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  1. Many many years ago I tried a roland guitar synth out and was blown away. I've seen a few out there, but what promises really low latency and decent note tracking of them? Thanks -
  2. Make sure the audio engine did not stop, and if it did restart it. Consider any recent VST plugins added and toggle those (or all) vst plug ins on an off and see if that changes the situation. Close / reopen the program, go to drivers in the preferences and make sure everything is ok.
  3. I think what you are speaking of wanting is what is known as the "New York compression trick". I think to achieve this effect you send whatever to a buss and compress the snot out of it, and then feed that to the master, and have it real low in the back ground like you would reverb, then just route whatever as you would normally (say light compression) and keep it turned down well below clipping, this should give you a more solid sound, yet still dynamic and not too squashed.
  4. Depending on how bad you want it. You can make the said guitar much better than just a simple copy and paste and nudge (hopefully 10 ms and under). I used to use various tricks like random time and pitch stretch ,and of of course random cuts and wav placements. But as you just said, it will probably never sound as good to you as a real multi tracked guitar.
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