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  1. AndyB01


    Great chops all round - loved it! 🙂 Andy
  2. I played a forces social club once with a mate and we were a bit wary. We had a pretty average first set and during the break a couple of (big) lads asked if they could do a couple of numbers using our gear. That would usually be a 'we'd rather you didn't' but this pair clearly weren't going to take no for an answer, and it wasn't as if we had particularly flash or expensive gear. Reluctantly we agreed and it proved to be a master stroke - they were clueless and utterly lacking in talent. We stormed the second half and absolutely rocked the place. Could have ended very differently mind you. Joys of live performance eh, this is why I now perform exclusively in my empty home studio. 😂 Andy
  3. Best advice I ever had on this was called the gateau in the fridge story. Say you throw a dinner party: starters, main, showpiece desert and gateaux followed by cheese and biscuits. In your haste to impress, you forget to serve the gateau - this was only one component of the desert. If you don't tell the guests - who's going to know? So if you drop a note, miss a chord, forget or change a lyric - chances are nobody notices because the rest of it was great. So don't beat yourself up over perfection, because nobody is perfect. Cut yourself some slack and be the best you can be on the day in question. Remember, it's all about the gateau in the fridge... Andy
  4. Not good news that, I've always used Acronis for my offline backups - sounds like I might need a new solution once ATI 2018 goes out of support. I have an always-on cloud backup but I like to have offline as well, just in case ransomware comes calling. Andy
  5. Hmm I'd definitely play with a few different options for the lead guitar - perhaps clean but with some chorus and delay might work. I like the way you use rhyme and the BGVs are very good (main vox is not too shabby either) 😉 Another great job, as someone else said, you're definitely on a roll. Andy
  6. Lovely guitar tone and what a stellar vocal - also a very well-crafted song. Well done Andy
  7. Gary I'd agree with these comments but I've listened to several iterations of this song now and they're all pretty outstanding. I mean, my point is that when you have something this good to work with, you can get away with a few imperfections in the mix. The difficulty in accepting that as critique, is that when something is this good - you really do want it to be perfect and I understand that view completely. I'd say you're close to done here and the AAMS mix just edged it for me. Andy
  8. Thanks Jeremy, good to know I am not alone - it is happening on some projects but not all; which is odd. I suspect it's more likely to be a Toontrack bug as well.
  9. Hi Folks Opened an existing project, tried to add an ezBass track, clicked the default options, Bandlab throws a minidump crash report and exits. Happens every time on that project - other instruments can be added just fine That's it - I'm on the latest stable version. Anyone else or just me? Andy
  10. Can confirm, codes are unique, mine was different. Andy
  11. Bats does Prog in 7/8 - I mean, what's not to like? 😃 It's not quite Apocalypse in 9/8 but it still gets a big 👍👍 from me Andy
  12. There are so many tracks like this that either don't build as you expect them to or take a (good) riff and milk it for just a little longer than they should. This manages to avoid both of those crimes - every time I found myself anticipating or wanting a change or a variation - this delivered it, but often in an unpredictable way. Not my usual genre but I really enjoyed the listen. Top work. Andy
  13. I'm a little lost for words to be honest - instrumentation and video production - both top notch; vocal was simply outstanding. Something to be proud of for sure - I listened again (without the video) as I wanted to focus on just the lyrics - a brilliant song, really well done. Andy
  14. AndyB01

    What is in a title?

    Great panning effects - that strat sound certainly cuts through the mix so maybe could be dropped a shade, but that's on cans (Sony MDR-7506) so it might be right on speakers. Love the little runs and arpeggios that punctuate the piece - impressive chops for someone with paws - I enjoyed the listen. Andy
  15. Sad news indeed, Days Of Future Passed is still one of my favourite albums. Decades ahead of its time.
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