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  1. Hey, thanks for those kind comments Kevin--much obliged--Allan.
  2. comment well done -- thanks.~~Allan
  3. Hey Bob, thanks for those comments particularly that you dig the guitars -- real guitars are the thing right mate? -- some people try to pass off midi sounds, loops and such as if they're playing an actual guitar. Not gonna have that crap. And, it's not unusual that you'd notice guitars being the fantastic rock guitarist that you are. ~~Allan
  4. Hey Freddy, thanks for listening and for those kind comments -- glad ya like the song. I'm looking forward to your next song post -- they're always enjoyable.~~Allan
  5. Nice comment martin!
  6. Much thanks mate -- glad ya like it.~~Allan
  7. Yeah, mate, that's me on all the vox -- thanks for that heady RO comment. Oh yeah, electric guitar eq -- what a pain, roight?~~Allan
  8. Hey there mate -- thanks for the generous comment~~Allan
  9. ABull

    Tiny Squares

    I like this -- creative lyrics and an interesting arrangement. While this demo needs a bunch of tweaking you have something good to work with here. I'd like to hear this again when you tighten it up. Good work... ~~Allan
  10. ABull

    This Is Your Life

    Hey Kloon, this is a terrific demo of your song -- good mix and arrangement -- instruments and vox are well placed. If you revisit the mix -- it seems to me that there's a lack of sparkle in the choruses -- for instance, the harmonies could be louder in the mix -- it could sound "bigger" or something. Good work~~Allan
  11. Thank you for your nice comment~~Allan
  13. Hi Kenny, This is beautifully mixed -- I love those melancholy sounds and you performed everything with taste and wonderful tone (as usual for you). A fine piece of work, my friend. ~~Allan
  14. ABull


    I like your mix and the arrangement -- your choice of instruments is interesting and make for some tasty ear candy -- I also like your vocal approach and tone. ~~Allan
  15. The mix on this is very good -- clear and spacious -- good stuff. Also, you delivered the lyric is an emotional tone that's quite effective. A very good listen mate~~Allan
  16. Hey Doug, yeah, a cool 60s feel on this -- if you revisit the mix, perhaps take a listen to the eq -- some warmth could be added to the mix. ~~Allan
  17. Hey there Freddy -- as I was listening to this two thoughts came to mind -- 1. I'm digging this and a tad hypnotized by the delivery and 2. your vocal reminds me of someone I like from the 60s -- the overall timbre and such -- NO, not McCartney! -- I can't think of who it is but I like it. As to the recording, there are timing issues in places where the feel isn't quite right . Also, I think that you could pan out some of the instruments to give the mix more space. I like that bass. I enjoyed this and wish you a Merry Christmas!~~Allan
  18. Hey macce, thanks for listening & commenting -- much appreciated~~Allan
  19. Hey Tom, I'm pleased that the song resonated with you--thanks for your comments~~Allan
  20. Hey Douglas, thanks for the kind comments mate -- I'm glad you like my demo.~~Allan
  21. ABull

    Tamiami Trail

    Hey Freddy -- on the opening drumbeat I thought it was Rainy Day Women -- it got even better after that. Love that raunchy guitar tone. Drums could be up in the mix a bit mate (maybe cut back some reverb). As to be expected, I enjoyed this from you~~Allan.
  22. Hey Bob, very very cool -- as usual~~ ~~Allan
  23. Hey mate, thanks for listening and commenting.
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