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  1. Okay, I clicked OK and the progress bar went across a couple of times making it seem like it downloaded. But then I'm prompted to update again??
  2. When I opened Bandlab Assistant, it prompts me to update. I click on 'update' and I get 'Automatic Update Failed'. It prompts me to download. I click 'download' and the red Bandlab beaker appears with "downloading, please wait". The progress bar freezes (I went off to do something else for an hour and it hadn't budged). And a message "Bandlab Assistant is running, click OK to close it" appears. Closing it doesn't seem to make a difference -- the download fails either way. I think there's a workaround but I forgot what it is.
  3. Thanks, Bob. There appear to be optional updates waiting to be installed. I guess I should check that more often. Updating run-time C++ libraries is not something I typically consider, either.
  4. I tried it again. This time I inserted an audio track first, then I inserted a MIDI track w/o problem.
  5. I opened Bandlab assistant and downloaded the latest version of CbB. I opened CbB from the desktop icon. Chose 'New Project" Chose template 16-Track.cwt When I went to insert a MIDI track, the computer crashed. Win 10 Pro Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.40 GHz, 3.40 GHz 16 GB RAM 64 bit op sys Lynx Aurora 16 ADC w/ AES16e card
  6. Thanks John. That's a function I have never used before and I've been using this since Sonar 6. I'm curious as to why I had to do that. I clearly couldn't have collapsed the tracks by inadvertently hitting a hotkey, right? No one else has access to this computer and I'm not a sleepwalker.
  7. As an experiment, I opened another project that I wasn't having a problem with. I pressed 'Shift+f' and the song collapsed like the other project. Pressing 'Shift+f' again didn't open it back up. Now I have 2 projects I can't work on.
  8. Pressing 'Shift+f' doesn't do anything unless I press it a few times quickly out of frustration. Then it crashes my computer. According to the Bandlab Assistant, this is the latest version of Bandlab.
  9. Thanks, RBH but the song is still half a foot long -- I can just scroll past it now. I can't find anything to drag to change that.
  10. I opened up a project and instead of the cursor moving along the tracks until it reaches the end of the screen and then starting at the beginning of a new screen, the entire song is condensed down to one 5" wide screen with the cursor moving at a snail's pace, taking 3 1/2 minutes (the length of the song) to travel the 5 inches. Unlike every song I've worked on since Sonar 6. I'm sure it must be something simple but I can't figure out how to return it to the default setting. Win 10 Pro Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.40 GHz, 3.40 GHz 16 GB RAM 64 bit op sys Lynx Aurora 16 ADC w/ AES16e card
  11. Using supposedly high speed DSL this took quite a while. "preparing" "downloading" rinse and repeat from about 11:00 am EST until 5. Restart had to restart several times and took a couple more hours. So regardless of DL speed that's a lot of data. But it works now. I had no idea there were optional updates I had to check for. I'll do that in the future. Thanks Robert, and the others, for the help. 👍
  12. Thanks, Robert. I'll check that out.
  13. Actually, I think this POI is about identifying the body (which plugin). It wouldn't identify the motive (why did it fail) or necessarily the perpetrator since the software publisher can plant a weapon on someone (reflexively claim that it's user error). If the plugin failed due to the fault of the publisher, would that be ruled a suicide? Anyway, before I go through the remaining hundreds of plugins, in the other thread it was discovered that there was an optional Windows upgrade that I hadn't installed, so I'm going to try that 1st. Does anyone still use the Nomad Factory Blue Tubes bundle that came with X3 Producer? If so, how did you access it? I can live without it, but I'd like it back if it's doable.
  14. "There are optional updates" The only option I can see is "feature update to Windows 10, version 1909" Is that what you mean? I don't see anything else.
  15. I've been loading plugins one by one to see which stops CbB from opening and saving them as I go as Scook suggested. Shouldn't plugins loaded in safe mode be operational? They show up but they aren't working.
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