4. By default, the Opus and Play vst2.4 files write to C:\Program Files\vstplugins - there (or elsewhere if you don’t have them there, you can search for the play_VST_x64.dll , Opus.dll, and Opus.res files and delete those Empty the trash and then restart your PC. Reinstallation 5. Download the latest versions of the software /reinstall them in this order: Opus: http://software.soundsonline.com/Products/OPUS/Opus_1.0.3_Win.zip Product Installer: http://software.soundsonline.com/Products/ProductSupport/Product_7.2.5_Win.zip Play: http://software.soundsonline.com/Products/PLAY/Play_6.1.9_Win.zip EW Spaces II - http://software.soundsonline.com/Products/Spaces2/2.0.2/SpacesII_2.0.2_Win.zip QL Spaces - http://software.soundsonline.com/Products/QL_Spaces/1.1.26/Spaces_1.1.26_Win.zip Library Reconnect 6. Next, you can reset the locations of your libraries, the easiest/fastest way is to do so through the EW Installation Center: EW Installation Center A. Open the Installation Center and Login with your soundsonline.com account B. Click the Main Menu and choose 'Reconnect Libraries' Note: That should refresh the connection to all the libraries you have installed, but if not, follow the steps below C. Hover over the library you want to add, and a gear should show up on the right-hand side D. Click the Gear and then choose ‘Locate Directory’ E. Find/Select the Instruments folder inside the Main Library Folder, then click ‘Open’ That library should then move itself into either your ‘Updates’ section, which you should then run, or into ’Installed Libraries’ which means it should be ready to use in both Opus and Play. Then let me know if you still have any issues.
  4. Hello Thomas, Cakewalk / Sonar are not officially supported with the use of the latest Opus engine, the Orchestrator, and the Opus Edition libraries, thus we do not recommend using Opus in it, though Play 6 is supported in there. See here for a compatibility chart with sequencers/DAWs as a reference - http://media.soundsonline.com/manuals/EW-Hollywood-Orchestra-Opus-Edition-User-Manual-b.pdf#page=15 Let us know if you have any other questions or need any further assistance! All the best, Thomas P. EW Technical Support
  5. Thanks Steve: East West says they do not support or suggest using OPUS with Cakewalk. I have Presonus studio one so I can use that. Nice to know it's working for you. All the other Play instruments work fine in Cakewalk. I haven't watched any videos on OPUS but they way I attempted to use it with Cakewalk is this: I install OPUS as a soft synth track and once inside OPUS I add the Orchestrator. I assume this is correct. From this point no matter what I do Cakewalk crashes. I have an i7 with 32 gb but no SSD. I assume the lack of SSD would be an issue with loading time but not the cause of the crashing. Thanks.
  6. Anyone using East West Opus and Hollywood Orchestrator with Cakewalk. I install Opus and add Orchestrator and as soon as I explore the possibilities it crashes. I've been using East West libraries and the Play Engine for years with good results. So I think I set it up correctly but maybe not. :)
  7. Changing and Repairing Microsoft visual C++ redistributable Solved the problem
  8. I had Bandlab assistant running fine and updated assistant and Cakewalk recently. (on desktop) Recently, for some reason bandlab assistant no longer works. First, I uninstalled the version from by harddrive; Then I downloaded a new version from band labs website. The reinstall (as administrator) seemed to be working then stalled about a third of the way through. Any help appreciated. I don't use bandlab except to update Cakewalk. Do I need it to update Cakewalk?
  9. I LOVE grapefruit. I haven't been able to eat one since I've been on blood pressure medicine. My choice: a natural growing fruit or a chemical pill from a huge pharmaceutical corporation helbent on profit. Something seems terribly wrong here.
  10. Norm MacDonald Joke: (I think) Yoko Ono wanted to do something special for a friend. Yoko's friend not only survived the Hiroshima atomic bomb but also survived the 9/11 bombing of the twin towers. In addition this woman survived a brutal auto accident and spent 12 months in traction. So, Yoko gave the friend free front row seats to one of Ono's Central Park singing concerts. After the concert the friend said Yoko's concert was the worst experience of her life.
  11. couldn't agree more. decades ago you couldn't get a 5% discount on their stuff. Now they just about have to give it away. (not saying they don't have some very nice plugins)
  12. It's been awhile so hi fellas. I don't recognize all the names but I do remember Bapu, Steve, Craig and Bill. I was in a friend's studio awhile back and he was mixing this album for a singer he has under contract. I thought her voice was fantastic. I was told she tours with Stevie Wonder and is signed with Quincy Jones Productions to perform at his clubs around the world. I recently saw her on a PBS special with David Foster. She is very well known in the business but still just about unknown to the general public. Attached is a video where she's singing at the Obama White House's tribute to Burt Bacharach.
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