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  1. Hmm... doesn't seem to mention whether a TPM will still be needed
  2. I would agree, but my wallet and disk space meters generally start frowning when I fill up my cart with SDXs
  3. I know this will be subjective, but is Legacy of Rock better than some of the other newer SDXs (e.g. The Rooms of Hansa, Decades) too?
  4. Looks like it's Mac-only at the moment. I'm going to guess it will be higher, pricewise - the new AMEK 9099 console has a list price of $449; Style Creator seems like bx_masterdesk ($299), but with a lot more tweakability, different producer styles, possibly some behind-the-scenes AI, and batch/parallel processing (not sure this will actually be useful if running on a single machine).
  5. Not 100% on this, but I think the factory library's the same - in my Native Access, I can see Kontakt 5, and Kontakt (i.e. version 6), but there's only one Kontakt Factory Library; two if you also count Kontact Factory Selection, but it doesn't seem version specific. If you're only using one or two sounds from the factory libraries, you could always just bounce down the tracks (you can keep the MIDI parts in case you ever need to change them).
  6. Depends on what someone needs - you can find a comparison table here: https://www.izotope.com/en/products/rx/features.html#comp The features exclusive to Advanced are: Dialogue Isolate Spectral Recovery Wow & Flutter correction Dialogue Contour Dialogue De-reverb De-rustle Ambience Match Center Extract De-wind Deconstruct Azimuth EQ Match Leveler Surround Support
  7. That said, the lowest I've seen the 9000J for was $99, and that was a 1 (or 2) day special.
  8. If you're planning on adding to your sonic palette, some of the newer libraries require Kontakt 6. If you like vocals, ETHERA Gold 2.5 sounds really good (and Daniele's voice really does complement Clara's); it requires Kontakt 6.4.2.
  9. Not right now - they just want $499 at the moment. I get it - you don't need the extras, but it's a pretty good deal for someone who might.
  10. As Larry mentioned, PRO is sub only. Most probably what will happen is that PRO will always contain the bleeding-edge feature set as soon as those features are ready. However, every year or two the feature set will 'freeze' and become MPS 5, etc. This is pure speculation on my part though.
  11. antler

    Imageline Sytrus

    Yes - though I thought I saw somewhere that if you've bought it before, you'll still be able to continue downloading it from your account if you need the installer. Might not get any VST version updates though.
  12. I've read that SSDs function best when there's ~10% free space available. Does anyone know if this applies to an SSD being used as a sample drive, where I'm mostly only reading data off it?
  13. If you want to help, buy something - nobody said you have to use or even install anything you buy.
  14. I know this is a more expensive solution, but if you like their stuff, you could wait until the sale they usually have around the end of the year - pick up three discounted libraries, and you could choose the fourth for free.
  15. No brakes? I'm guessing it was (too) easy to get full kontakt 😜
  16. Is there anything in the group buy that isn't in TSM3? I'm guessing one or two of the newer instruments for SampleTank?
  17. True - but don't forget that unlike other subs, you get back a voucher of equal value to pick up your favourites (ideally during a sale).
  18. Interesting... If this is an offline product with a perpetual license, this might be the end of online AI mastering services. It'd also be interesting to see how these masters compare with the work of human mastering engineers. I do question the effectiveness of bouncing all tracks in parallel (around 1:40). Analysing all tracks in parallel might be possible and worth it if you have enough CPU cores, but unless all 12 songs are being written to 12 different disks, I would have thought that disk I/O would mean that it's more efficient to write the bounces to disk one song after another.
  19. I admit I didn't read all of it, but I did see a comment near the end from someone who said they'd asked iZotope support whether they could buy a perpetual for the new features in Ozone and Nectar Pro, and that the response was that they were sub-only. However, that could actually mean: They never plan to release a perpetual version of those products again, or These features are currently sub-only, but will appear in the next major release (e.g. Ozone 10), coming in a year or two's time. However, at this point in time, sub is the only way to get those features. I have no connection to iZotope and I have no idea which it actually means. However, here is a comparison chart from their FAQ Yes, the text does say "Pro" products will be receiving additional features and exclusive content over time, but also note the * at the bottom, implying that a successor to Ozone 9 Advanced will be released.
  20. I don't think iZotope is going to fully go sub any time soon. It's being added as a purchase option (just like bundles instead of individual products), which might make sense to businesses, and also in certain other scenarios. It wouldn't make sense for them to say sub is the only way to go. The successful subs stories are from companies that pretty much own the professional market (e.g. Adobe, MS Office); as mentioned above, there are plenty of alternatives to iZotope's plugins if you really wanted to abandon them (and you could probably pick up many in IK's current group buy). PA make excellent mixing/mastering plugins too, and they're not going the sub-only route.
  21. The first photo makes it look like an Excel Spreadsheet generator 🤪
  22. Put Motion keys in your basket on the SL website. Cinematic Keys will be offered at a special price - or at least it was for me. Morphestra 2 offered Symphonic AI at a reduced price; not sure if any of the other specials offer a discounted product.
  23. I got a redeem code with MPS4; it was just the same one as I got with MPS3, and so I couldn't renew at G3 because the code had already been used (by me previously).
  24. Also, bear in mind that if you upgrade from MPS3 to MPS4, you don't get a new Groove3 1-year-pass (or at least I didn't).
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