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  1. I reckon these are tricky harmonies to pull off - you did a really good job on this. Andy
  2. I needed a plumber on a weekend recently for an emergency repair (leaking radiator) - £210 for around two hours work (excluding the cost of a new rad)! 😳 Not a bad day rate that, I bet he wishes every day was a Saturday. 😉 I wouldn't do it though - God bless 'em I say. Andy
  3. AndyB01


    Fifteen tracks? 😳 Where I'm from, we call that 'two albums'. 😂 Nice work this, nicely rescued and restored - great job. Andy
  4. Thanks, I'll try this I have a Scarlett 2i4 Gen 1 that's been running will on a beta driver they sent me months ago as I was getting endless BSODs. Hopefully they have baked in the fixes with the update. 🤞 Andy
  5. AndyB01

    Tender is the Light

    Agree with @mark skinner, another belter, 'nuff said. 👍 Andy
  6. Each to their own eh @jack c. - all of my songs sound the same, most include singing. I reckon a lot of folks would prefer I stuck to instrumentals. 😉😂 I like this Wookiee - a lot of very clever stuff going on. All those augmented and diminished chords give it a slight prog feel (reminds me of some very early post-Genesis Hackett). Great chops and an interesting experiment in the use of a whole tone scale. Andy
  7. AndyB01

    Easy Listener

    I had an EKO Ranger back in the day - my first 'decent' guitar, before I understood the meaning of the word decent 😂, I used to amplify it with a Schaller sound hole pick up - not great. This however sounds great, some nice chord changes and as Tom says - there's definitely a lyric and song in here if you look for it. Nicely played Andy
  8. I'm just working my way through the entire album - and I'm loving it. Fabulous stuff Andy
  9. Graham - you will need a dedicated audio interface. So many to choose from and everyone has their particular favourites. Personally I'm a big fan of Focusrite Scarlett gear - I have a Gen 1 2i4 and it's still going strong - I've had it donkeys' years. eBay can be a good source if you're not fussed about new. Just do your homework. Andy
  10. If you're new to MIDI, try this: And check out Mike's other videos while you're at it. John's tutorial videos (post above) are also recommended. Welcome to Cakewalk and music production - simultaneously both the most frustrating and most satisfying thing you can do with a computer (imho). 😂 Andy
  11. AndyB01

    Time Can't Deny

    Hard to like this any more than I did already but now it's an absolute country classic. Steel guitar is soooo sweet. If I could have one really minor crit - I'd like a touch more variety in the percussion track. Great work Andy
  12. Very 'Wind And Wuthering' that cover shot. 😉 I love this, the guitars remind me of Ant Phillips' stuff and yes I can hear the Yes and Genesis vibe Keith references. Mic sounds pretty good to me - I've got the T.bone SC450 and I'm pretty pleased with it as a studio mic. Love the sharp ending too. New fan (Another) Andy
  13. Nice effort Larry, I'm not quite getting that reggae feel from the strummed guitar, perhaps it needs to be a little more staccato and less resonant - this mix is definitely better to my ears. I must admit, I am not much of a reggae fan but it is darn difficult to do well, so kudos for taking this on. Andy
  14. AndyB01

    Lead Me On

    Pretty cool track - everything sounds great. Top work! Andy
  15. Looks great but at over 400 quid, I think I'll have to pass that one up. Andy
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