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  1. Computer Music magazine's December freebie is Kilohearts Slice EQ (normally $79) - works as standalone plugin, or as a snapin for multipass/phase plant etc. The great thing is that as a snapin this has a modulatable curve offset/transpose - opens up custom filter curves within phase plant. The mag also hints that carve eq will be a freebie in 6 month: "Carve EQ is Kilohearts other EQ...We'll (hint.hint!) hopefully be taking a very close look at this sibling to Slice in six months time so check back then for some Carve action!"
  2. This was $79 in June and with Audio Deluxe's additional discount I paid $67 for it - so a pretty healthy 33% off. Right now, it's $84 at AD and $85 at dontcrack.com without any specific promo from bluecat ($99 list).
  3. yes, I'm logged in but my order history only goes to 2018 I imagine if you can't log in it's because your details aren't right for 2018.
  4. It's back up for me today
  5. you can also buy their everything bundle (49gb ) for $69 - and the code "snacks" take 10% extra off, making it $59: https://samplesfrommars.com/products/all-products-from-mars
  6. $88 at dontcrack.com in the PDZ with code PDZ_Zynaptiq
  7. if buying from audiodeluxe the prices are the same but you get 10% in their loyalty currency for future orders.
  8. Bought it on a whim thinking "this'll come in handy for something" - on reflection, I strongly recommend any potential buyers to take the time to watch the demo video and ask themselves if they actually have a use for something that sounds like that.
  9. quick note that jrrshop is now carrying this offer, discount codes don't work but it might be of interest to those who have to pay VAT at gforce. https://www.jrrshop.com/gforce Imposcar2 really holds up for me even in the face of the latest and greatest.
  10. for anyone that wants to buy just this years stuff for $9, here's my code: H88FLTS8 - (the email with the code actively encourages sharing unused codes) https://samplesfrommars.com/products/2019-from-mars Contents: OB From Mars, MPC1 From Mars, Jupiter Drums From Mars, SP 909 From Mars, Lindrum From Mars
  11. worth checking on the eventide site ( https://www.eventideaudio.com ) if you already have some of their plugins - giving me an upgrade to anthology xi for $299 there.
  12. I was on V5 and not a particular fan of their old analog emulations, but the newer stuff they've added recently is interesting in pure synthesis terms and sounds good to my ears regardless of how accurate it is to the original. $99 to add dx7, cmi (especially the additive side), cz, synthi, buchla and mellotron is one of the best bargains I've had in recent times.
  13. got to love the fake "# of users" ticker at the top of the wusik.com site.
  14. Can't say I was looking for more plugins, but can't argue with £13 for the hatefish rhygenerator euclidean sequencer, CLMS (automatically adjusts gain at the receive plugin to bring the level back to the send plugin's value - reducing the "louder=better" effect of processing), and thenormalizer. Very pleased with all 3.
  15. I love this thing: a retro drum machine that uses synthesized rather than sampled sounds. Simple to use, sounds good and it's all of $12: https://synsonic-instruments.com/apollon/
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