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  1. Well, I'm a bit disappointed. When I saw the word "visualize," I thought I'd be able to just close my eyes and picture what I wanted and Cakewalk would pick up on it. 😔 Maybe in the 2023.01 upgrade.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Cactus (if I may call you by your first name ). I fired things up this morning and suddenly everything's working again. Go figure. It may have something to do with the list being different. This morning, my list looks just like yours. Perhaps it's a glitch in how my Focusrite Scarlett was initialized by Windows... or the hardware is getting tired... or I've got a bad USB cable... Don't know. As for the lower version number... for whatever reason, younger developers have adopted a system of version numbering that doesn't follow the decimal system. Perhaps they figure that since there is almost always more than one dot separator (1.2.34 for example) that justifies it. I find it confusing, but whatever. The way they intend those numbers to be read: 4 (at the beginning) is the major release number 102 (up from 65, although I think that should be '065' myself) is the minor release number 4 (at the end) is the build number for the release. It's all very cockeyed, but it works for them, so I guess we'll just have to play along. 🥴 Oh. And my driver version is: (I have no idea what the '735' means at the end... It was compiled 735 times before all the compiler errors disappeared? Ask a millennial. ) I've been working and playing with computers since 1985 and there's never been a time when they've been 100% predictable. A friend told me years ago: When in doubt, reboot. It's still the solution that works most often.
  3. A week or so ago, I installed Cakewalk on a new laptop and moved all my projects over. Tested Cakewalk and everything was working fine. Today I fire up Cakewalk, plug my bass into my Focusrite 6i6 (gen 1), arm a track, and... nothing's getting to the master bus. But all connections seem right. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm a long-time Cakewalk/Sonar user, but this has me stumped. I'm sure it's some little thing I did and then forgot, some setting or switch I hit by accident, but now have no memory of doing. Any suggestions?
  4. I'm not sure. I did download a couple light themes, but I don't remember their names.
  5. The preview in Preferences > Customization > Themes doesn't match what the theme actually does to the UI (Please see screenshot). I'm trying to find a theme with more contrast between the Control panel buttons and their text/icon labels. Any suggestions?
  6. Thanks, treesha, and I agree... about the porches.
  7. Thanks, Kevin. I found a discussion on another forum about this and most said that despite hearing loss, it didn't seem to affect their mixes. A few said they'd had others with confirmed good hearing listen only to find that the mixes were fine. I suppose the thing to do is carry on and play it by ear.
  8. When mixing, how can I compensate for the fact that I'm partially deaf in one ear? From hearing tests, I know the approximate range and more or less how deaf I am in db. Is there a way to turn this information into some kind of filter so that—using headphones—I can still get decent results? Or am I just at that point in life where I should forget about recording and just content myself with playing on the porch?
  9. In the attached image, I've circled some doo-hickies. I thought they were called 'track icons,' but since track icons can be changed, I'm assuming those are the larger images below these doo-hickies. BUT... What I really want to know is: what do these particular ones mean? Is there a reference somewhere that conveys this information? I've looked through the reference manual, but since I don't know what to call them, I'm not sure where to look. Background: I've been away from Cakewalk for far too long and now I'm trying to revive some of my old projects so I can get used to things again. Trouble is, I'm using a different computer than I had last time (five years ago??) and on the old computer, I was using Sonar X3, X2, X1, Plat, etc. so a lot of the soft synth stuff is silent during playback. I've been madly installing plugins, but even after they're installed (particularly: Garritan Personal Orchestra 1, EZDrummer 1) I'm having (I think) routing issues. I'm trying to understand what the icons mean so I can get to the bottom of it. The image: the top two tracks are from a new project I set up to see how things are done automatically when adding a soft synth the bottom two tracks are from one of the old projects where the soft synths don't work Any help will be muchly appreciated.
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