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  1. Nice vibe and mix and great vocal - nice job and good luck from me also.
  2. Tom - you know what I think of this - I already commented on SoundCloud. I didn't think I could like it any more but now you've gone and given away the inspiration. I've seen mine leave to make their way in the World - and it hurts like hell to let them go. But they do come back to stay once in a while: older, wiser and richer - in a thousand ways - it's all part of the journey we're on I guess... Andy
  3. Well it's a thought Nigel, but I figured if 23 minutes was good enough for Peter Gabriel then it should be good enough for me. 😉 #SuppersReady I'll flag it as a 'work in progress' then...
  4. Cheers all for the encouragement and your observations are spot on @Kevin Walsh - I do feel inspired as it's quite a departure for me so I shall keep working on it. Once I have completed the full 23 minutes (including a Catastrophe in 9/8) 😉 I'll post it here. I might be while... Andy
  5. This is just a snippet of something vaguely Prog I've been playing with - it's a mix of original riffs and EzKeys (mercifully only one minute long). https://soundcloud.com/andyb01/sunrise2019 The simple question is, should I carry on investing in this or did I waste too much time already? 😂 All opinions welcome and valid. Andy
  6. Oh Gary, that's one great sound. When's the album out? I love me some blues and that really hit the spot for me (great harp) - I loved it! Andy
  7. I love the narrative - really works - and whilst some of the mood changes are subtle some are much more dramatic. You should be proud of this, I thought it was a great showcase. Well done! Andy
  8. Thanks Daryl, after a few listens now I think you're on to something there - I will try that cheers.
  9. Thanks and agree 100 per cent - and their latest product EzBass is coming out in Q4 2019! 😂
  10. You see, I read those lyrics cold and I thought: hmm - good luck making this work. Then I listened and not only does it work, it does so brilliantly - with superb flair and craft. I particularly like the hard stop after the instrumentals. Oh and one more thing - the mix - as tight as a drum. Terrific stuff - never stop writing. Andy
  11. Interesting vibe David, great instrumentation - what an eclectic mix. My ears detected what I felt was the odd timing issue but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Andy
  12. A lot of people prefer sampled pianos and there are some great examples out there. My personal favourite however is Moddart's Pianoteq Stage - which is a modelled instrument - but you'll never get consensus on which is best because it's such a subjective decision.
  13. Andrew Ball


    Wow, wow and just wow! I loved this, it really drew me in. Terrific vocal and lyrical craft as well as the overall mix. Absolutely top drawer. Andy
  14. Ditto - great sound, great vocal and cool vid. Really enjoyed that. Andy
  15. Great groove, sounds pretty cool to my ears. I love this kind of stuff - just meanders all over the place. Fab. Andy
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