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  1. AndyB01

    Come Away with Me

    Killer vocal, as for everything else - it just works. Well worth all the effort. Andy
  2. Really very good indeed, great all round performance. Andy
  3. Sorry, I wasn't trying to confuse people, SMS does indeed stand for short message service but the use of text messages (i.e. a PIN number) as a secondary authentication factor for a login is generally known as 2SV. https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/guidance/setting-2-step-verification-2sv The term is used interchangeably these days to include 2FA, but strictly speaking there is a difference in the level of security, Andy
  4. SMS is actually known as 2SV (two-step verification) which is not the same as 2FA (two factor authentication) which is much more secure, because it uses an app or token, unlike a text message which is easily spoofed. Once you get used to it, 2FA via an app is a breeze but do you really need it for a service like SoundCloud? Debatable. Depends how serious you are about your content I guess, but if the platform has enforced it there isn't much you can do apart from go elsewhere. Should be a given for all financial sites though. Andy
  5. I had a listen to the most of the album earlier - really great stuff. Always a fan of your work.💙 Andy
  6. We're in the process of helping my lad renovate a 1980s semi he bought that needs a fair bit of TLC. On the advice of the electrician we decided to have a full rewire done and some of the crimes he has uncovered are absolutely unreal. People have no idea what is lurking behind their sockets, light fittings, up in the loft or behind stud walls and plaster work - genuinely jaw-dropping bodges that are off the scale and positively lethal! Andy
  7. Great job Nigel - loved it - exceptional work as always. Andy
  8. I agree, very reminiscent of The Shadows (I think Wonderful Land was one of the earliest things I learned to play at the tender age of eleven). 🙂 You've absolutely nailed the style here - some neat playing too. Well done Andy
  9. AndyB01

    Here We Are

    Thanks all for taking the time to listen and critique. The harmonies are kind of fake, in so much as they have been largely (although not exclusively) produced with Melodyne. The objective was to try and produce something with a bit of a gospel/ soul feel with fairly lush harmonies. I guess it kinda missed the mark - ah well - got to have a few duds along the way; all part of the learning curve. 😀
  10. Agree with others, great song, perfect soundtrack and video for some really well-crafted lyrics. Andy
  11. Wow Gary this is a killer track - definitely cooked and done. So much to enjoy here - really terrific work - congratulations all round; I loved it! 🤩 Andy
  12. AndyB01

    Love is Real

    Hmm more variety on the guitar arpeggio would add some colour I think. First class work again though, different style for you but same high quality of execution. Well done 👍 Andy
  13. AndyB01

    Here We Are

    Hi All I hope you're all keeping well. I've had zero time for music lately, big project at work is just closing out and my son has bought his first house. In the UK we call a house like this a 'fixer-upper' and to say it needs some TLC would be quite the understatement, so all my spare time is spent honing my DiY skills to make it habitable. Still, the end goal of him being out of my hair in his own place is worth the pain. Anyway, here's a bit of fun using EzKeys (it's made from one of the midi packs), some simple lyrics and a few harmonies - some sung and some 'faked' with Melodyne. I did this in a couple of hours I managed to grab recently. Here We Are Please forgive the odd discordant harmony - I can hear it but, with so many tracks, I can no longer find it. 😂 There are some dips in the vocal volume I need to fix too (caused by comping and inconsistent mic technique) and some of the mix levels might need work. Be nice - it's more of an adventure into the art of the possible than a serious piece of songwriting and recording. Andy
  14. AndyB01


    Hmm very good - some excellent chops on show here - sounds great. Andy
  15. Late to this one - great job as always Nigel - best for the season and 2024. Andy
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