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  1. Good day, peeps. Tomorrow is Norway's Constitution Day, so I've started the celebration early with a long overdue Beer O'Clock 😎🍺 Cheers!! Tomorrow will be spent doing as little as possible, plus continuing Beer O'Clock from the get-go 🍺
  2. Greetings, folks. I've been quite absent to due to life in general, and health issues with/for both my wife and me. Will try to get back to usual nonsense ASAP. Mike has been used, but still feels lonely πŸ˜’ NagBap takes care of it most of the time, though 😎 Just a post to let you know I'm still breathing both in and out.
  3. Thanks, for listening, and the positive feedback, Paul😎 The music we make makes us 😎 All the best.
  4. I always miss by at least that much, no matter what I'm trying to achieve...
  5. Thanks for listening, and the positive feedback 😎 All the best.
  6. Hi. I know this might not be a fair comparison, but there's a world of difference between my RME Ucx, and my Focusrite Solo when it comes to performance/stability/latency/drivers. I have no specific problems with my Solo, but the Ucx is in a completely different league in that sense. Worth every penny extra, IMO. Perhaps a 2nd hand RME, if in reach? Best of luck, and all the best.
  7. Zargg

    Computer Music

    I think we took the same deal 😎 I still have a few issues to come for those $. All the best.
  8. Thanks for listening, and the positive feedback, Bob 😎 Sorry for the late reply. I take the SOAD reference in a positive manner πŸ˜‰ Both Ed and James did a great job on this one (as well) 🀘 All the best.
  9. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for listening, and positive feedback Ed 😎 All the best.
  10. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks, John 😎
  11. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for listening, and positive and creative feedback. I see your point, but don't think I'll do it on this song ( but I like the idea, and will try to implement it in one of my songs😎). All the best.
  12. It was actually a newly taken picture but taken at a familiar location 😎 Too lazy to go anywhere else πŸ‘Œ
  13. Yes, and yes. We didn't think much about the date, just when it was available. We got married in the Norwegian embassy in Haag, Holland. And thanks 😎
  14. Greetings, peeps. The missus and I are in Sweden at her parents' place, celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary (yesterday). There was lots of beer, becan, and snaps 😎 Leaving for home in a few hours.
  15. Hi. Little Alterboy is a favorite for doing creative stuff, along with Brauer Motion from Waves and Noveltech Character (PA). I also find delays fun to work with, in parallel/sends and automation. All the best.
  16. 😁 It common around here to write more or less phonetically when not bothered otherwise 😎
  17. Play more with some of the older tracks, then 😁
  18. Lyrics are now up at Soundcloud.
  19. Thanks for the positive feedback, Bjorn. Bapu taught me where my vocals were supposed to be volume vise, but I might have exaggerated it πŸ˜‰ But metal vocals are loud 😎 I'll upload the lyrics to Soundcloud, and perhaps here as well. All the best
  20. Thanks, Øyvind 😎 If it's a good touch, I'll take it πŸ˜‰ Takker for positiv tilbakemelding. Blir ofte smΓ₯ variasjoner nΓ₯r jeg synger harmoni vokalen pΓ₯ versene.
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