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  1. Well down here we are just having a little fun with each other.🙄
  2. I didn't know this forum was like Tinder....................... jk I'm just surprised that MIDI hasn't evolved sooner is all I'm really saying here.
  3. I'm happy Cakewalk Sonar Platinum lives on with its new name CbB. I stopped worry about how it will be funded. Facebook, Google make a mint based on ad revenue. Meng seems like he has a vision for CbB and I will sit back and see where the ride goes.
  4. If I wear socks with sandals I will become my father just like the Progressive commercial🤣
  5. Hey watch that old man thing. I'm approaching that status😲😀 hmmm maybe I can pull it off with plaid socks 😀
  6. Rain I have to agree with you about Voyager. I didn't even realize that Tom Paris was the only White male character on the bridge.
  7. Its funny they have mini HDMI, Micro USB, with adapters. You would think by now they would of had some MIDI adapters to make a smaller unit for the masses.
  8. More information needed for help to be given. We know you are upset as I get when software gets funky but you need to list your specs for forum members to offer suggestions.
  9. If you go on Tuesdays don't you get a baker's dozen automatically?
  10. quick call Shield we have an inhuman😀 whoops I believe this belongs in the coffeehouse
  11. Wait it was you???? an older girl enticed me to do it. I've been duped 😥
  12. Wait you have 5 thumbs Glad Cakewalk name is back out in the limelight.
  13. InstrEd

    @ NAMM now

    Hopefully CbB does get some arranger feature in the future along with a Matrix update too. Did you enjoy the show overall.
  14. InstrEd

    @ NAMM now

    I would love to check out the new Dexibell pianos being into keyboards myself
  15. InstrEd

    @ NAMM now

    Now you owe Noel a bass session😎 Seriously Ed any information from the Bandlab camp that you can share with us folks that can't make it out to NAMM
  16. I was hoping to hear about the instruments, Rapture Pro etc that Bandlab acquire from Gibson. Hey Chamlin how was the show otherwise.
  17. Ummm........ With salt, With salt and butter, or would you like it just boring plain Oh and what about the drink??????? Thanks for the link by the way. I'll have a look tonight.
  18. I took a break and it seems at my older age I tend to forget the littlest of things. Better then the alternative of not being here.
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