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  1. I like the idea too but as Scott said make it possible to disable please.
  2. The SOS part is right as I can use all the help I can get making music 😆
  3. I to afraid to look up the price!
  4. I thought you were the Founding Member 😆
  5. But I knew you were waiting for me 😉
  6. Hans is one of who loves to break the boundaries of music production.
  7. Not really as we eat the Gluten Free Oreos now
  8. InstrEd

    "Space Farmer"

    I think this song should be used in "Stranger Things"
  9. InstrEd

    NI Summer of Sound

    With today's prices I'm willing to try anything!
  10. That is what they all say when they get busted at the massage parlor. Officer if couldn't of been me as I don't go there 🤣
  11. RIP Dave. So instead of Bagpipes at his funeral will there be > > > > > > > Phophets
  12. Wow! I didn't realize folks were still reading. I thought all information was gathered by Tik-Tok Learn some dance moves while taking in the latest news Gossip
  13. This I can agree on. My wife does 1,000 piece puzzles and I'm lucky to find 10 pieces to help her. 😆
  14. Sorry your little trip didn't go as planned.
  15. No, I'm not going to say which one 😆
  16. Lol the stupid song came to my head now and I can't get it out. Thanks Kenny 😝
  17. Well if she was wearing a mini-skirt instead would you of noticed the puzzle pieces?
  18. i see you are still recovering from Covid
  19. Did you need to talk about it. I think there is an open slot on the Doctor's Couch at 2:30pm
  20. "Rare Wind" Sounds I made yesterday after dinner 😆
  21. I just don't get the $$$$ of cut-up jeans. Really I got a nice sharp blade and I can do it for free
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