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  1. same story for me. I'd spent silly money on an aresline xten to try and it did nothing for long hours except aggravate my back, so I bought an aeron miller in 2012 in size C (large) which gave me the extra height I needed for my feet to rest comfortably on the ground. 10 years in and my back has been much better and this thing still looks (and feels) like new despite 8+ hours a day for 10 years. rock solid investment all ways around for me.
  2. yeah, same registered address - looks almost like grandmother is director of both, time+space is shared with son and zero-g is shared with grandson. Whilst limited companies don't have direct responsibility to each other, a personal guarantee can still have a knock-on effect.
  3. very different thing when you make something once and sell it over and over vs resellers that have to buy every unit they sell and compete with others selling the exact same thing.
  4. the "listen to samples" link in the original email:
  5. This has now hit - shows in my wave alchemy account as "Kontakt - Wav_Format" - 2.8gb of drums clean/tape1/tape2 - 44.1kHz/24bit.
  6. @Jim: Why do you feel empowered to reframe the definition of professional so favorably narrow here given your original post of "Those who think most professionals are using Mac..." was in response to a clearly more general definition of professional? You've taken it from the original "professionals" to "top tier professionals" and now to "high level professional composers for TV/Film". You are railroading this discussion to suit your own agenda.
  7. How about this: pro tools expert did a poll with 4,000 responders last year. out of those that responded, 70% (2,800) were using mac and 30% (1,200) windows. Given macs are traditionally more expensive than windows computers like-for-like and a lot of hobbyists have windows computers for other reasons, especially gaming, isn't it a reasonable expectation that a mac user will be more likely than a windows user to be using it professionally? https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/production-expert-1/not-all-creatives-use-macs It's far from perfect - but at least it's data of a reasonable size and spread.
  8. care to explain? Jim said "Those who think most professionals are using Mac:" and then provided a few bits of anecdotal evidence. You treated that like it was an unassailable truth that had come down from on high. Which parts of this are you struggling with - that anecdotal evidence isn't proof, or that "most" is not the same as "many"?
  9. btw, I wasn't saying I know that macs have the "most" professionals using them over PCs - just that anecdotal evidence isn't proof as it's statistically insignificant weighed again the whole. I like mac, it works great for me - but I won't lose any sleep if PCs are "better" or more professionals use them. It'd be interesting to see the results of a well-constructed survey showing which system professionals are using - can anybody point to one?
  10. How about just bringing a touch of objective common sense to it? A smaller percentage of a large number is still a significant number in absolute terms - making it easy to cite individual examples without proving anything one way or the other. I'd also venture that a man that builds and ships PCs is likely to have his experience skewed towards the group of professionals that are using PCs.
  11. I think we're roughly on the same page - I'd rephrase what you wrote as "if/when you need to upgrade to the version of macos that kills off rosetta, all your legacy plugins become toast".
  12. you're moving goalposts here - that's not the same as "As soon as Apple pulls Rosetta, all your legacy plugins become toast". ableton 11 runs fine on 10.13, which is from 2017 - but you're missing the point about people not necessarily needing to upgrade. If you have to resort to edge cases, then this isn't a real discussion at all.
  13. past experience is apple support old OS versions for about 3 years, so if they did pull rosetta there should be a decent buffer rather than being an overnight switch being flicked. that's assuming the owner wants/needs to run a maintained OS - if not, it doesn't really affect them at all unless/until they have a need to run a newer OS, but even then they may be able to run a later but pre-rosetta-kill macos version.
  14. It's a weird setup they have going with how it links to the library card, rather than being a simple username/password login - I've never tried logging out of it and wouldn't be surprised if you can't.
  15. I can add g-force's oddity 2 and minimonsta (imposcar 2 does work) along with D16's sigmund to that. I do see enough difference using m1 native plugins in the m1 native ableton 11 beta to make it worthwhile, especially resource hungry stuff like DIVA - but rosetta 2 is extremely impressive. The automatic rosetta wrapper used for audio unit plugins inside the m1 native ableton version works well too - even allowing me to run p900 modular from nothing but a straight copy over of the plugin! - but AUs don't allow midi out from midi effect plugins that run as instruments, so I find myself using both versions of ableton, depending on the plugins I want to use. Overall I have been very happy with my 16gb mac mini m1 - I expected far more issues than I've actually had with it. It just sits there silently running (almost) everything I throw at it.
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