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  1. I'll def try that, thanks. I'm taking it in next week to a repair guy. I appreciate all the info, but your responses are above my paygrade. I fear I may have done more damage than necessary in last 2 weeks. I had a lot of songs mixed already that really only needed vocals for an album. Plus 50 other half projects. Fingers crossed. But thanks for trying, your guys' computer knowledge is impressive. Check "garage rodeo" on Spotify a year from now, if there's still only 4 songs, I never found em, lol.
  2. No. Seems like even tho they say wav. file, they wont play. System says its corrupted. I talked to a data recovery company, they said Im screwed, so IDK. Ill keep trying tho.
  3. Yes. It then opens up an empty project. I re-ran recuva, this time sending it to a 3rd drive, then copying it to C drive. Same result so far
  4. You're the man!! That worked out, and I was able to install, and all project folders look to be back in. Although in different order, by track name instead of per project, so I may have to go thru each one. The projects aren't opening tho, and I keep getting this warning. (attached below) Any guesses on the fix? Thanks again for all this guys!
  5. Recuva didnt really work either, but it did load thousands of audio files in my Cdrive. @scookThanks for the info, but that's way over my head. Can I call geek squad or CbB to remotely hack in or something?
  6. Thanks. I have recuva already, I can try that also
  7. Ill try that. Will deleting a symbolic link also help? And if so, I would have to copy and paste it exact off here , this is out of my realm. Thanks again. Also, Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling CBB a few times, no luck
  8. CbB. Im hoping to just revert my computer to Jan 18 if possible
  9. That was a week or 2 ago, I have since tried to revert everything. In that process, the files are back in C drive, but they're empty. Plus CW doesn't open up correctly. Is there a system restore that also affects files?
  10. I didn't. That's what I did originally tho, which is how I got here
  11. Got this from an old Cakewalk forum The Command Center will move it but I prefer to use the command line mklink utility to perform the task. This way everything still appears to be on C:. For example, to move the "Cakewalk Content" folder to the root of D: move "C:\Cakewalk Content" to "D:\Cakewalk Content" using Windows Explorer then, Open a Command Prompt as administrator and type mklink /j "C:\Cakewalk Content" "D:\Cakewalk Content"
  12. I had the great idea to create a symbolic link to my cakewalk folder. That way I could move it to "D drive". Somehow in the process, I erased all my projects, and can't get em back. 1. I need to find out how to maybe erase that symbolic link, nothing has worked. 2. System restore doesn't affect personal files. So no luck there Please help, thanx
  13. Audio track sent to a reverb bus. Bus is routed to an aux track. Press rec on aux track.
  14. Same thing, plus say you want the same automation on reverb as a delay, etc, you can copy the automation, and paste it in to another lane.
  15. Freezing tracks helps. Lower buffer to 1024 when mixing, turn off all plugins, (especially waves stuff for me). If a track needs a lot of plugins, I now mix it in Studio One 5, then export it back to CW. I got in to the habit of constantly bouncing stuff, so there is only a couple plugins working at a time. I had to record guitar last night to a project with a lot of stuff on it, to battle latency, I just turned everything off temporarily.
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