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  1. I have seen SOTL but it's been a while. While I remember the plot of the movie, the only thing I really remember was he was always saying "Clarice". And I really like Jay and Silent Bob stuff. So now you got me going look this up!!
  2. I never heard of this type of audio processing. Have to wonder if any artifacts will be a problem? Sure that a fiber connection would eliminate any lag, but the processing of the audio...... I have to wonder.
  3. I really don't think @synthmeistermeant anything bad Chris, but I did get a good chuckle out of your response!! And no I wouldn't even try and get that item. If you do get something, as you said it would be fake.
  4. @Simeon Amburgey my build is going slowly too! Wanting to be sure so I am taking my time, and as I try to take my time and do a good job, life happens! This is the longest build I have ever done!!
  5. Grem

    slate VMS $499

    What happened to the sub plan?
  6. I went and grabbed this. < $3 a plugin? Not a bad deal. Haven't picked anything out yet!!
  7. @Scott Mire Welcome to the forum! Thanks for taking the time to answer questions and give us additional info about the company and who works there. Really good to know. I have Revalver and was a user of it when AC had it before PV. I will make a pass to the new website and keep an eye out for what ya'll come up with. Looking forward to the new stuff.
  8. Grem

    Melda BF Sale

    Yes, I did get the full version. Got it on sale too!!
  9. Grem

    Melda BF Sale

    Well I almost missed this one. Glad I was able to get in on this. I was able to get the Mixing Bundle for $115, that includes tax. Picked up 16 extra plugins!! Been looking at this bundle for a while. So now I got the Creative Bundle and the Mixing Bundle. But my Turbo Reverb license is still separate from the Creative Bundle. Wonder why?
  10. Grem

    Melda BF Sale

    Agreed. The two worst offenders and I love both of their plugins!!
  11. Grem

    PA Days 5 + 6

    I don't know if I could remember 90%, but surely 80% is doable for me!! And it's because of the Browser!
  12. Grem

    PA Days 7 + 8

    That SPL PassEQ is actually pretty good!! Good deal at that price.
  13. Good review Larry. And he is correct, and something I failed to mention when I posted what Jamstix could do. Jamstix has lots and lots of preset styles that you can use to make basic songs complete. You can save these songs and use them how ever you like. Change tempo, different song. Change drummer, different sound/feel. What can be do e with this program really is nice. I have imported Groove Monkee midi grooves into Jamstix and built a style from that. Then I use that in different songs. It really is much more than just a drum sampler.
  14. But does he have Komplete Control over that Massive Machine hair!
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