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  1. I am working on a few tracks for people within the forum. Having a lot of fun and learning a lot. 🙂 I have nothing planned as of yet for myself.
  2. I thought this was really good. Loved the vocal and harmonies. In my head I cant imagine sounding another way.. I think you made the right decision with way it is, I also agree with a little more bass... but I dont know anything about this style of music... just personal taste.
  3. Very good Anders. I have one of those Gretch guitars.. mine the is the Brian Setzer version,,, bright orange 🙂 Nice groove on the bass... Well done.
  4. posted to the wrong section so edited.
  5. Hi Folks. Just wanted to put the record straight here.. I think what I was trying to say didn't come across very well. The written word is not one of my skills but I was trying to be helpful. I thought more people would respond to threads if you commented more on other peoples threads. I check nearly every post on the songs forum and try to give people a "like" as encouragement. But to keep getting a "tt" stops me going back to that post... hence it is missed. Batsbrew... there is no such thing as bad publicity.. and people will be checking in now 🙂
  6. nothing…. seriously…it was only a question. there is no problem…. just trying to help.
  7. i have nothing to bump…. just being honest with you. maybe more would comment on yours if you did?
  8. This may come across as not very nice... but.. Why don't you comment on other people posts and keep bumping up you own all the time. Your knowledge can help others too. Just a question 🙂
  9. garybrun


    Long time no see 🙂 You tell a good story.
  10. Hi Tom. I missed this one. I always look forward to your productions as I learn a lot from them. Your use of panning, delay, and use of eq is amazing to my ears and I make note of the subtleties to add to my learning skills. Do you use automation? You just have a liveliness to your mixes. I'm experimenting with automation now.. but it gets pretty hot on the mix buss quickly.. so I drop the automation I have done about 10% and that puts it back in the ball park again. Thanks for sharing. Gary
  11. garybrun

    Your Man - Remix

    Thanks mate.... The pedal steel is not reel!
  12. After listening back again this morning I take back my comments about the drift. When listening again with fresh ears... I think its very good. I had been listening to other music.. which was very on time and the drift really stood out and thats all I could hear. Maybe that's because you mentioned it!! Also not knowing much about jazz either didn't give me really the authority to comment. I love the voice... really well done.
  13. HI Mark I love your voice mate. Your one of the most talented musicians on here.. We all paint different pictures but myself I would drop the vocal a little in volume.. Not sure about the drift..
  14. garybrun

    Your Man - Remix

    WOW... thanks Andy 🙂
  15. garybrun


    This was mine.. with mtc timecode unit to stripe the tape so I could sync up with midi and my Atari ST. 🙂
  16. garybrun

    Your Man - Remix

    Thanks Larry. On some forums I am a member off (mixing ones) the vocal is said to be too loud and should be around snare level. This is why I feel my way around asking for various opinions. Joe Meek said "If it sounds good it is good".. I am beginning to trust my own instincts except when its myself in the spotlight 🙂
  17. garybrun

    Your Man - Remix

    Thank you Bjørn. But I dont do it for a career now. I used to be proff singer many moons ago but not big time.. just club and hotels. Music is my joy and mixing too. I dont think I could handle being famous... the temptation would be too much!!
  18. garybrun

    Your Man - Remix

    It was a Michael Jolly Ribbon mic clone.. Preamp was as is on the apllox8p
  19. garybrun

    Your Man - Remix

    sure... send it through
  20. Lot of people use the term without understanding what it is.
  21. garybrun

    Your Man - Remix

    Here is a version I did of Josh Turners "Your Man" I remixed it as my skills are improving. Would value your thoughts. Thanks in advance. Gary
  22. @Douglas Kirby Hi Douglas. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and comment.
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