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  1. Changing and Repairing Microsoft visual C++ redistributable Solved the problem
  2. I had Bandlab assistant running fine and updated assistant and Cakewalk recently. (on desktop) Recently, for some reason bandlab assistant no longer works. First, I uninstalled the version from by harddrive; Then I downloaded a new version from band labs website. The reinstall (as administrator) seemed to be working then stalled about a third of the way through. Any help appreciated. I don't use bandlab except to update Cakewalk. Do I need it to update Cakewalk?
  3. I LOVE grapefruit. I haven't been able to eat one since I've been on blood pressure medicine. My choice: a natural growing fruit or a chemical pill from a huge pharmaceutical corporation helbent on profit. Something seems terribly wrong here.
  4. Norm MacDonald Joke: (I think) Yoko Ono wanted to do something special for a friend. Yoko's friend not only survived the Hiroshima atomic bomb but also survived the 9/11 bombing of the twin towers. In addition this woman survived a brutal auto accident and spent 12 months in traction. So, Yoko gave the friend free front row seats to one of Ono's Central Park singing concerts. After the concert the friend said Yoko's concert was the worst experience of her life.
  5. couldn't agree more. decades ago you couldn't get a 5% discount on their stuff. Now they just about have to give it away. (not saying they don't have some very nice plugins)
  6. It's been awhile so hi fellas. I don't recognize all the names but I do remember Bapu, Steve, Craig and Bill. I was in a friend's studio awhile back and he was mixing this album for a singer he has under contract. I thought her voice was fantastic. I was told she tours with Stevie Wonder and is signed with Quincy Jones Productions to perform at his clubs around the world. I recently saw her on a PBS special with David Foster. She is very well known in the business but still just about unknown to the general public. Attached is a video where she's singing at the Obama White House's tribute to Burt Bacharach.
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