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  1. Thanks very much for listening and for the feedback! 🙂
  2. Thanks for listening and for the feendback! Yes, Got a lot of good feedback on the mix which I took note of. I will try to utilize those tips in any future recordings.
  3. Nice composition and the mix sounds great! Nice harmonies. Enjoyed the song. Good job!
  4. Ed D

    Uganda - video

    Wow! Great photography and great accompanying music! That's an amazing variety of wildlife there. One animal kind of reminded me of a Moose! Very cool.
  5. Hey, pretty darn good singing by the grandson! A future star!
  6. Cool tune! Nice guitar playing and singing! The harmonica playing added an interesting variation in the song. It's blues with your own unique twist on it! Nice!
  7. Really nice job! Very creative sounds and really like the singing as well! Mix sounds good to me too!
  8. Nice rock sound and good playing by all and good singing! Cool guitar solo! Mix sounds good to me.
  9. Nice singing and interesting song. Mix sounds great!
  10. Ed D


    Great singing and very cool song! Mix sounds great. Nice!
  11. Ed D

    Ordinary Day

    Very nice song and great singing! Mix sounds good to me. Nice job!
  12. Cool funky beat and really liked the horns. Nice job!
  13. Thanks for the feedback Tom! Yes, adjusting the guitar level down during the vocals would likely have helped bring the vocals out more. Really though, I should have been closer to the mic when recording the vocals and that should have made the vocals more clear. My brother on the drums was just wearing the hat as a joke, and he actually hadn't played those digital drums much at all before this recording, so he just was learning how to play those digital drums a few weeks before he recorded that track. I think he did quite well on the drums considering he was just learning how to play them for a few weeks. 🙂
  14. Thanks very much for the feedback on the mix! Those are very good tips. Much appreciated. 🙂
  15. Thanks very much for listening! Thanks very much!
  16. Ed D

    Lonely Walk

    Nice relaxing piece and mice drum buildup at the end.
  17. Nice playing and singing! Cool video as well.
  18. Nice job! Lots of energy and good singing! Yes, the lead vocals level could maybe be backed off a bit. Maybe a bit loud. Nice harmonies as well.
  19. Nice! Lots of interesting things going on in there. Sounds good.
  20. Ed D

    Edilades, pop

    Sounds really good! Nice clear mix.
  21. Thanks for the feedback! 😊 What software do you use?
  22. Ed D

    Private Eddie Unwinds

    Interesting sound The style reminds me of some early 60's music. Nice job!
  23. Pretty wild. I thought it was an interesting piece of music overall!
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