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  1. The video card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, one of the first things I did when the problem started was to update drivers and software for it... I'm slightly embarrassed I never thought about checking for MoBo BIOS and Chipset drivers updates since getting this PC several years ago. I haven't had time in the past week to open too many projects, but I have opened a handful of projects and haven't seen any issues since updating BIOS and Chipset. Thanks for your help StarTekh! I think that was it!
  2. thanks so much! got them, going to install now and see if things improve!
  3. the bios I'm on is F6, I'll get the newer... the Intel INF is the chipset driver? I can find that same place as BIOS?
  4. thanks! it's a Gigabyte Z97-D3H mobo, it could be related to settings in bios?
  5. for any project. have been working on a lot of dif projects lately, doesn't seem to be a problem with a particular file. if it's a cache problem, is there a setting I could adjust to see if it helps?
  6. when I open a project (usually first project after firing up the computer), CbB hangs on "Creating UI". I have to close with Task Manager then try again, which usually opens fine 2nd or 3rd attempt. Anyone else having this issue? I've only seen the issue in the last month - month and a half. I'm running Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit, Intel i7 4.00GHz , 16gb ram, NVidia GTX 760, dual monitor, MOTU 896 mk3 [T.I. Firewire], MOTU midi express XT TIA
  7. Thanks for the help, but for me it ended up being another problem. I went through all the de-activating and re-activating, uninstalling and re-installing only to find out CbB needs to use the VST3 version for Region FX... With all the issues I've had with VST3 plugins (in Sound Forge 12 mostly), and all the crashes I've been having lately in CbB, I tried removing the path to the VST3 folder and have been using the VST2 version of plugins. Once I tried putting that path back in the vst options, it was back in the Region FX. So if anyone has this issue in the future, I hope this post will be helpful
  8. I've had Melodyne since being a SPLAT customer, all of the sudden it's not listed in my region FX. The only thing that's changed in my since I used it last (just a few days ago) is I was experiencing so many crashes with CbB that I went back to the Dec 2018 version, then when that was also crashing I let it update to newest again. Now I have no Melodyne in the program, it's still installed correctly in my system. Any ideas how to see it again in RegionFX? TIA
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