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  1. As far as I understand the behavior, you can move the selection markers with this "S" thing. To be Honest, I like it. 😏
  2. Here is another Greta track But she's so yesterday. Now we are happy with Extinction Rebellion. So cute . . . .
  3. I'm quite happy that such sophisticated concepts doesn't complicate my simple barbarian life . . . . .
  4. I have hade issues with Quad Cap too. My workaround was to deactivate Quad 1-2 in Windows System. So I can use Quad 1-2 (Monitor out and Headphones) in Daws exclusively, Windows (Browser, Social Media, Groove Music and Video) is using the onboard Realthek Sound. I still use Quad 3-4 (Digital Out, koax) in Windows System too, connected to my normal Hifi Amp (5.1) This works for me but I honestly don't know what causes the problems.
  5. Interesting. I got it freeze with another Video with ctrl pgup / pgdn. The Video (no Fullscreen, small window) was still playing, but cakewalk was frozen. Had to restart my system to get the Audiodrivers back. But No Problem with hitting "W" multiple times. And for whatever reason I couldn't make it happen in Sonar. However, your effort and dedication is simply stunning!!!! Thank you so much for your Work and this wonderful DAW. All the best
  6. Ahh, I had it activated. I see. Thx for clarifying
  7. Interesting. When I hit "W" during playback the transport always repeats from Now Time. Double or triple tap always repeats from Now Time too with a small Delay (playback) of maybe half a second. To start from the beginning of the project when the Now Time is not at the beginning of the project, I have to hit Spacebar to get the transport to the Now time without playback, then hitting "W" to start playback from the beginning of the project. No matter if I have a video file loaded or not - but without a video file loaded I have no noticeable delay when hitting "W" multiple times. Maybe it's how your system handles multiple commands in a short time. Chipsetdriver? Audiodriver? SATA-Driver? Just wildcatting . . . πŸ˜‰
  8. Haha, yeah a lot to learn. A challenge to keep in step with the bakers. No mercy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
  9. Another big production. Thanks a lot fΓΌr your tremendous work. Since Cakewalk is better than ever it's a real pleasure to work with. Yeah, the best things in life are free πŸ˜‹πŸ€—πŸ˜ŽπŸ»
  10. I've had this error message with former updates, usually manual download works fine. I tend to believe it's a Windows thing (Browser i.e.?). Don't know. But it doesn't bother me, the update finally works.
  11. IF you don't run BA at Windows-Startup automatically: Bandlab Assistant Update 5.0.6. is available. And it works (at least on my system ) greez
  12. Interesting. Searching Google (or Bing) for "cakewalk" leads me to cakewalk.com. A Popup appears, one click and I'm at Bandlab.com/products/cakewalk. Without the popup (in repetition) clicking on "learn more" leads to Bandlab.com/products/cakewalk too. There you have some Information (Ads) and finally the Downloadlink to Bandlab Assistant. (Last Version) In search results I also found Links to Computer Magazines with tests of CbB and download-links. CbB usually is highly recommended.
  13. Actually, the Update Message is gone, Version 5.04 is shown again.
  14. Thx for the 2019.07 update and Feature Overview. Great!!
  15. Same here. Exactly the same. The message "A new Version of Bandlab Assistant is available for update" remains.
  16. I can make a video or a live stream on my channel if I want. Nobody forces you to watch it. (Or comment on it for that matter.) Sure, you can do what you want, no doubt about. And I can watch and comment and even think what I want. Nobody forces me to sing halleluja. Why do you care so much? If you don't get the point, then why are you here? I don't really care about you, sorry. I was just wondering. The Vids on your channel, the threads in this forum, much noise and emotions out of control. Interesting. But it's not my cup of tea, so go ahead, have a good time, enjoy life and don't waste your time. Cheers 🍻😎
  17. FYI, I saw the Video first on YT, because I follow Chernobyl. My first thought was, he should work his problems out with the cake staff. Next I saw the first live stream on YT and I realized it's about a discussion here in the forum. Ok. (I spent more time on YT lastly as in forums) You've got a nice sense of irony, but in fact I didn't call free speech into question - I just asked for intention (if you've been paying attention, I mentioned the responsive Cakewalk support for help instead of the appearance (at YT)) And yes, I understood, that the video was posted by third party here in the forum, and I was surprised at the long live streams on YT (total time 1 hour 49 min) (!!!) cause of the discussion here in the forum. It appears to me as An extraordinary effort. A bit dramatic to my taste. That's just my point of view (you know, free speech and so on . . . ) jm2c
  18. Viewing the number of clicks, I would call it all but going "viral". Since the Cakewalk staff is remarkably responsive, friendly and helpful I don't see the necessity for this dramatic appearance. I would think it's Kind of clickbait, but the channel is to small for monetarizing, so, I must say , I don't get the point. What's the intention for these Videos and streams? Just a dramatic wake-up call?
  19. Following the link, I see 100,-€ (reduced from 149,-€)
  20. In Preferences Midi - Playback and recording uncheck "Always echo current Midi Track" under Playback. Be sure to turn on/off Echo in the tracks too. That does it for me. HTH Cheers 😊
  21. I like Instruments like Cyclone to use and organize One Shots for Percussion and Electronic Drum Sounds. Compared to Groove Agent (Steinberg) or Impact XT (Presonus) Cyclone is hopelessly aged and out of date. So I think it would be nice to have a suitable Update to catch up with contemporary developments. Maybe as VSTi. Cheers 😎
  22. The Patch is for all Versions of Melodyne, including Melodyne Essential that came with SPLAT. You'll get a "personal" Update File, according to your installation. I did it (Yes, I'm still on Essential) and it works. HTH Cheers 😊
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