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  1. You're on fire Tom, keep them coming, loving your work. 😂😂 Andy
  2. Incredible. I love the drum track on this and the playing is so tight with a great mix as well. I could listen to that for hours - terrific stuff. Thanks for sharing - very enjoyable. Andy
  3. Great groove, great chops, great story. Another one in the back of the net! You can file this one under 'done'. 👍 Andy
  4. Colin, just wow - awesome? I absolutely loved every second of that. Shades of Dance On A Volcano with all that staccato (I hope you don't mind the reference). Fantastic chops all round - link to the album please, where can I hear more? Absolutely top draw. Andy
  5. First impressions are good - a full size interface at last (where has that been)? There's a lot to explore under the hood. The audio import - not sure I'll use that too much. Midi keys import to LH worked well (mostly) but to RH chords was too busy (will depend on the song). It gives you a base (no pun intended) but you'll have to do some editing to get a really good result. That said, all my usual bass tracks have two things in common: they're out of time and dull as ditch water; so this can already accomplish a whole lot more than I can using a vst and a midi controller. Definitely going to be one of those products it's worth investing the time in to learn it properly. Overall, I'm happy with my new toy. Can it replace a real, live competent bassist? On balance I would say not - at least not when they're sober - but how often is that? 😂😂 Andy
  6. AndyB01

    Make me Smile

    Brilliant production and a another killer vocal - great work. Andy
  7. AndyB01

    COVID Situation

    Has a slight Chris Rea feel, I thought - dark indeed but I kind of liked it. Have to agree about the production: top drawer and you really nailed the vocal with the delay effect. Very well done Andy
  8. AndyB01

    "Tin Foil Hat"

    That is a piece of sheer genius and the best thing I have ever heard on this forum - bar none. Brilliant! Andy
  9. Great work Daryl - so difficult to synchronise this stuff and get anywhere even close - but with this you can't even see or hear the joins - brilliant stuff. Congrats to all involved. Andy
  10. I was betting Martin or Taylor - sounded great
  11. Wow what a great song, not heard that before. I don't think you needed the additional instruments either - this song is all about the vocal and you 100 per cent nailed it. Sublime vocals and BGVS too, also enjoyed the guitar work - what's the acoustic you're playing BTW - I have a feeling I might know but would be interested to find out? Really lovely stuff, look forward to hearing more. Andy
  12. Excellent and all tell-tale signs - especially #3 & #4 I'm guessing you also don't wait at the door when you visit because you know when to come in. Oh no, hang on, that's the vocalist not the bass player. 😉😂
  13. +1 to this, I always struggle with a decent bass line, sas a fan of the Toontrack family I'm keen to see what this can do - looks great so far. Andy
  14. Certainly nailed that prog vibe, you even snuck in the obligatory keyboard solo. 😂
  15. AndyB01

    Some Days

    Simply sublime - loved it. Andy
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