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  1. Full Kontakt only https://soundiron.com/collections/best-sellers/products/desk-bell
  2. The Soundiron sale just gone wasn't that appealing to me (Soundiron make very good libs, btw) as I already had a number of the libraries and the cost of buying the whole bundle (wasn't eligible to upgrade) was a bit too high. On this occasion I have no libraries in this bundle, so this looks quite interesting...
  3. The older ones maybe - Legacy of Rock wants 180 GB for a complete install! 😜
  4. I dare you - buy Superior 3 and a couple of the newer SDXs, and tell me you still have space 😁
  5. Interesting... though I wonder whether this will still get support now that ROLI has ceased trading. It's replacement company (can't remember its name - begins with L) is alive and kicking, though it wasn't clear whether they'd support ROLI products.
  6. IIRC, MODO bass came out first. They probably received feedback that grooves were good, and then decided to add that feature to their newer products instead. Being modelled, I bought MODO drum thinking that IK would/could easily add new kits and tools (e.g. brushes); think about how many different sounds Modartt can get out of their Pianoteq engine - piano variants, glockenspiels, steel drums, marimbas. I suppose the cymbals in MODO drum (being sampled) present a challenge though.
  7. Yes, but the aim is to not need to use it (your performance will end up being bad, as Jim mentioned). If you find all your RAM being used up, it might be an idea to bounce some tracks down to disk.
  8. It's probably(?) to check for new versions - there's a popup that lets you know if there's an update that comes up every now and then.
  9. If you really want to manage it yourself, I think I read that it should be 2.5 times the size of your RAM (it was a while ago, so could be completely wrong on this.) I think overall, it's best if you just let Windows manage it for you. Assuming you're using an SSDs for your Windows partition/drive, it will want to put it on the same drive (if it's managing it for you). Ideally it should go on your fastest drive, as the page file is what your computer will use in place of memory if you run out - put it on a slower drive and things are going to start feeling horribly slow when it's being used. However, whether it will use the page file is another question, and will depend on what you're doing. If you're loading lots of large sample libraries, you're more likely to run into memory problems; if you're dealing mostly with recorded audio, you shouldn't have too many problems.
  10. Our Brand New Creative Gate Sequencer Gatelab is Here! (and it's free) We're thrilled to announce that our new gate sequencer plugin is now available! ..and it's awesome. a modern sequencer, volume Modulation generator and beyond.. Gatelab randomizes a unique combination of parameters and is delivering endless rhythmic effects. It can also send MIDI data, giving it the ability to randomize parameters in other plug-ins. https://audiomodern.com/free/
  11. Just got an email to say vouchers expire soon - September 26 - 11:59 PM California Time Looks like there might be a special sale coming at the end of the month?
  12. Bump - now available https://www.wavesfactory.com/audio-plugins/quantum/
  13. antler

    PA Suhr PT100

    Thanks - I'm not a bassist, but I'll definitely consider it for running bass VIs through.
  14. antler

    PA Suhr PT100

    Any suggestions for the second part of this deal (i.e. any amp/s for $29.99 each)? I've previously picked up the Fuchs amps and the ENGL 646/765.
  15. Just to mention another deal highlighted above, Artifact (for Ambition) sounds lovely!
  16. They're not sampled - they're modelled, meaning a tiny disk footprint too (though slightly higher CPU usage). For best results (though not a requirement), you might consider getting a MIDI breath controller.
  17. Can't say I have I'm afraid. It's probably because T+S is UK based, and their deal with Audio Modeling was restricted to that region. US based shops should be cleared to sell within the US though - best to check, but I think it'll probably be ok.
  18. Flowsonics has released Intercosm, a creative shimmer reverb effect designed to make lush sounds with unique tails. The shimmer effect is created by sending a pitch-shifted signal into an algorithmic reverb, and by feeding the processed signal back into the pitch-shifter. The result can be anything from bouncy delays to massive ethereal shimmers. Intercosm has several audio reversal capabilities which lets you creatively shape both the incoming and outgoing audio in unique ways. It includes a visualizer for the reverse audio buffer and gives the user the ability to freely adjust the length of the reversed signal. Intercosm is available now in VST, VST3, and AU for Windows and macOS with a free demo available at flowsonics.net. Pricing Intercosm is available at flowsonics.net for an introductory offer of 19.99 USD until October 10th, 2021. After that, the plug-in sells for 29.99 USD. https://www.flowsonics.net/intercosm
  19. https://www.audiodeluxe.com/search/site/swam https://www.ilio.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=swam https://www.jrrshop.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=swam&order=relevance&dir=desc
  20. I was interested, but they don't accept PayPal
  21. Translation: someone tripped and face-planted the road
  22. Electronic drums in pop songs aren't generally known for multi-layer dynamics. Put it this way: you've got a library of pretty good sounding pop drums (albeit probably single dynamic, as per the target music genre), and some MIDI patterns for fairly cheap - a typical MIDI pack might cost that much.
  23. Kinda looks like Chromaphone, but with a UI specialised for their controllers. The video features other controllers too, though it looks like the Touché gets special treatment.
  24. Looks very similar to Chromaphone. I wonder how much they actually differ.
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