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  1. Tony Macchio

    What other DAW is most similar to CbB?

    Another trick on that list, I believe from a sound on sound article... something like, give windows exclusive control over audio device. That should also be disabled, see if that helps.
  2. Tony Macchio

    What other DAW is most similar to CbB?

    New trick I learned off another forum today was turn off fast boot in windows 10. The computer will start up slower but that seems to fix the problem for some people. Couple pops and crackles as usual today, no crashes though. I know theres a few waves plugins that give it trouble, but I try not to use em. If you're having a Similar issue try that. Weird I've never heard pops in the 2 other DAWs I have, but of course CW being the main one I use, it gets a heavier plugin load. Also, I've used a focusrite 2i2, steinberg ur22, and now have a Native Instruments KA6. Same outcome. Last time I ran latency mon, an issue came up saying it was a "kernel" something. The computer tech didnt know what that was.
  3. Tony Macchio

    What other DAW is most similar to CbB?

    No worries and I have the newest updates. Could be win 10, or just my computer doesn't like Sonar.
  4. Tony Macchio

    What other DAW is most similar to CbB?

    @abacab. . CbB is pretty much SPLAT or Sonar platinum.
  5. Tony Macchio

    What other DAW is most similar to CbB?

    True... But if you read the new forum, along with other music forums, a popular complaint for people new to CbB is crashing and popping. I've had it on Win 8.1 and 10. Other DAWs haven't crashed on me yet. It would be great if they could add a scanner to the program, to tell you what in your computer exactly is the issue. Latency mon doesn't tell you much.
  6. Tony Macchio

    What other DAW is most similar to CbB?

    @mettelus I use CbB every day, I've had it since around 2014. Last night, I went the whole night without opening it up and stuck to Studio One and samplitude as an exercise. But I believe the latest update was 2 days ago. @promidi I hear ya. I wanted to like Samp,, but it just doesn't seem streamlined, or thought out well. (To me) Sonar and Studio One both are drag and drop everything practically, so that one(Samplitude)requires a lot of clicking around. S1 has a few workarounds for features that sonar has. Last couple years, I spent half my music time, on Google and the old CW forum. Trying to fix pops, clicks, dropouts, etc. Would have a couple crashes per night. Spent a lot money on my computer for 1 program. After reading thousands of forum post,... I have deduced,... that some people just cannot have cakewalk on their computer. And I haven't found a computer technician who knows what a DAW is. It would be great if someone bought CW. It seems like it has a very high percentage of users who say it's the best one. Me personally, best looking interface along with mixbus, hands down. I haven't tried pro tools yet
  7. Tony Macchio

    What other DAW is most similar to CbB?

    I've been using it for a long time. Spent too much money on 3 different interfaces, computer ram mods, took it in to have it modified, added an SSD drive. I give up on making it work. Spent a lot of time on the old forums hacking in to BIOS and who knows what. I've been using Studio One which is good, it is missing a lot of features, but doesn't crash. I still use CW for things where I need to get technical of course, but I keep it to a minimum. A couple tracks, minimal plugins, I bounce and save constantly. Tried cubase, samplitude, a couple others. What's everyone using?
  8. Tony Macchio

    Tracks falling out of sync

    Sometimes,.... go to beginning of project beat 1. Zoom way in, make sure you pasted it at the beginning. Make sure your "snap to grid" is highlighted. If not you can paste or move things anywhere. 1. Or You might have highlighted multiple tracks, and moved them accidentally. Or pasted them out of sync. 2. Sometimes you may have to press stop, go back a few seconds, and it reloads
  9. Tony Macchio

    Cakewalk won't play or record

    FYI straight to your computer is fine. If you're using an audo interface ASIO is better.
  10. Tony Macchio

    Splat CBB & Waves Plugins

    I only have issues with their deessers, and noise plugins. Especially their x noise or whatever it is. I get the wave shell issue every once in a while, but I restart the computer and it works.
  11. Tony Macchio

    Found a track panning bug fix

    This may not work for everyone, but sometimes a track wont pan no matter what. I had a mono track going to master, bounced it to mono, to stereo, no dice. No pan. Click the interleave button on master buss to mono, then click it back to stereo. Track pans correctly.
  12. Tony Macchio

    Speakers and interface popping.

    Thanks for the replies, I took the computer in. Getting an SSD drive, Windows 10 and an additional 16gb of ram installed. I'll respond if that fixes it.
  13. Tony Macchio

    Can't hear audio, what am I doing wrong?

    1. Try making sure those outs are enabled in device manager. Control Panel/ hardware and sound/ device manager. Set as default. (I have windows 8.1) 2. Look in DAW. Edit/preferences/ driver settings/ at bottom hit large tab that says ASIO Panel 3. Also in driver settings area of preferences, make sure your Ins and Outs are assigned correctly. 4. While you do all that, make sure all sample rate and bit depth matches. PC, and DAW preferences both read 44.1 /24 bit, or whatever you normally use. What happen to all the old cakewalk forum computer geniuses? Hopefully theyll chime in if that doesnt work.
  14. Tony Macchio

    Speakers and interface popping.

    Also, its good to see people from the old forum transferring to this one, I know some of you guys are computer geniuses. I think its a deep PC issue, but Ive been down the rabbit hole too many times on it, and am about to just replace the computer. But its 8Gb, and only 4 years old, should be enough.
  15. Tony Macchio

    Why is my audio track recording level so low?

    Also, just a heads up, you do not need 48v phantom power engaged with that mic, that button on your interface is used for condenser and active ribbon mics. Not that it would ruin the mic if you did have it on. If using that mic without a pre-amp, youll need to crank the gain to around 90% and add gain after the fact..