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  1. @Tom B They added another $25 one to my account after I used the first voucher.
  2. Yep, it was getting those two that made me finally cave in and upgrade my solo PCI-e earlier this year 🙂 That really is a special pair of plugins.
  3. Which of the Fender-type sims do you prefer? @ensconced
  4. Have you tried the Fender, Christian? I think it was through you I heard of their Marshall sim, so I'm curious what you think of this one.
  5. In fairness, it's less of an issue now that they've brought out 360, and Matchlock does sound great. With Nembrini, I'm less sold on their rack system so far, and although I like what their amps can do, I feel like I have to root around through different pages and menus. As it stands, I think Kuassa's overall system makes it easier to overlook a lack of built-in reverb than Nembrini's does. I suppose I'm being kinda lazy...it isn't as though it's hard to add a rev send!
  6. Interesting...am very curious how Nembrini handle something Fendery! It does drive me nuts that developers aren't including some kind of reverb on amps that seem like they should have reverb (looking at you, Kuassa Matchlock!).
  7. I really wish I had the option to use unison. Hopefully uad won't have moved to thunderbolt entirely by the time I've saved my pennies! Have you tried the century tube strip? I'm liking that a lot!
  8. If they're the newer plugs like oceanway, I wouldn't be surprised, unfortunately.
  9. Capitol & Ocean Way are great. I remember reading the SoundonSound review of the Voxbox when it came out and drooling, but it turns out I like things simple: The Century Tube strip has won my heart! I haven't tried the SSL and Neve: I'd have to have much better ears than I do to make it worth me shelling out UAD prices instead of Plugin Alliance ones for that kind of thing. And although it's too late now, I wouldn't buy something like Shadow Hills for UAD when the identical version is available natively for peanuts (if you time it right)!
  10. Either way, still worth jumping on. Good sounding drums = good sounding drums!
  11. Thanks for this info! The Addictive Keys upright is one of my favourites and I hadn't realized Per was behind it!
  12. I've always had a soft spot for Sampletekk. I really think it's a shame they don't sell the Emperor/Old Lady anymore, though; they were beautiful sounding instruments. The price/ quality ratio of their stuff is hard to beat.
  13. Yep, the Eden's probably my fave bass sim. As Zo said, it's just a 'classy' sound.
  14. Are these just updates/upgrades to the various Komplete packages, or on individual libraries/instruments as well?
  15. Thanks for the tip, Zok - will give that a try!
  16. That's cool; I hadn't seen that email.
  17. I like the Avalon much more than I expected to (it was a freebie when I bought a satellite). I haven't yet found a use for the AMS, which I foolishly bought a few months ago! I know it gets lots of love...I guess I'm just spoiled for choice with nice verbs.
  18. Get Capitol AND Oceanway Studios says I! I have the Helios and like it. I don't feel like I don't get as much out of it as I could, though, simply because I don't have any Unison pres. I used my coupon to get the AKG spring verb for $75, and it's very, very nice. Now must resist the temptation to use the $25 thank you coupon on something else!
  19. Has anyone tried the Spitfire Solo Violin? I don't do very much with strings, and just use NI's Session Strings if I need a pad or something. Still, I've had fun with the Tina Guo cello, and would like to add a nicely scripted/playable equivalent for violin.
  20. Craig Fowler

    Ampeg or not Ampeg

    In fairness, the Bass Pod was pretty cool. I still bust mine (kidney bean version) out once in a while. The Adam & Eve model was pretty sweet.
  21. The Wreck sounds pretty great...I'm gonna do it!!! Edit: No I'm not; couldn't combine all the voucher codes. I'll get this but I'll wait a bit.
  22. Craig Fowler

    Ampeg or not Ampeg

    I have a the V4b and B15 from PA, and both Ampeg packs from IK. They're both good. The PA V4b has some really nice grunt to it, but I get sounds I like out of the IK sims. I haven't yet managed to get anything from the PA-B15 that sounds anywhere near as good as their demos. As you said, @Zo, the PA sweetspot can be pretty narrow! I always do this, but seeing as someone else mentioned the (presumably Softube) Eden, I'll sing its praises too. It's very versatile and full sounding. When I got it, I swore I didn't need another Bass amp sim, but here we are...
  23. Thanks for the tip - have just downloaded and look forward to trying it out!
  24. I recognize that name/avatar from the old forums!
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