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  1. Avoid using ThreadSchedulingModel 3, per Noel, because it is experimental and not working properly. Usually, setting it to 2 is best for multi-core processors.
  2. Are you running overclocked? What type of cooling are you using? Are all fans running? You can also adjust your max CPU state, in Advanced Power Plan options, though I always have mine set to 100%. I have a liquid CPU cooler, and a liquid graphics cooler, and my case has 21 fans in total (it is a monster PC with 128 GB of memory and 7 hard drives (2 PCIe M.2 2280 NVME, 1 2TB HDD, and 4 2TB SSD), but do not overclock, and everything runs nice and cool, no matter what I am doing. Bob Bone
  3. I posted the link to the download a few posts above
  4. Also, with Cakewalk NOT running, please download and run Latencymon, for a couple minutes, and please post back here with the results of its monitoring, to make sure something outside of Cakewalk is not causing latency issues. Here is a link to the page where you can download Latencymon for free. Once you download and run it, click on the green arrow (like a Play button) up at the top left of the window, and that will begin the monitoring process. It will tell you if things are OK or not, for handling streaming audio, which is what Cakewalk does. Again, have Cakewalk not running, when you run Latencymon, so that it measures just your system. https://www.resplendence.com/latencymon Thanks, Bob Bone
  5. Can you please list the exact name every effect plugin your project is using? (only the ones in the project, not asking for a list of all the effects plugins installed on your computer). Please also include any ProChannel components that you are using, like Breverb, for instance. I have a feeling one or more of those reverb plugins are convolution reverbs. Thanks, Bob Bone
  6. Please edit the 1st post in your thread, to add "(solved)" to the subject line, so folks can see a solution/workaround fixed the issue. Thanks
  7. AWESOME! Very happy that got you back in business.
  8. No sweat - I myself have seen Bigfoot, many times, only to subsequently remember I have big feet. DOH! hee hee Glad the posts hadn't disappeared.
  9. Maybe your Bandlab Assistant app could use an update? You might also want to check to see if there are option updates available in Windows Update - some updates require the user to explicitly click on Install Updates to get those installed. (this is just a general advice thing - sometimes if Windows Update maintenance is not current, other software starts to behave oddly). About once a week, usually on Tuesdays, I go do a manual Check for Updates in Windows Update, just to make sure any optional updates are found, for me to then tell it to install. My Cakewalk version is 2020.04 (Build 179, 64-bit) You can download the latest Bandlab Assistant manually, at: https://www.bandlab.com/products/cakewalk Bob Bone
  10. And regarding your Line 6 account information - most sites have a Forgot Your User ID? and a Forgot Password? mechanism for sending the user name to the email address connected with the account, and the same goes for the password - hopefully those options will get you access to your Line 6 account, so that you can download any updates. Bob Bone
  11. And, if you look at your posts on Page 1 of this thread, you have a couple there that talked about SSD drives, and some additional detailed responses regarding the suggestions others had made. Bob Bone
  12. Good morning - I am a bit confused, as the post immediately above this one I am quoting, in the 1st paragraph, has you posting about buying an SSD. Isn't that the post content you are talking about being missing? Apologies if I am mistaken. Bob Bone
  13. Yup (to the above response) - the USB connection will pass midi data in both directions, but does not transfer audio from a keyboard, such as the Motif. As noted above, you would need to connect the audio output jacks on the back of the Motif, to your audio interface, and record the audio when you play it, OR if you have captured your playing in a midi track, then bounce the midi data to 'print' the audio, and that will create an audio clip/track from that midi data, using the audio output from the Motif. Bob Bone
  14. Good morning - The Drag/Move operation to relocate a track, above or below other tracks, only directly operates on a single track, HOWEVER, there IS a way to move multiple tracks - that does still include the Drag/Move operation. Steps to follow: 1) Insert a track folder 2) Either click-drag or ctrl-click the tracks you want to group together and move, so that all of them are highlighted (quick-grouped) 3) Right-click on any of the highlighted tracks, and click on Move to Folder - then select the new track folder you had just created in step 1. 4) Now, do the Drag/Move operation, to position the track folder's new location above or below where you want all of these tracks to be relocated. To peform the Drag/Move operation, I position the mouse to the right of the track folder's name, and when the mouse is properly positioned, it will change to a double-arrow, pointing up and down. Then, hold the left-click button on the mouse, and drag up or down, to position the little line you will see appear, until that line is in the position between where you want the track folder to be relocated to, and that will move the track folder, and all the tracks within it, to the new location. As far as your second question goes - I am not aware of any limit on how many tracks can live within a single track folder, and since all the tracks in a given track folder will relocate with the track folder when you move it, I think the above seems to address accomplishing wat you seek. If not, then I think you would have to Drag/Move each track individually. Using the track folder approach, while adding a track folder, is the quickest way of moving multiple tracks that I am aware of, so hopefully that will work for you. Hope that helps Bob Bone
  15. OK - so I guess deleting the registry entry for the Realtek makes sense to try - I only show the single entry for my UR22 in my registry for ASIO.
  16. Understood - but again - the only time I even SEE any other options in the drop-down for Record Latency Adjustment, is if I am using a driver mode other than ASIO. I would think that using a driver mode of ASIO would likely give you the best performance/quality for that audio interface you have. Please go to Preferences > Audio > Playback and Recording, and tell me what Driver Mode is shown there. If it is not showing ASIO there, I suggest you try using ASIO, and then click Apply, and it should change other parameters for you, in support of that Driver Mode. That would include the Timing Master paramters, and the Record Latency Adjustment, as well.
  17. Are you using ASIO driver mode? I don;t even show any other option in that Record Latency Adjustment paramter's drop-down, than my audio interface..., UNLESS I am using like WASAPI Shared
  18. Well, that is pretty weird, I have to agree - I have a Yamaha/Steinberg UR22 hooked up at the moment, as my larger interface is being borrowed by a friend, at the moment, and here is what is there for my system:
  19. And, though you were asking about the console view, for the track view, if you use track folders ( I put all midi tracks into a track folder called MIDI Tracks, and also group audio tracks into track folders, like Strings, or Keyboards, or Backing Vocals, etc..), you can click on the arrow to the right of a track folder's name, to open a drop-down that displays the different track groupings within that track folder, grouped by the type of tracks in that track tolder (audio, midi, synth, hidden). In the screenshot below, I opened that drop-down for the MIDI Tracks folder in a project, and as shown, there are 4 midi tracks in that track folder. If I click on the number 4, below - under MIDI, it toggles those to hide/display. This doesn't help for console view, because it doesn't do track folders, but it is nice in track view, to hide tracks not needed to be displayed at any given time.
  20. You can hit the shortcut key 'H', on your computer keyboard, to toggle the hide/display of the Track Manager, and that opens up a list of the tracks and buses, each with a check box for displaying or hiding specific tracks and/or buses. It groups them in the list, by Audio, Midi, and Buses, and there is a group-level check box, so you could hide or display all audio tracks, for example, with a check on the group-level check box for the audio tracks, etc..... Here is a screen shot of it open, with all tracks and buses displayed (none hidden yet):
  21. I have a thought or two - while program changes can certainly be inserted, in a recording project, I tend to create a separate midi track, and associated audio track(s) for each different preset/sound created by given external keyboard synth. For a soft-synth like Reaktor, I typically insert a new instance of the soft-synth, along with new midi/audio tracks for the new sound created by the additional instance of the soft-synth. For external synths that are multi-timbral, no need for program changes, other than perhaps at the beginning of the song, to have the project send the presets for each midi channel, so that makes sense. For external synths that are not multi-timbral, I just bounce to audio, once the midi data for that track associated with that preset from the external synth is captured and edits are done. That frees up that external synth for me, so that I can create new midi/audio tracks for the next preset from that external synth. I can then apply whatever effects and settings and such, for each of the associated audio tracks, and it is just easier on MY brain to keep things separated/grouped by preset. Anyways, just a thought, and maybe I am not being as crafty as I could be, but I like the separation. :) Bob Bone
  22. To the original poster - likely altering the Properties of Bandlab Assistant, and of Cakewalk, to use the Run As Administrator option, will resolve the issue. Once Cakewalk has been launched successfully one time from Bandlab Assistant, which will authorize it, you never again need to launch Cakewalk from Bandlab Assistant (though you certainly can, it is just not needed once Cakewalk has been authorized, which happens automatically that 1st time it gets launched successfully from Bandlab Assistant), and thereafter, you can just launch Cakewalk from its own launch icon. It is important to note that for this choice of resolving the issues, once you alter the properties to include the Run As Adminstrator option and save the properties with that change (which means not just clicking on the Run As Administrator option, but actually going into either the Advanced properties and checking Run As Administrator there, then on Apply and OK, though if you don't see the option in the Advanced properties, it might also be found by clicking on the Compatibility tab at the top of the Properties dialog box, then down near the bottom you will see a check box for the Run As Administrator option, and you can check it there, then click Apply and OK). Anyways, once the Run As Adminstrator property has been applied and saved to both programs, if Bandlab Assistant is running, or running in the background, you will need to quit it and relaunch it, to pick up the new property changes. Also, there is an alternative method to resolving its insistance on being run as administrator, which would be to create a new Windows User Account for your computer, and create that new user as a Standard user, so that it is NOT an Admin user. Then, if you use that user to log on and run Cakewalk, it should not require it to be run as administrator. Either of the above choices should resolve the issues for you.
  23. I knew BA would need to launch it, for the authorization, once I had seen the error message, and then because the main user for the laptop was the owner, and therefore an admin user, BA also complained about needing to be in admin mode - which matches your prior explanation about that - so I changed the properties of BA to include Run As Aministrator, launched it, opened CbB from the Open button in BA, and all was fine thereafter, confirmed by closing CbB, and relaunching separately outside of BA (I had also altered the properties for CbB to Run As Administrator too, just to keep it simple for my friend, who is not a computer guy). Bob Bone
  24. @scook, FYI - I just yesterday installed CbB on a friend's laptop, and after doing the install from BA, I opened CbB from the desktop icon - first launch - and I got an error message telling me CbB was not authorized, so I did, in fact, need to do its 1st launch from the Open button in BA, for it to decide it was properly authorized. I have installed CbB on 3 or or different computers, for both myself and a couple friends, and I guess that was the first time I hadn't done an initial launch of it from BA right after install, as I had not seen that message before. Thereafter, certainly CbB does not need to be launched from within BA, and as always your other comments are spot on. I will pay attention, next time I do an initial install and launch, of CbB, and confirm or correct my notion that the initial launch seems to be needed to be done from within BA. Bob Bone
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