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  1. I always found a lot of Brouwer's etudes rather discordant to my ear (I like No 6 though); I think it sounds better using brass - maybe you could use a touch more drama and attack in the mid section as this would add to the variation but overall a very nice arrangement. Well done Andy
  2. Ooh definitely getting shades of that Chrissie Hind vocal - superb all round performance. Andy
  3. Love the drum sound and such a clean guitar too - really nice mix. You did a good job with the vox and the harmonies - very enjoyable. Andy
  4. Hi Wookie - as always with your stuff I was intrigued to see where it was going to go next so I stayed the course. I like the lead synth when it cut in and the delay introduces some accents that challenge the sense of perfect timing you sometimes get with this genre - I like. One minor crit - there seemed to be some slight distortion on the bass/ drum accompaniment that sounded a touch overdone on my cans - but that could just by my cans (or more likely my ageing ears). Nice how the soundscape filled out towards the end of the track and with a gong to finish - what's not to like. Well done as always Andy
  5. I got a slight Men At Work vibe - very tight production. Very nice work, especially liked the brass and the percussion. Andy
  6. Andrew Ball


    Cheers Bjorn - glad you enjoyed it - I'll bear that in mind if I do any more work on this. Andy
  7. Andrew Ball


    Yeah well guessed Tom, EzD is spot on - it's my go to VST for drums because it is just so easy to use and I actually think the kits sound great. I know folk rave about SD3 but I'm fine with EzD . The groove could always come back - there's surely potential for at least another 30 minutes worth of creativity...! 🤣😂 Thanks David - not sure this is music to go sleep to so I doubt it will do much for your insomnia but appreciate the listen as always. Thanks @amiller well it is supposed to be a sort of homage to Prog so you kind of have to (although that 9/8 section was tricky) - could do with some of your sublime guitar chops over the last section.
  8. Andrew Ball


    This is a longer (and I think now completed) version of one I posted a snippet of a couple of months back as I was undecided whether to continue with it or not. It's a mix of original riffs and some EzKeys loops (mainly from the Prog midi pack) and a whole heap of different instruments - I may have gone a little crazy with tracks, drums and time sigs (there's a 6/8 section in there and 9/8 one as well I think) but on the upside, at least there's no vocals. 😂 See what you think - it kind of meanders a bit and doesn't really go anywhere but I kind of don't mind that too much as I wasn't aiming at anything specific (other than a change from my usual stuff) and I had a whole heap of fun of making this.
  9. Andrew Ball


    Definitely has a movie soundtrack feel to it and lots of surprises to keep you interested - I like the (new)? ending too. Excellent work, Andy.
  10. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 take a bow my man, that's a wonderful video. I love and admire your ambition to be the best guitarist you can be. As someone who has been playing for almost fifty years (yes I know, I should be a damn site better than I am) I can say that my guitar has seen me through some of the darkest and toughest times - I couldn't imagine life without having one around to play. If I can offer you one piece of advice it would to relax that left hand - it looks like you're trying and pressing the string way too hard. The way to stop the buzz is to square your finger at the knuckle and compress the string just behind the fret. Pressing too hard will just give you sore fingers and frustrate your desire to practice. The finger tips will harden off in time, keep your practice sessions short and frequent until they do. Wishing you all the best and thanks for sharing. You've now inspired me to try and write an 'unplugged' song for a change. Andy
  11. Beautiful timbre David and plenty of light and shade. Slow hands eh, still sounds pretty good to me. Well played and enjoy the holiday season also. Andy
  12. Fabulous art work and the soundtrack wasn't too shabby either. You did a lovely job on this and very skilled use of VSTs, as a guitarist I could tell - but only just. Would love to hear that played on a decent 12 string with a few well-placed strings added in. #TopWork Andy
  13. Love that groove, yes a blistering hot guitar solo might round that off very nicely. Mix sounds good on a pair of Sony MDR-7506s. Andy
  14. Nice one @Wookiee as you are someone who has listened to my many crimes against singing (and even said polite things) I felt duty-bound to listen. 😉 I think the vox processing fits the mood of the track and the back story helps bring it to life - I agree with David about the panning and I liked the change ups as well. Good work. Andy
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