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  1. Can also relate to this. Nice trippy track on a serious subject freddy.
  2. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Thank you very much freddy. Appreciate you listening and your feedback.
  3. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Thank you very much Paul for listening and your kind words.
  4. kloon

    Red Light Blues

    Hehe, even i was yelling "come on light" by the end of the song. Good work Bjorn.
  5. kloon

    I Wanna Be Free

    Sounds "radio ready" now!
  6. kloon

    Science Rock

    Wow, this is great! But i do think that the non-spoken vocals are a bit low.
  7. kloon

    I Wanna Be Free

    Great. I think it sounds really good now RR! 2 minor observations and a suggestion: 2 Mouthklicks i found distracting, one at 0:19, and one Your love is the "K"ey at 1:45. I could be completely off but im thinking that the drums could use a tamburine on some parts to make them less static?! Just a thought. I dont know why and i cant explain but i get a tamburine feel.
  8. kloon

    A Woman Scorned

    You should definitely mix your vocals the way you want and be faithful to your own creative process. Just make sure that you dont drown / hide them in too much fx cause you´re uncomfortable with your own voice. Your voice is great!
  9. kloon

    A Woman Scorned

    Great! Nice well written and arranged song Keith. The vocals sound a bit weird, almost like they have a phaser on them. Your vocals are great so you could try adding an additional track with a cleaner (less fx) lead vocal.
  10. Love the flow, you are very talanted! Nice beard as well, been growing mine out since end of august last year so its not quite a impressive as yours yet but pretty majestic.
  11. Great stuff, very polished in sound and panning. Maybe a pinch more power in the drums? Good work!
  12. kloon

    I Wanna Be Free

    Beautiful track RexRed, really like it when the strings come in. Som sounds are a bit dry to my ears, the organ in particular. Im not a big fan of the 100% right pan you have on one guitar, it gets a bit distracting. Great vocals!!
  13. Cool track, candy for the ears.
  14. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Hehe, "Electro-angst" love that term. Glad you liked the song Paul, will have to check out The Proclaimers. Cheers.
  15. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Thank you Wookiee!
  16. Great track Douglas, i get a bit of britpop feel (Oasis, Richard Ashcroft) in the vocals.
  17. kloon

    We the Living

    Nice one David, very cinematic feel with the horns. I can imagine this being played if James Bond where ever performed on a stage.
  18. kloon


    Top notch indeed! Well done Anders.
  19. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Thank you very much Andy!
  20. kloon


    On a side note, i did LIB a couple of years ago. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cza7amfusovbas3/LETITBE_RC2.wav
  21. kloon


    I must say that i prefer a cover that ads a personal touch to the song and not just copies it. But with that said, you have pretty much nailed the song. Very good work!
  22. Great, you must be very proud!
  23. Great track, very profesional sounding! The vocals are great but a bit low in volume to my ears.
  24. kloon


    I like it! It has a nice flow.
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