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  1. I appreciate that, and understand where you are coming from. I will note that we are working to improve both our manual/documentation procedures and to also include as many answers to issues and instructions as possible in our Help Center. Our company has been around since 2014, and we certainly have worked to improve these things every year. I think we are on the right track, but not quite finished with the process of getting everything to the right level yet
  2. Hi everyone, Josh from W. A. Production here! Appreciate all the positive discussion here! I came across this forum and saw there were a few things I could help clear up, and have done so in no particular order, below: There is in fact quite a bit of AI in this plugin, and we will be updating our manual to include more details about how it works. The countdown indicator in the bottom-left is a limitation of the demo version. You are limited to 10 generated melodies. It is not intended to freeze the DAW once you hit the limit, and if it is doing so, I apologize. There have been no reports of this happening in the full version. We are hoping to improve visibility/text size in a future update. We have already released an update that fixes the MIDI drag problem some users were having (1.0.1) The chord track will not generate a new pattern unless you hit "generate new progression". This is because the other tracks (bass, melody, etc.) are built around the chord progression (even if no chord progression is visibly generated) Liquid Notes and some other tools were indeed acquired by us. However, it seems those talking about it did not see (or remember) the latest update that was sent to all Liquid Notes users several months ago. I have pasted it below. These updated tools are still in process and were delayed due to Covid and some other factors. I know this is mostly Cakewalk users, but I am hearing some people discussing setup in other DAWs. We have instructional videos for most DAWs here. If anyone would like to send me instructions or a video showing routing with Cakewalk, that would be great, as we do not typically test on Cakewalk and are not Cakewalk users ourselves. My email is josh@waproduction.com VFX Color Mapper is the easiest way to set up FL Studio, as per our instructional video. VFX Color Mapper comes with FL Studio natively... I hope this helps those of you who had questions/trouble! - Josh -- Previously sent Liquid Notes email: Hello, You are receiving this email because of one or both of the following reasons: - You bought Liquid Notes software from Re-Compose in the past. - You own Liquid Notes software and opened an account with WA Production because of Re-Compose’s customer transfer campaign. Regrettably, Liquid Notes has reached the end of its lifecycle. The software has an eventful history. Originally, it was only a by-product of research in the field of generative music around a complex music engine. We found that the chord logic we developed in that wider context was powerful and unique enough to be turned into a useful tool for music producers. However, we did not anticipate how laborious it would become to implement a plug-in with multi-track MIDI communication across various DAWs on several, constantly evolving operating systems. Being a research-driven team, we decided to use Java, which added an extra layer of instability to the process. Overall, it was actually a fun ride to figure out how to overcome various technical obstacles. Last year, we made a final attempt to upgrade the installer and revive Liquid Notes so that existing customers could make it work on the latest operating systems. It did not go as planned. The effort turned out to be enormous, as the inner workings of the program are extremely intricate. Plus, unfortunately, we got hit hard by the Covid pandemic, which temporarily froze all further development in midstream. Long story short, we ran out of breath. The cost-benefit analysis turned out unfavorable. So eventually, we decided to discontinue the product and have its sales stopped by the end of 2020. However, we are in the process of restarting the MIDI/chord line afresh. A new team is already busy with the design and realization of MIDI utilities that will incorporate some of the fundamental aspects of Liquid Notes, which will be rolled out over the course of this year by our partner WA Production. We will be mainly catering to a crowd producing EDM genres and thinking in looped structures. But then that was our original plan right from the beginning of Re-Compose. As a courtesy to you, our valued customers who have accompanied us on our way, we are offering you our first MIDI utilities incorporating logic parts from Liquid Notes for free. You will be informed when they are available. If you want to benefit from this offer and have not yet signed up at WA Production, it is still time. Please visit this link. We wish you a happy, healthy and successful New Year! Stefan Oertl (Re-Compose), Roman Trachta (WA Production)
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