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  1. Using supposedly high speed DSL this took quite a while. "preparing" "downloading" rinse and repeat from about 11:00 am EST until 5. Restart had to restart several times and took a couple more hours. So regardless of DL speed that's a lot of data. But it works now. I had no idea there were optional updates I had to check for. I'll do that in the future. Thanks Robert, and the others, for the help. 👍
  2. Thanks, Robert. I'll check that out.
  3. Actually, I think this POI is about identifying the body (which plugin). It wouldn't identify the motive (why did it fail) or necessarily the perpetrator since the software publisher can plant a weapon on someone (reflexively claim that it's user error). If the plugin failed due to the fault of the publisher, would that be ruled a suicide? Anyway, before I go through the remaining hundreds of plugins, in the other thread it was discovered that there was an optional Windows upgrade that I hadn't installed, so I'm going to try that 1st. Does anyone still use the Nomad Factory Blue Tubes bundle that came with X3 Producer? If so, how did you access it? I can live without it, but I'd like it back if it's doable.
  4. "There are optional updates" The only option I can see is "feature update to Windows 10, version 1909" Is that what you mean? I don't see anything else.
  5. I've been loading plugins one by one to see which stops CbB from opening and saving them as I go as Scook suggested. Shouldn't plugins loaded in safe mode be operational? They show up but they aren't working.
  6. Quite a bit, apparently. I've been loading plugins one by one in safe mode to see which stops CbB from opening. Quite time consuming.
  7. Machine? You mean my computer? It's updated automatically by MS. I assume all Win 10 Pro users are getting the same updates, which I think are mostly security updates. I haven't installed any new software.
  8. "Determining which ones can be time consuming" Especially since there appears to be no way of determining that on start up. "It could be any one or a combination of plug-ins." Can I at least eliminate the ones that don't stop CbB from opening when I okay them? Otherwise I don't see any way to determine which one(s) is/are the problem. Should I start a project without plugs and add plugins until one of them causes a crash? And why would a plugin cause a problem now but not the last time I successfully opened CbB?
  9. If it doesn't exclude a plugin from being a problem, where is the process of elimination?
  10. I don't understand how to use this process of elimination when the program stops working before I can get there. I individually allowed all the plugins to load except Melodyne, which, when I just tried a few minutes ago, showed up right after "find missing audio. I clicked "no" on Melodyne and CbB stopped working, so there is no way to continue to find out through safe mode what plugin might be at fault. I just tried again in safe mode, and after allowing dozens of plugins, the project opened. But it was stripped of all the plugins I had okayed.
  11. I did that 2 hours ago as indicated in this thread. "Something else" is a pretty broad category.
  12. "If Cakewalk couldn't handle 3rd-party plug-ins I would not need to kick it to the curb as I would not have begun using it in the first place." I've been using it since Sonar 6. Where is my Back To the Future DeLorean? "BandLab has a support staff for Cakewalk, have you put in a ticket with them for your issue yet? " No, I'll do that. Just a little surprised that I was able to open CbB the last time I used it and now the experts of this forum seem to be stumped when I'm trying to do nothing more exotic than open a project. "I hope you get your projects straightened out soon," Thanks, me too. "and will point out that if all the audio professionals you know use DAW's other than Cakewalk, they would have even less luck than you trying to open your old SONAR projects." Why would I ask someone who doesn't use Cakewalk for help? My auto mechanic can't open my old Sonar projects either.
  13. I clicked 'no' to each instance of Melodyne in safe mode and it still wouldn't open. It seems that Melodyne isn't the problem and opening CbB in safe mode so far isn't yielding a solution.
  14. Entire projects are unavailable. I'm pretty sure if I used Melodyne on anything, I bounced/ froze the track so it shouldn't make any difference to existing projects whether the plugin is working or not. If I uninstall Melodyne do you think I can open projects?
  15. Yes. And if I click "no to all" the project opens, albeit without sound since there's at least one plugin on the 2 bus.
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