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  1. Grem

    2019.07 Feedback

    This was a great explanation Morten. Having never used Lens before, this has me thinking I may want to investigate them a little further.
  2. Grem

    Still using SONAR?

    I used Sonar because it had, and let me stress this part, HAD the best comping workflow of any DAW out there. When Sonar went under I looked for something with a similar comp workflow. Nothing came close. So when BandLab took over Sonar and turned it into CbB, I came back with open arms for the sole reason of the comp workflow. Even though it did have it's 'quirks', and I sometimes had to use work-arounds, it was still the best out there. With the recent update, CbB has surpassed what Sonar could do comp wise. There isn't even any competition between what CbB comping can do and what Sonar comping is. And here is the most important fact, Sonar's comping will never change!! : ) I work with the PRV all the time. I use to try and use more than one PRV at the same time editing different instruments and drums. However, now I only use one PRV, with all my MIDI trks on that PRV. CbB has this part really nice. I can choose what MIDI events from different trks I want to work on or see. With just a click or two. I won't go back I can tell you that much. I can easily see how the drums and bass fit together in one view, click or two and I am working on the synths. I still have two monitors, but I barely use the second screen anymore. I just don't see why anyone would use Sonar anymore. Looking at what I have now and what I am able to do, I just can't make any sense of it.
  3. Grem

    PA Flash Sale and another $25 Voucher

    That's a nice little preamp.
  4. Grem

    PA Flash Sale and another $25 Voucher

    Mine is $50. And there still is nothing 'new' that would make me want to pay $79 for!! I just went and looked at the site, and the bx_SSL plugs are $349!! I don't remember them being that high. I thought that they were $249 regular and could get them on sale for $129 (before voucher) or something close to that. Man they went off the deep end. If I never owned any of their plugins, the $24 a month might be attractive. But to never own nothing? Just doesn't appeal to me at all. Yep they went off the deep end.
  5. Grem

    PA Flash Sale and another $25 Voucher

    The Lindell stuff is worth the price of $29 for sure. Really like the Chanel X. And to use the new $25 voucher they sent I think you have to spend over $99, correct? Lame.
  6. Grem

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    Good score. The Axe I mean!
  7. Grem

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    Well I looked at the stuff Ic an get, and there isn't but five I can get, because I don't have those. The Tape Machine (all 4), and the DimeBag Collection. Unless they throw something else in the pot that I ain't got, I'm done. And I'm still a happy camper!!
  8. Grem

    Plugin Alliance - ADA Flanger

  9. Grem

    Plugin Alliance - ADA Flanger

    I remember back in the day when this came out Rockworld Music store wanted about $149 for it. And back then I said I wasn't going to spend that much money for a pedal. I ended up getting the Phase 90 from mxr. And use that for years. I think it was the mid 80's before I broke down and bought a Ibanez flanged. So Yaksman, I am in 100% agreement with you on they have lost thier mind. If you need a good flange sound, go to IK and buy Aplitue and get the Fulltone add-on and try the TERC. You get that woshing sound, plus a better chorus. Plus a few more goodies for around the same money as the PA plugin. Subscription ain't looking good.
  10. Grem

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    That's why I haven't cashed in yet. Waiting to pounce!!
  11. Grem

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

    Yep!! That's the story all of us here deals with.
  12. Grem

    IK Pick and Mix Group Buy

  13. Grem

    Waves Classic Compressors Bundle

    Update the UI of some of Waves plugins is way over due. But I'll keep using C1 just like it is. Only thing I can take a guess at is may be to do with the WaveShell that they use. Might be too much work for too little return.
  14. Grem

    Waves Classic Compressors Bundle

    I thought the same exact thing.