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  1. I recall having that issue. I just ran Bandlab Assistant from my desktop as administrator and it said "up to date". Then I opened a project and there was no prompt to upgrade. But it sounded sketchy so I checked the mixing latency. I had saved it as 1042 samples and it reset itself to 256. It does this about half the time. I started a thread on it -- the experts were stumped.
  2. Have you included Bandlab Assistant to your allowed apps? control panel > system and security > windows defender firewall > allow an app
  3. If you read the rest of the post you quoted, you'd know why I don't do that.
  4. I went from XP to 7 to 10. Not familiar with 8, but whatever works for you.
  5. I do all my downloads with Microsoft Edge. I'm sure it can be defaulted to send files to a specific location but that isn't the real issue. I'm pretty sure Bandlab Assistant used to default to desktop without my configuring the PC to default to desktop. Desktop is part of C drive so I don't want to store large files there if I don't need them there. I like to choose for each download. Plugins have to be in the proper scan path so I may as well assign them there from the start. Some files have to be assigned to folders that make no sense to me. The people say that (x86) files are for 32 bit versions of plugins but that's where Waves shell stuff goes -- not my idea, that's where Waves' guy put it! Same for Slate Trigger 2. Plugins are kept in the usual scan paths in C drive. Bandlab Assistant is 54 MB so it can stay on desktop. Projects go on external drives.
  6. I stopped using Firefox when they partnered with the insidious RealPlayer which had a tendency to hijack my PC and which was hard to get rid of. That was years ago and Firefox may be much better now but there are other browsers.
  7. Yeah, I think Window 7 did that by default. And previous iterations of Windows IIRC. That isn't the case with Win 10.
  8. It isn't hard to just click "browse" and choose "desktop". If you remember to do it 😆
  9. You plagiarized my topic title LOL
  10. When I go to download it from the site, the default is to put it so deep in the drive that I can't find it. I put it on desktop. I think it used to default to desktop? Anyway, it isn't a problem to run it as admin. I just like to have dead ends and rabbit holes minimized.
  11. Imagine applying that standard to most other things. "Why are you bringing this phone back?" "It doesn't work." Sales clerk, scratching his head, "It works for a number of people". Why would it work for some and not others? I'm curious.
  12. Thanks Tez and Davet. I sometimes forget to run the Assistant as administrator. Then it tells you it's up to date. If you don't, it tells you that you aren't when you are and sends you down a rabbit hole into madness 😆
  13. Thanks Jeremy. Why doesn't Bandlab remove the link from the desktop Assistant if it doesn't work? It's like going down a street that's a dead end because there's no sign saying "dead end".
  14. Okay, I clicked OK and the progress bar went across a couple of times making it seem like it downloaded. But then I'm prompted to update again??
  15. When I opened Bandlab Assistant, it prompts me to update. I click on 'update' and I get 'Automatic Update Failed'. It prompts me to download. I click 'download' and the red Bandlab beaker appears with "downloading, please wait". The progress bar freezes (I went off to do something else for an hour and it hadn't budged). And a message "Bandlab Assistant is running, click OK to close it" appears. Closing it doesn't seem to make a difference -- the download fails either way. I think there's a workaround but I forgot what it is.
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