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  1. Thanks msmcleod I would of been in the same boat of not finding it.
  2. Amazing how MIDI standard has been relevant at version 1 for all these years. The founding MIDI specs were that good. Nice to see them preparing for the future.
  3. now if I can get my staff View and matrix updated...........πŸ™‚
  4. I like this idea. They could feed it live into CbB with ProChannels and of course Aux Tracks showing all the special effects you can do
  5. Your voice is really good. I agree with the comments that you should do Demo work.
  6. You're right but I can still see inside. They didn't board up the windows very well.
  7. Now I don't picture Meng as the type of person that has to be in the limelight like certain leaders of certain countries. LOL JK,🀣
  8. Have a good time Ed and tell Bandlab thanks for keeping Cakewalk alive
  9. stay warm by the fireplace and I hope you don't lose power
  10. now don't you keep any details from us πŸ˜‰
  11. Wichita KS is nice. My wife's cousin lives there and we went to attend his wedding.
  12. Is Dorothy in Kansas in a time warp. If so can I go see her. I will even follow the yellow brick road.
  13. If you find the solution please post here what the culprit was.
  14. Meng pops out of a cake holding a miniature Hovercraft.
  15. I think we will see some of this demonstrated at NAMM 2019. I really see this being useful in an educational setting with each student(s) responsible for sections/parts of a song or band arrangement.
  16. Will Meng arrive in a Hovercraft.
  17. Craig once a writer always a writer. You couldn't stop writing articles if you tried πŸ˜€
  18. Yes I am. I saw an opening and went with it. I really do hope Staff view gets some attention or outside help (Overture implementation). I can dream
  19. That must mean Notation improvement is on the way. okay I better duck and hide.................................πŸ™„
  20. Thanks. I will watch it when I get home tonight.
  21. So,did the lights get turned off??????
  22. I know the Tracktion DAW folks have been heavily involved with it. Don't know if Waveform 10 coming out shortly will have anything with MIDI 2.0
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