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  1. phew I don't know what to say as I play keys and according to old spice I'm not cool enough for them 😎 hmm......... I guess I did have something to say😀 knock knock. Sorry got to go its posh spice🙃
  2. mainly it is the darn wind chill that is brutal
  3. Just because they are a day older LOL 😁
  4. Are you sure. The really far one looks like the door is closing with no more DAW's to choose.......................................... Samplitude I'm glad I got in the deal because I got Spectral Layers and that has come in handy for me.
  5. Sometimes it helps to see a video of how something is done.
  6. I missed the first one Jan 29th. Hope they offer it again so I can partake in the Bacon Hour 🥓
  7. Now I'm hungry. I wonder if McDonald's happy hour with free bacon will look this good
  8. Tracktion I found very interesting to use. Very quick and easy to experiment with. Glad I have it in my tool-kit.
  9. i think it is worth it for the creative potential but I think you have to get it on the sale price to make it worth it. Al least for me anyway.
  10. On that note folks, what image hosting site would you recommend for me to use for hosting images to show here. I never did that before. Is Imgur the one most use here. Yes I am behind with the times
  11. Woke up to -23 degrees this morning. Right now at 12:30pm it is up to -5. Hey tomorrow it is to be a heat wave with a high temperature of 21°
  12. We got a Maltipoo last year. We were looking for a shelter dog that was hyper-allergenic. After looking for a year finally gave up and went to a local breeder. She is so part of the family now. She plays each of us differently. My wife, she wants her to hold her and sit across her lap. Me she wants to play tug-a-war and my daughters it is fetch. Of course she wants to lay on the floor with my one daughter while she is doing her homework. My daughter named her Maddie. I would leave up your avatar of Ginger.
  13. Funny we all complain but most of the DAW's we could all live with. They all are pretty advantaged. It is just the fine tuning for most of us.
  14. yep I stayed home today as my wife who works outpatient services. They actually closed her office for the first time in 20+ years of her working there.
  15. I found that each DAW has merit that I crossgraded to. I got Samplitude X3 suite. Presonus Studio One 3 and 4, Tracktion Waveform to mention a few. Studio One I didn't mesh with at first but made an effort to watch the videos and started to click. Samplitude I really like and the staff view works the way I need it to for my needs Not a diss at Cakewalk my the way. I never abandoned Cakewalk but I didn't want to be left out in the dust if Windows upgrade broke my Cakewalk Platinum. So now I am happy Cakewalk is alive and it will be my primary DAW but Samplitude and Studio One and Tracktion I have used for different reasons. I won't upgrade each DAW at every major upgrade. Samplitude X4 I will wait till the upgrade price is a better deal. I don't use most of the stuff as it is. Tracktion Waveform is nice as a scratchpad and I will upgrade to version 10 when on sale. As several users on the forum that I respect have said. Each DAW has strength and weaknesses. Learn one deeply and another two to get by and you will be golden. my 2¢ worth................Don't spend it all in one place
  16. Looks like you guys had a great time. Just a question......... Where's the beer?
  17. I'm glad it was a good show for Cakewalk and Bandlab. I'm just hoping they do something with Rapture Pro and Z3ta2 and don't let them fade away.
  18. I remember the days of being able to get t-shirts from software companies. I still have some Corel t-shirts around someplace
  19. Me Threeeeeeeeeeeee Nice picture of Noel by the Cakewalk Booth
  20. I think they need to spend a little more money and get a monitor a little bigger
  21. I wonder if Gene Roddenberry knew how much of an impact he has made on a few generations of us Trek Fans.
  22. Nope it will forever be in your head
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