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  1. I know. I did and it's working fine. Thanks. 🙂 John B
  2. Thanks. I'll check it out when I get a chance. 🙂 John B
  3. Can somebody tell me if the Blue Slate theme will be made compliant to 2021.12 anytime soon. Thanks 🙂 John B
  4. Again, I thank you all for your feedback on my issue and your experiences. Yesterday I got a mailing with forms to fill out for when I go to the ENT next month. I will be seeing 2 doctors. The first is an audiologist and the second I'm not sure about. He will probably go a bit deeper into the situation. I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the possibility that this will be permanent. I think I can handle "tuning out" the modulation by ignoring it so long as it doesn't get worse. 🙂 John B
  5. My doc did a thorough cleaning of both my ears about a month ago, so I doubt it's wax buildup already but thanks for the suggestion. 😀JB
  6. Covid vaccine back last summer-Moderna. I'm scheduled for my booster in January.
  7. Guys-I thank you all for your feedback. I should clarify that the appointment I have for next month is indeed with an ENT clinic. My GP used the term "audiologist" but where she referred me to has several specialists there in different areas of concern for the ears, nose and throat including a few audiologists. I'm sure somebody there will be able address my needs. Shane, I found your post especially interesting. Did you have surgery? I'm afraid at the thought of surgery on my inner ear. My sense of hearing is so important to me. I'd rather be blind than deaf because I love music so much and nothing has brought me more joy in my life. I'd rather face open heart surgery than risk losing my hearing. Back at Thanksgiving I came down with a condition called Bell' s Palsy where one morning I woke up to find I suddenly lost control of the left half of my face. I was dribbling when I brushed my teeth and couldn't fully close my left eye. My doc sent me to emergency to rule out a stroke, but it just affected my face. It has since gotten much better and while that was going on I didn't take any notice to the hearing issue, but I can't help but wonder the "left side" factor in both. Also, last week I changed diabetic medication. My doc knows that and she never mentioned it, so that probably doesn't factor in. 😀 JB
  8. I don't know whether I'm actually starting to suffer hearing loss or my brain is just not processing certain frequencies correctly. I'll explain my situation and see if anybody here can relate. I'm 66 years old. Last Sunday I was driving over to my local gym for a workout. About half way there I started to hear a rubbing sound predominantly on the left side (which is the driver's side for USA drivers). My first thought was maybe my brakes were starting to go, so as I have an appointment with my mechanic for a state inspection next week, I thought I would just ask him about it. But then, when I got to the gym, as I was setting up a piece of equipment to work out on, I started hearing the same modulating, rubbing noise my car was making from an air handling unit about 15 feet above my head. I had my Bluetooth headphones on at the time but wasn't listening to anything yet. After working out I went home and took notice that my refrigerator was making the same type of noise, as was running water in the bathroom & kitchen. The other night, my wife was watching a football game on the living room TV. The normal crowd noise produced (to my ears) the same modulating rubbing type sound. To my ears, everything around me is making the same high frequency modulating type of rubbing sound. Best way to describe it is like two pieces of metal rubbing together. When I listen to music, sustained tones like sustained piano chords modulate in the same rhythmical pattern to the point where they sound distorted (like if you'd play a piano through a wah-wah pedal). But the funny thing is, it doesn't sound like I'm going deaf of there's any blockage in that ear. It is normal sound at normal volumes, but with the added modulating rubbing sound over top I only started taking notice to this last weekend. I called my doctor and she referred my to an audiologist, which I made an appointment with on January 17. I originally suspected tinnitus but that gets worse when everything is quiet. My situation I only hear when something is producing sound and I know that that many things cannot be "broken" at the same time. I'm hearing it now coming from my little desk fan. It's predominantly on my left side. I'm wondering if anybody else here has experienced this or anything similar. It's particularly disturbing to me because it's hampering my enjoyment of music because it all sounds distorted & weird now. Also, every mechanical thing to me sounds broken, but it's not. Is it in my ear or in my head? 🙂John B
  9. Since I downloaded and installed the latest update (2021-9) I'm starting to see an error message I haven't seen since I've been using Cakewalk by Bandlab (3.5 years). If I convert a MIDI file to an audio (WAV) file and open it up in a new project I sometimes (not always) get "A corrupt audio region was detected and padded with silence" when I launch the project with the converted MIDI to audio file. But the funny thing is, the audio file doesn't seem corrupted! It plays fine, but I get the error message every time I open the project. This used to happen quite frequently in Sonar X3 but this is the first I've seen it since CbB and it also didn't happen before the last update when the Export feature was changed. Perhaps I'm not using something in the new Export feature correctly? I'm using all default settings except I'm transferring to a folder other than the default. Maybe a bug that needs fixin'? Thanks 😀John B
  10. It's been a long time since I heard this classic. Brings back some great memories. Dr Hook & The Medicine Show was pure genius. You did it justice. 🙂John B
  11. Johnbee58

    El Godin

    I enjoy this very much. Sweet sounding acoustic work well recorded. The squeaks are always welcome with me. That's the way an acoustic guitar is supposed to sound. You recorded this during a hurricane?! Talk about dedication! 😉 😀John B.
  12. Has a nice 60s vibe to it. I especially like your vocal & bass work. 🙂John B
  13. This is very nice. Sweet arrangement. So true. Doesn't remind me of doomsday at all. It reminds me of all the sweetness and love that there should be in the world. 😀John B
  14. @jack c.Thanks for listening, Jack! 😀John B.
  15. @AndyB01 Thanks, so much, Andy! 😃 John B
  16. Thanks @noynekker. And thanks also for pointing that out. It most certainly is not a pop song. I have to change that designation in SC. 😃John B
  17. This song starts with the question, "Why do I do this? What's the point?" There are other easier hobbies I could explore that wouldn't be quite so nerve-racking but when I reach the end of the long process it suddenly becomes worth it. The last part of the song, I guess, reveals the reason. Featuring Toontrack EZ Keys & EZ Drummer 2, UVI Orchestral Suite, Trilian Bass Module, NI Session Strings Pro 2. https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14308700 Hope you enjoy. 🙂 John B
  18. Interesting chord weaving. Lovely. The timing sounds a bit loose, but I think you're doing that intentionally. It works. 🙂 John B
  19. Johnbee58


    Nice atmosphere created between piano, strings and voice. Meditative. 🙂 John B
  20. Welcome. I didn't hear it before you edited it, but it sounds pretty good to my ears now. Maybe just roll off a tad more hi on the lead. 🙂John B
  21. Johnbee58


    Pleasant pop tune. Nice guitar & vocal harmony. 🙂 John B
  22. Johnbee58

    Rio Al Mar

    Lovely. Very smooth and relaxing. Great playing! 🙂 John B
  23. Johnbee58

    Walk A Mile

    Very mesmerizing and pleasantly relaxing. Your voice is very pretty and adds so much to the atmosphere. 😀John B
  24. The biggest reason why I never do covers. 😁 John B
  25. Referring back to this thread I posted a week or two ago: I did as advised and ran a repair install from Waves Central. It was fine for a few days, but it showed up again the other day. Again, this doesn't happen real often and if I close the project and reload it the problem seems to go away. Anything else I can try before contacting Waves? Next time it happens I'm going to take a screen capture of the 3 errors so you can see them. Thanks; 🙂John B
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