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  1. If I close my eyes I can imagine Erich von Stroheim saying that. To you.
  2. In a society where only slutz have a seat at the table...
  3. BassDaddy

    EzDrummer 2.2.1

    I would think EZ Keys is next. This is the original EZK and it came out in 2012.
  4. This is a GREAT price for a GREAT comp! A secret weapon for your drum bus. $29 is a no brainer of the highest magnitude!
  5. Can't speak to their reliability but they make a helluva Groin Harp!!
  6. Comfortably Numb, There Goes My Hero, Foo Fighters (Foo doesn't have a chance) Living Years Mike and the Mechanics. The first time I heard it I was in a store and I had no idea who it was and couldn't make out any of the words and I still got big tears in my eyes. Keep me in your heart for a While Warren Zevon The last part of Mountain Jam Allman Brothers on Eat A Peach. Duane's playing is beyond words. On The Turning Away Pick Floyd Brothers In Arms gets me every time. So does What's Goin On by Marvin Gaye. I think its a Vietnam war thing for those 2.
  7. Want to like it more than I do. Want to pay (lots) less than they want me to.
  8. I really like Dream Pop EZX and the EZ Keys too. It's not a normal EZX that's for sure.
  9. I pretty much agree with that. I always thought John was the edgey one but he had a lot of wimpy, bla song on his own. They were SOOOOOOO much more than the sum of their parts.
  10. Wow!! I would LOVE to hear more about that!
  11. Merry Christmas from the frozen (high of -1 so far)Tundra of Minnesota to my friends from all over the world. The CbB forum is the the true International House of Pancakes
  12. Hold Up!! That didn't come out right. Fixed
  13. And Merry Christmas to all the subhumans on the folks Deals Forum.
  14. me too. So far either I have it or don't want it. Come on Friday
  15. 10% more off if you sign up for emails.
  16. Not going to buy it today. I could get something else with the money I save. Like an apartment building
  17. The tap to find feature is really good. If you build your track In EZD and save it you can go back and time and see where the midi came from so you can go look in those packs for more. Groove Monkee and some others work with the tap to find. Great feature and time saver too.
  18. Every one who believes that raise your hand
  19. Groove Monkey Southern Rock $9.95 and Chromophone 3 update $32.00 and Eventide Max Out and the plugins. Co-ul! (Didn't put the price in for the H9 Max Out cuz my wife just walked behind me)
  20. How much for the ears?
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