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  1. I love the narrative - really works - and whilst some of the mood changes are subtle some are much more dramatic. You should be proud of this, I thought it was a great showcase. Well done! Andy
  2. Thanks Daryl, after a few listens now I think you're on to something there - I will try that cheers.
  3. Thanks and agree 100 per cent - and their latest product EzBass is coming out in Q4 2019! 😂
  4. You see, I read those lyrics cold and I thought: hmm - good luck making this work. Then I listened and not only does it work, it does so brilliantly - with superb flair and craft. I particularly like the hard stop after the instrumentals. Oh and one more thing - the mix - as tight as a drum. Terrific stuff - never stop writing. Andy
  5. Interesting vibe David, great instrumentation - what an eclectic mix. My ears detected what I felt was the odd timing issue but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Andy
  6. A lot of people prefer sampled pianos and there are some great examples out there. My personal favourite however is Moddart's Pianoteq Stage - which is a modelled instrument - but you'll never get consensus on which is best because it's such a subjective decision.
  7. Andrew Ball


    Wow, wow and just wow! I loved this, it really drew me in. Terrific vocal and lyrical craft as well as the overall mix. Absolutely top drawer. Andy
  8. Ditto - great sound, great vocal and cool vid. Really enjoyed that. Andy
  9. Great groove, sounds pretty cool to my ears. I love this kind of stuff - just meanders all over the place. Fab. Andy
  10. I think it's great software as the stock clips can be endlessly customised or you can compose your own chord sequences and use it as a session pianist - very clever (although be warned, the MIDI add-on packs can prove an expensive addiction - look out for seasonal deals). Fair point on the guitar, I'm still not over the moon with it so I knocked it down a bit. I'm a competent guitarist but lead riffs just aren't my thing - my son says all my guitar riffs sound the same - I've told him, I'm playing all the same notes, but not necessarily in the same order. 🙃 Cheers Gary, coming from a man with your immense vocal talent that's a very kind comment. I think the tune is really catchy - that's why I used it. I know using stock clips from stuff like EzKeys will always split opinion but there it is - I'm not trying to pass it off as my own work. Thanks all - appreciate you taking the time out to listen and comment as always.
  11. So here's one I put together recently - the piano is built entirely from EzKeys and apart from changing the tempo and key of the stock clips I have made very few changes as I just think it works pretty well as it is. The lyrics are all my own work and and I have committed my usual crime against singing 😂. It's supposed to be upbeat'ish (well for me anyway) and a made up story about a couple who are having a 'sliding doors' kind of moment and can't quite work out whether they're going to split or have another go at things. Nits and crits welcome. Enjoy Andy
  12. Rik - I used to do the very same thing and achieve (what I thought) were spectacular results (in reality they were probably spectacularly bad). How could my 16-year old self ever have imagined that over dubbing would be as easy as it is now. Today, all those original tapes lie either lost, damaged or broken - a metaphor for the intervening forty years I guess. This is getting far too nostalgic, I'm off for a lie down... Thanks for sharing this - sounded pretty good to me considering the set up. Andy
  13. John - I was immediately transported back to Ant Phillips (Private Parts and Pieces), especially with the alt tuning. Nice stuff and great that you still have a copy of this - LoFi and all. If you re-recorded this digitally, I doubt you would ever re-capture the same soul and expression - even if you tried for a thousand years. Thanks for sharing - took me back to another time; life sure was a whole lot simpler then. Andy
  14. Definitely prefer the remix - I mean the original wasn't too shabby let's be honest - nice blend of funk and fab overdriven guitar tones (love the doubled lead at around 3 mins) - very good and great listen. Great tune. Andy
  15. I've missed you David 🙂 Jazz is a brave genre - especially the timing - I can never get it right so kudos to you for trying this; there's definitely a basis for something here. More craft on the ending for sure (one of those spiralling sax descant licks that tails off springs to mind). Looking forward to more. Andy
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