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  1. Are you using any plug ins that are free trials ? Have a demo mode ? Are the dips always in the same spot ?
  2. Which USB codec are you refering to ? And do you have the ASIO4ALL driver installed for this unit ?
  3. Are you recording to an external audio drive ? How old is the SSD drive you are using ? Is it close to being full ?
  4. Ive been using Focusrite for years for years and never had a problem. i know some have mentioned they have but i haven't.
  5. Dont trust windows media player for any kind of measuring stick. Mix to -3db peak. Then master it. Which should bring the level up to -0.3db (for digital overs never mix to 0db). Mastering is the process that gives you the loudness while still retaining dynamics.
  6. I would like to see some improvements to the way in which Cakewalk handles naming clips. One idea would allow for Markers to be linked in the clips name. For example, i create a marker called: "Chorus". Ideally the clip would then be named after its track (Example- Guitar lead) and the clips title would be "Guitar lead/Chorus".
  7. Now days, almost every single plug in has input control, as long as you recorded at a decent level and are not blowing meters up, you shouldn't have to use clip gain a whole lot unless you are using it as an effect. That's just my 2 cents anyway. The days long ago when some plug ins had no way to control their input gain was essential.
  8. This happens to me as well. I dont believe it has anything to do with Cakewalk as much as it is the Speakers/monitors built in protection circuit. Even using stand alone plug ins (Guitar rig for example) i have 1-2 seconds of silence before my speakers are activated to normal mode. What kind of speakers are you using ?
  9. Its basically a new Sonar. No learning curve. Its the same DAW with added features and updated bug fixes. Keep your old Sonar installations where they are, don't remove them as Cakewalk by bandlab will work side by side still allowing you to use all the plug ins you had in Sonar. Its really that easy
  10. Users have made note in the past freezing too many region FX/Melodyne edits has caused instability. The original wave is always stored in your projects working audio folder. The way i have always looked at Melodyne clips is something close to fixing something that's not right. I'm not worried about using Melodyne on something that needed to fixed in the first place. In most cases, i'd rather re-record a track if its that bad, however i can re-open a Region FX clip as many times as i want so how necessary is it to go back to the original wave file ? Unless of course i am experimenting on a clip and screw it up so bad I need to restart all over, how many times has that happened to me ? 1 out of 100 times. And more often than not i realize how foolish the melodyne edit sounds before i close the project and undo everything.
  11. 2 words.... "Ripple - Editing" Turn on Ripple editing and Grab the whole group and shift it to its new home. EDIT Oh yea... and don't forget to turn it off when your done.
  12. We posted at the same time. Glad its solved.
  13. You might get a better solution by listing your audio device. If your using onboard audio or some driver this "Mic" has, also list the driver mode you are using (WASAPI, ASIO, MME).
  14. That would be the video i made. What's the difference between the original track and one that has melodyne edits done to it ? There's no degeneration between the original clip and a Melodyne clip. Unless you just feel more comfortable using the original clip (which are saved in your projects audio folder by the way. Freezing multiple melodyne region FX is only going to cause problems down the road, You'll see. There's a good reason The "Bounce to clips" and "Render Region FX" option is there. If it was useless, everyone would be freezing their tracks instead. Once you close the project there's no more undo.
  15. Load up your old DAW or do a custom installation and point Cakewalk to the plug in folder (I believe its the same folder as Cakewalk by bandlbad defaults to). Most of these plug ins can be used but your previous DAW needs to be installed, or as i said, a custom install of plug ins only.
  16. No i'm using the PRV with 1/4 notes. The names of drums load on the left hand side as normal. The drum pane has different look to it, i'll try to post a screenshot later. I tried using using @scook suggestion yesterday and its a good one. I just just prefer working in PRV.
  17. I appreciate the suggestion. i just cant stomach that drum pane. Maybe its just my personal preference where PRV notes are easier to see on the eyes.
  18. The other method is using the Drum pane. Which for me anyway, is a bit difficult, you are grabbing those little triangles which i can not always grab in one click unless my Zoom is maxed in. Using 1/4 or 1/16 notes are easier to grab and lets you work in a wider field.
  19. Yea wish i had some words of encouragement. For what it's worth, i've never heard of anyone (actually ever) disabling their cd/dvd player to improve latency. Is your audio interface bus powered ? or plug in (AC) ? I actually like what Reaper has to offer (especially in its way to manipulate audio speed). But i find Cakewalk with more features and easier to use. for what i do anyway (typical project is 30 audio tracks/5 midi tracks/50+ plug ins/Region FX). I've had good results in both DAW's (Cakewalk+Reaper). I switched to Reaper for a while when Cakewalk went down. But came back as soon as Cakewalk did. I have an Intel I7 AsRock mobo, 16 GB of ram. Nothing crazy. And a 1st gen Focusrite Scarlett (actually I've never even updated the drivers before LOL).
  20. Did you go to preferences and select your soundcard ?
  21. I've always deleted orphaned envelopes using Delete special. Just like this.. http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3073546
  22. You can always select that one area and the choose Edit/Delete Special. When presented with the pop up deselect all except track automation. or select the whole track and use Delete Special to remove all nodes, automation
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