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  1. Thanks, treesha, and I agree... about the porches.
  2. Thanks, Kevin. I found a discussion on another forum about this and most said that despite hearing loss, it didn't seem to affect their mixes. A few said they'd had others with confirmed good hearing listen only to find that the mixes were fine. I suppose the thing to do is carry on and play it by ear.
  3. When mixing, how can I compensate for the fact that I'm partially deaf in one ear? From hearing tests, I know the approximate range and more or less how deaf I am in db. Is there a way to turn this information into some kind of filter so that—using headphones—I can still get decent results? Or am I just at that point in life where I should forget about recording and just content myself with playing on the porch?
  4. In the attached image, I've circled some doo-hickies. I thought they were called 'track icons,' but since track icons can be changed, I'm assuming those are the larger images below these doo-hickies. BUT... What I really want to know is: what do these particular ones mean? Is there a reference somewhere that conveys this information? I've looked through the reference manual, but since I don't know what to call them, I'm not sure where to look. Background: I've been away from Cakewalk for far too long and now I'm trying to revive some of my old projects so I can get used to things again. Trouble is, I'm using a different computer than I had last time (five years ago??) and on the old computer, I was using Sonar X3, X2, X1, Plat, etc. so a lot of the soft synth stuff is silent during playback. I've been madly installing plugins, but even after they're installed (particularly: Garritan Personal Orchestra 1, EZDrummer 1) I'm having (I think) routing issues. I'm trying to understand what the icons mean so I can get to the bottom of it. The image: the top two tracks are from a new project I set up to see how things are done automatically when adding a soft synth the bottom two tracks are from one of the old projects where the soft synths don't work Any help will be muchly appreciated.
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