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  1. Can someone recommend a console plugin that would be good for modern orchestral/cinematic stuff? I'd like to be able to emphasise soaring highs, but I don't need it to be aggressive, if that makes sense.
  2. I think these sound great - I can never quite get myself to buy guitar loop instruments though; rightly or wrongly, there's a nagging feeling that there's an element of inflexibility with loops that might hold me back in some way. That said, I'm not a good enough guitarist to play this type of material myself.
  3. Could be wrong, but I think that's the default location for VST plugins (though VST2s can be put anywhere). I've replaced that folder with a symlink that points to another drive where all my plugins actually go.
  4. PA vouchers expiring before the end of the month? Must be a sale starting tomorrow...
  5. Video's not there for me... Any chance you could say which game it's for?
  6. Their site looks ok to me - is this the one you were looking at? https://audiomodeling.com/
  7. Now there's a thought - Shadow Hills salsa... not quite sure what that would mean though...
  8. Think I remember reading that the green one's a little smoother, whereas the red one's a bit more hot and edgy.
  9. Hmm... not quite sure what that rebel dude is gesturing with his right hand... on second though, not sure I want to know...
  10. This might help https://www.techjunkie.com/upgrade-windows-8-1-to-windows-10/ When I upgraded my PC, I created a Windows 10 USB stick. It was a while ago now, but according to that link the method still works
  11. This is no doubt a great deal, but it's also not that difficult to link your existing Windows license to your Microsoft Account since the Anniversary Update - you pretty much just log in with it. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-link-your-windows-10-product-key-microsoft-account
  12. This is from the requirements page: and this is from the FAQ: so it looks like iLok is optional, but you need at least one activation on Celemony's system.
  13. If it's not MODO Harp and you still want a modelled harp, you can always look at Pianoteq and its harp instrument pack...
  14. It kinda looks like a broken outline of a plectrum to me, but it could well be a stylised 'V'
  15. I don't think they do the typical sales. I remember reading an email a while ago saying that while they didn't do the usual sales, they were doing a one-off sale to celebrate something or other. They might change their mind, I don't know. In any case, this might be the one you're after (take a seat and put down anything fragile before you look at the price... which isn't that bad for what you're actually getting) https://audiomodeling.com/swam-all-in-bundle/
  16. They've recently added solo brass (trumpet, trombone, horn) instruments to their line-up. I seem to remember from reading their roadmap that ensembles were up next - things have slowed a little from their original timeline, but apparently it's still their plan.
  17. This sounds quite amazing - it seems like the devs really put a lot of effort into making a ready-made piano sound. Does anyone know if it 'works' in the mix? While the environments and spaciousness sound great, it seems like it might stand apart from the other instruments/reverbs that are also in a song.
  18. Is Morphestra like CinemorphX? The sound demos I've listened to sound very similar.
  19. I think the last time I saw 50%, it was for bundles rather than single plugins; it was either for BF, or the Christmas end-of-year sale (can't remember which). @Zo might know the answer to this - I seem to remember he gets an educator's discount on some things
  20. Boo... 😞 Maybe v6 will be optional, like iZotope...
  21. Here's another GAS test - do you have enough plugins/libraries that you can cover the General MIDI soundset when excluding the 'all-in-one' plugins such as SampleTank?
  22. I'm considering picking up a few of Melda's plugins the next time they go on sale. I've never bought any before, but I did pick up a freebie they gave out a few years ago. Does anyone know if I'll be able to use someone's referrer code to get a discount (not asking for someone's code just yet)? It'll be the first time that I buy their plugins, but it/they won't be the first in my account (because I previously picked up a freebie).
  23. Maybe the v13 WUP will include important and ground-breaking features such as Readable text at more zoom sizes, e.g. 75% Clearer graphics at larger zoom sizes
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