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  1. Those are pretty cool looking. I see what you mean, they 're certainly not cheap.. Thanks.
  2. Typically guitarist can step on a distortion pedal and go between a clean acoustic sounding part to a distorted one when playing certain tracks. I figure that if everything is being done in Cakewalk, using it like a guitar rig, there must be a way to have some kind of pedal that can interact through Calewalk to toggle effects on and off. This opens up new possibilities... For example, one could create a clean sound that might sound terrible distorted, or vice versa. Something you could likely never do with real gear (well unless you had a roadie). Any ideas about such a thing? Midi pedals, expression pedals? Perhaps even usb pedals off Amazon? Thanks!
  3. I have noticed for a long time with Cakewalk that it allows users to go up to 64 bit file bit depth, and while that is just an internal processing thing, I wonder if there are any sound cards out there that actually do 64 bit. Anyone know? thanks
  4. I see the choices with first set to automatic, yet it always resolves to server 1. Is there a config file somewhere to set this? Thanks
  5. Looks like your sound card is not being detected as you have nothing listed under input and output drivers.
  6. I might have just found something, I'm using a EVGA Nu Audio, in the advanced section of the panel, I check "safe mode". So far it seems to be running more solid.
  7. I have always heard that. But I imagine it doesn't matter as much these days with the speeds of SSD's and M.2s. But I would think the best benefit would be to having the data stored not on the OS drive, that way if it (the OS drive) becomes corrupted or has to be reinstalled the data is still separate and doesn't need moved.
  8. Many many years ago I tried a roland guitar synth out and was blown away. I've seen a few out there, but what promises really low latency and decent note tracking of them? Thanks -
  9. Make sure the audio engine did not stop, and if it did restart it. Consider any recent VST plugins added and toggle those (or all) vst plug ins on an off and see if that changes the situation. Close / reopen the program, go to drivers in the preferences and make sure everything is ok.
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