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  1. Maybe I got sucker punched by an unnecessary and unwanted change in CbB? When I went into automation, it defaulted to unity, which I believe it didn't used to. I wanted to adjust it in the -26dB range. I thought my ears and or monitors might be damaged with a signal that was plenty loud at -26dB suddenly being 0dB so I manually lowered the fader before the guitar came in to about -26. There was no apparent audio. Then I tried playing it back without moving the fader to see what would happen. Now the fader automatically defaulted to 0 dB and the signal sounds like, and has to be, -26dB. This is confusing, counterintuitive, and just has to be wrong.
  2. I went to automate an audio track and doing so caused the audio of that track to cut out. That never used to happen. I tried checking out Cakewalk documentation but that relies on illustrations and the pictures won't open (using MS Edge browser). Win 10 Pro Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.40 GHz, 3.40 GHz 16 GB RAM 64 bit op sys Lynx Aurora 16 ADC w/ AES16e card
  3. I must have accidentally clicked on the loop thing. The yellow line gave it away... Oops! Solved 🤪
  4. Up until now, If I went to the Markers tab on the tool bar, when I opened the drop down menu I could click on a marker, it would go to that marker, and when I hit "play" it would play from that marker. Now, when I do the same thing, when I click "play" it jumps from the marker to the beginning of the song and plays from there. I restarted CbB, inserted a new marker, and the same thing keeps happening. It jumps to the marker but when I hit play it jumps from the marker to the beginning of the song. What's up with that? Win 10 Pro Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.40 GHz, 3.40 GHz 16 GB RAM 64 bit op sys Lynx Aurora 16 ADC w/ AES16e card
  5. I'll follow your procedure (later) in the morning. It's 12:40 AM here in NY and I am no longer able to follow simple directions, LOL Thanks again, Hatstand.
  6. Okay, that's the link I used. It works only as a send. When I go to record it as per instructions, It doesn't. It just eliminates the tracks usefulness as a send without rendering it as audio. So I hit undo recording so at least I can use it as a send. I'm going to practice piano now, because I can at least get some forward motion there, while you guys see if you can figure it out.
  7. Thanks, Hatstand. I've never seen that before because I use fx sends in console view. I must have the wrong recipe because in the second picture right above where it says "in summary" the icon shows that it has been rendered as an audio track. Apparently what I have done is create a send allowing me to use a fader in console view. I somehow did that while following directions for rendering the metronome as an audio track because I didn't search how to create a send for the metronome track. So is this the only link? Why did it wind up a send instead of an audio track? I don't have time to do any more research on rendering a metronome as an audio track.
  8. I wanted to print a metronome track as an audio track so I followed the Cakewalk Documentation recipe I found in a search. I think this is the one but I'm not sure if it's the only recipe. See second picture. Recording the metronome - Tutorials - Cakewalk Discuss | The Official Cakewalk by BandLab Forum For clarification, I'm working on projects that require a drummer so I'm not constructing drums tracks. I want to duplicate the printed metronome audio track so I can remove the audio from a section where it slows down before starting up without relying on the notoriously unreliable automated mute that most people seem to avoid. So, a MIDI track has a MIDI jack icon, an audio track has a waveform icon... What has an arrow icon? Win 10 Pro Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.40 GHz, 3.40 GHz 16 GB RAM 64 bit op sys Lynx Aurora 16 ADC w/ AES16e card
  9. Not sure if that's the best topic title. I played a track with IK Multimedia's B3-X. I thought I'd automate the Leslie controller after the fact. The first time, the automation got reversed -- slow became fast and vice versa. Then I noticed the nodes weren't always changing positions as they should be. Then I got a fatal error. The next time I tried, the nodes showed up but just stayed in the bottom 'slow' position. I don't know if this is a bug that CbB has to work out with IK Multimedia. I don't see a way of manually changing the node positions which is the only workaround I can think of offhand.
  10. The Documentation site's picture files don't seem to open.
  11. Setting your master in mono is a great way to check for phase cancellations, for fine tuning balance issues and exposing excess reverb. So, not "never".
  12. You have to have the code word and the secret handshake in the correct order, I think. The hotfix followed by the hotfix fix 😵 I downloaded hotfix build 91 first, then ended the waveslocalserver. Then started it in normal unsafe mode. Unless I'm confused and/or wrong, in which case you'll have to wait for an expert to respond. But there's also a rollback installer on this page, should you need it: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/25035-202101-hotfix-preview-updated-to-build-91/
  13. It's working normally now. Not solved if I can expect to be shut out of my studio for hours when CbB or Waves decide to implement future changes to their programs using the end users as guinea pigs to see if they work together or not.
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