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  1. Personally I think waverazor at $79.50 is the biggest synth bargain out there - if you're willing to put the time in to learn the UI.
  2. abyss $64.50 f'em $89.50 waverazor $79.50 spacecraft $49.50 hyperion $64.60 and more - discounts don't show until click to buy http://www.tracktion.com
  3. I hope they bring these new filters to a revamped twin-2 synth.
  4. ...or free with a quick online signup to a local library and libbyapp.com
  5. not a fan of waves and needing to do the WUP dance to get plugins working with later versions of macos - but it was worth the $14 to get flowmotion and element 2.0 up and running on m1+big sur. Pretty much everything else is a virtual paperweight now for me.
  6. the ACB synths use circuit modelling for the emulation, so there's no compromise - but each voice is heavy on CPU Zenology uses zencore synth engine parameters to do the analog model emulations. zencore itself is like the xv-5080 synth engine with VA added to it, the analog models are a layer that sits on top of zencore and pull its strings using range limiting, scaling and setting up macros eg kicking in an eq boost when juno 106 hp filter is set to step 0 it uses the 2 high quality "VCF" roland filters in zencore, one for jupiter 8 and the other one is tweaked to cover sh-101, juno 106 and jx-8p duties. the same va/calculated oscillators are used for all the analog models, and it does use some PCM's too for jup 8 sin/tri, jx-8p pulse and sh-101 2oct sub It's pretty impressive what they've done, but it has limitations from using that zencore engine as its base, eg there's no noise LFO for the sh-101 as there is no noise LFO in zencore.
  7. Paul_in_wales

    Bye bye SSD's

    It's a funny thing - I could swear I remember Tomorrow's World spreading jam on a cd to show its durability - seems I'm not alone is misremembering that: https://www.orchardoo.com/TWCompactDisc.htm
  8. If you can get past the interface and headline waveform splitting concept, there's a decent CPU-friendly VA synth lurking inside waverazor. 3 oscillators + 3 filters with a bunch filter models and deep routing options, crazy amount of parameters for use with the extensive modulation system etc, LFOs that go to 2.5kHz etc, lots of FX inc decent saturators. It's one of my favourite sounding VAs.
  9. yeah, they have a very interesting definition of "any" over there in plugin-alliance towers.
  10. Sorry to hear that Brian - I wasn't going to buy GP4 given the upgrade price from GP3 wasn't that attractive, but this was a no-brainer.
  11. very unusual that this DOES include gig performer 4 unlocked - they normally exclude that one from these sales.
  12. massive collections of reaktor blocks, including polyphonic blocks and complete synths: "SUMMER SALE! All packs and bundles 30% off!" - not sure when this started or when it ends, but I filled by boots on this one earlier and couldn't be happier: https://www.toyboxaudio.com/
  13. New midi auto-composer plugin - on offer at $29.70 vs $99 normal (and at pluginboutique.com if you have some cash/tokens there) https://www.waproduction.com/plugins/view/instacomposer genuinely impressed with this, especially at this price point
  14. I have scaler2 and captain chords, but I prefer using the harvest plugins forager for finding interesting chord progressions - makes me feel more involved in the process than the other two I mentioned. I combine that with secondary plugins like phrasebox or chord potion to do interesting things with the chords. https://harvestplugin.com/forager/ I did try chordjam and it has some interesting things going for it for sure - didn't quite tip me for buying yet, but I dare say it will end up in my plugins folder at some point.
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