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  1. 1 hour ago, Reid Rosefelt said:

    I've fooled around with XO, but never actually finished any music with it.  Turns out you can't play it into your DAW, you have to output wavs.

    I managed to - my biggest 'problem' with it is that it's limited to 8 sounds per instance. IIRC, there are some MIDI keys somewhere - one for each loaded sound. You can export MIDI (you might need to install an update) from XO to your DAW. You can also sync it to your DAW so that it plays whenever the DAW transport is running. The third option is, as you mentioned, to export wavs.

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  2. 1 hour ago, sarine said:

    Even the VST3 SDK is open under GPLv3

    GPL3 is very copyleft. If you choose to license as GPL, your derived product must also be licensed as GPL. You can still sell it (I think...), but you have to make the source 'available'.

  3. 1 hour ago, James Foxall said:

    ...and Wusik will spam you into the ground. He doesn't honor unsubscribes either (and I bought him a coffee).

    You could put the address into your email client's spam-lists; they'll go straight to Junk.

  4. Does that mean that going forward, hosts will eventually stop scanning for/loading VST2 plugins? I tend to only install VST3 ones nowadays, but I'm wondering if it means I'll (eventually) no longer be able to use some of the older VST2 plugs I have.

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  5. 10 hours ago, paulo said:

    I don't know why anyone would buy Kontakt as a standalone product. Waiting not very long for the inevitable 50% off Komplete sale seems like far better VFM.

    Generally, it's only Komplete upgrades that are 50% discounted; for a new comer, this would be a good deal.

  6. Nice song Paul - there's some great playing in there too.

    A very minor thing that I noticed (possibly just me) was that the compression ratio felt a tiny bit too heavy, as the drums felt a little squeezed to me. Overall a good mix though - well done!

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  7. 33 minutes ago, PavlovsCat said:

    If I look at Google's reporting, the majority of small developers -- whose sales are posted here -- have been hacked in the last two years and their databases have been compromised.

    I'm guessing that's why some end up using third party services, e.g. FastSpring, GumRoad, etc, to do the commercial transactions.

  8. 7 hours ago, Fleer said:

    Like this one very much. It’s got a smaller (mixing) and a larger (mastering) version. 

    How so? Do you mean there's a way to toggle between the two versions, or that it's got two plugins?

  9. 1 hour ago, Zo said:

    149 $ for an update .... and some thougth steinberg was abusive ...

    I'd recommend you stop shopping from wherever it is that's offering you that deal.

    From the Presonus website:


    Studio One 5.5 is a free update for Studio One 5 users and PreSonus Sphere members. New to Studio One? Try it for 30 days FREE!


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  10. I enjoyed that - there's a really nice interplay between the guitar and the horns. Really good mix too!

    Have to ask though - what inspired the track title? :)

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  11. 3 hours ago, Brian Walton said:

    I'm curious who has the cash to spend this kind of money on a couple high/low filters.  Seems absurd to me.  Even $20 is a little questionable for a non-resizable interface with a couple filters.


    Curious against something like MBandPass which is free or a plethora of other options on the market.

    Maybe it's comparing itself/competing with the likes of e.g. PA's Dangerous Music BAX EQ?

  12. The vocals and guitar seem to be the loudest things in that mix - it's important that they're heard, but you also need to balance out the other instruments. When starting a mix, one of the first things I do is to get a good general balance before adding compression/eq - it helps to turn the volume down so that I can just barely hear it, and then to adjust the levels so that you can make out all the instruments. It can also help to listen to reference tracks at that volume too, to compare which elements of the song you can hear.

    Once the levels are approximately there, you can turn it back up and start making things a bit clearer by adding eq/panning. When I was learning to mix, I used this article:


    (I don't think it was on that website when I found it, but the article text is the same). If any instruments sound thin, you can try adding some compression to give them a bit more sustain/punch/body. I usually apply compression before the eq - compression alters the sonic quality of the instrument, and then the eq helps it fit in the mix.

    Compressing the busses also helps to glue everything together - generally, you'll want a gentler compression ratio and attack/release for the busses than the individual tracks.

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  13. 2 hours ago, marled said:

    I am tired of updating NI stuff!

    Don't do it then - just because there's an entry in the Available Updates tab in Native Access; you don't have to click the Update button, and they don't install themselves either. Disable Native Access from your computer's start-up (that's what I do), and it'll be like the update was never released (unless you encounter a problem and want to install it).

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  14. 19 hours ago, Yan Filiatrault said:

    Also, is it me who doesn’t know how, or is there a way to reach directly the unread posts on a thread without scrolling and guessing the page you last visited ?

    When signed in, you might see a dot (or star, if you've posted in a thread) [as shown in the screenshot below] - if you click on that (and not the orange text link), you'll be taken to the last message you've read


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  15. 23 hours ago, kevin H said:

    This is probably a silly question but 99.9 % of the times I visit this forum is on my cell.  I don’t see anyone’s signature.  Does this only show up on full site?   

    Not sure about mobile, but signatures don't seem to appear if you're not signed in on the full version

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