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  1. IL's "minihost modular" is handy - but it only covers one small part of what GP does.
  2. An End-Of-Line GP3 has less value (as resources won't be expended on improving it) - but of course buyers didn't know they were buying EOL. It's pretty normal for very recent buyers to get free/cheap upgrades, as distinct from just existing users - and I don't ever recall seeing differential upgrade pricing based on where it was purchased from. I can see why PA and Deskew played it this way, it puts money in the coffers from people who may never have bought GP at all and some of them may get hooked enough to pay the cost to upgrade to GP4 (even though that cost is far more than they paid PA for GP3) - but it feels a bit "bait and switch".
  3. I love that in phase plant we can insert/modulate their effects plug-ins (in snap-in form) at the per-voice/poly level.
  4. It took me ages to unlock a bunch of CM mags yesterday - click a link, get on with something else for a good few minutes, come back and 50/50 it might have loaded the page. Got there in the end though.
  5. Bought one in 2012 to help with back issues from long stints in front of the computer. Worked like a charm, very comfortable and it's still pretty much like new even after 15,000+ hours use. Has been a rock solid investment for me, even after paying pretty much twice the ask of this offer.
  6. lol yeah - and their upgrade pricing is pretty steep too - it's £85/$119 for me to upgrade from icarus 1. that's why I didn't do it when it first came out and then I promptly forgot it even existed!
  7. Looks really interesting. I love the wavetable editor in the original icarus - I use that to make wavetables for my other wavetable synths. I prefer the results with the re-synthesis in that vs serum. Just checked my email and seems it launched back in October 2020 so I guess this is a best service new addition rather than a new product.
  8. Title says it all - free with june 2021 mag.
  9. Gig performer is brilliant for me. It has a really nice scripting language that includes sysex handling - I use that to make control panels for my roland synths. The only real downside is that unlike plogue bidule, it doesn't pass through midi clock on the midi routings - but it makes up for that with the ease of filtering/mapping etc. Absolute bargain at $50 imo - even better if you can get your hands on a voucher!
  10. melda, image-line, spectrasonics and fabfilter also get my vote. I'd add rob papen to the mix - had some excellent deals based on being an existing customer.
  11. Not sure what your gripe is - graphics are part and parcel of the music biz.
  12. The other thing to mention with GP is the ability to build control panels for the plugins being used - and can control external midi hardware via CCs, or using the scripting language to generate sysex. The whole thing feels like something built from solving real-world problems - very handy stuff.
  13. I dismissed it last time it was on offer as merely being a plugin-chainer, but I demo'd it and found it to be so much more. I have been waiting for it to go on sale so I'm a very happy bunny today. It will pretty much replace plogue bidule for me as a quick and easy way to route my hardware synth midi and audio, and to be able to more easily bring plugins into that mix. The midi routing is really nice as can very easily map midi channels, filter event types, setup splits/layers and transpose notes.
  14. not sure why you think they have zero usb ports - the ports aren't USB A, but an adapter or hub than costs a few dollars solves that.
  15. Am I missing something - isn't this still ultimately the same "instrument>effects>recorder" chain, just split as "[instrument>effects]>recorder" vs a DAW's "instrument>[effects>recorder]"? How is a plugin effects chain in something like metaplugin/bidule/patchwork/axiom any less portable?
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